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24 September 2014
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Title - Extra Norfolk

Sci-fi buffs get low budget sfx boost
video available Watch the video (Real, 56k)
Watch the skies: See spaceships appear over Norwich

A team of Norwich university graduates has designed a special effects package to help budding Spielbergs create sci-fi action in their own homes - and at a cheap price.

The AlamDV software, which costs £50, allows filmmakers to add explosions, lasers, smoke and other effects with just a few clicks of a mouse.

See it for yourself
Watch BBC reporter David Whiteley's video
(Real, 56k)

It is produced by CSB Digital, a company set up by four friends who met at the University of East Anglia.

The team created the software for film makers who don't have a large budget - and they plan to challenge Hollywood with their own feature-length film shot in Norfolk.

"A couple of friends of mine were doing a film course and had difficulty finding special effects for their films," said managing director Joshua Davies.

"So I said I'd make a little programme for them and it went from there."

Alien invasion of Norwich

david whiteley.
The BBC's David Whiteley - is he really our only hope of fighting off an alien invasion?

BBC Look East reporter David Whiteley lived out his futuristic fighting fantasies in Norwich Market - a location more used to pigeon invasions than alien ones.

"Live action was filmed first and then the special effects were added afterwards," he said.

"So you just have to pretend that you're fighting a spaceship, when in fact there's nothing there at all.

"I did get some strange looks from the people of Norwich - though not many more than usual. Seeing the end product was amazing."

video available Watch David's video

Norfolk goes virtual

The Norwich-based team's next challenge is producing its own feature film - with shooting planned to take place in Norfolk next year.

david and effects.
David Whiteley defends the heart of Norwich

"The film is set in the future so there will be a huge amount of computer work changing Norwich to a futuristic city - where millions of people live in 100-storey skyscrapers," said Joshua Davies.

"We will be looking for local talent for some of the roles and we need loads of extras and crew - we should have a casting call later this year."

For more information on the software and to see film makers' work in the CSB Digital online cinema visit the website at

David Whiteley's report was filmed by Matthew Parker and edited by John Halford.

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