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24 September 2014
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Title - Extra Norfolk

"Learn Yerself Norfolk" by Sid Kipper

Here's a selection of words which could just confuse the unwary.

Unwary - not tired.
Bare - an alcoholic beverage normally served in pints or half pints.
Cuckoo - a chocolate bedtime drink.
Crick - a narrow coastal inlet.
Bud - a feathered biped.
pear - to peep or look closely.
Ton up - a root vegetable.
Winder - a glassed opening in a wall to admit light.
Pitcher - a framed likeness, often portrait or landscape.
Gnu - fresh, not known before.
Sick more - a type of deciduous tree.
Moss could - a system of signalling with dots and dashes.
Hull - to throw, or toss.

And finally...
Chary-oh - The Singing Postman's catch phrase.

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