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24 September 2014

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Title - Kids' Norfolk

You'll be blown away by this kite design
video. Fae Southwell reports (Real, G2)
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kite demo.
The finished kite is demonstrated

  Draw a template on cardboard, to fit the size of your sail material and cut it out carefully.

Click here to find out how to make your template.

Use sticky tape to fix the template on to your sail material.
kite boy.   Carefully cut round the template. Now you have the sail .Use straws (up to 30cm) or pea poles for the two poles. Cut these to size if they are too long.
Attach the poles to the sail using electrician's or waterproof tape. Lightly press the tape on to the sail first, press the tape hard after making sure everything is in the right place.
Turn over the sail and bend over any spare bits of sticky tape. Cut a piece of flying line that is six times longer that the length of your kite (180cm). Bring the ends together and tie them in a knot.

more instructions >>>

Be safe: always fly your kite in an open space

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