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24 September 2014
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What do you think about the gay, lesbian and bisexual scene in Norfolk?

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Hello, I'm Sally a 34-year-young transvestite, but lonely, would like to meet up with others, I'm very convincing and so pubs are no good as I keep being picked up by straight men or lesbians, any thoughts on meeting with other tvs? Ideally in Gorleston/Yarmouth/Lowestoft area.


Me and my partner are thinking about moving to Norfolk and getting out of London. We are 38 and 43 years young. Would welcome comments about areas to avoid, pubbing, clubs, gay groups or just other people to hang out with and to make new friends - male and female. We have family contacts in Watton and that's all we've really seen. Please take a moment to drop a line. Thanks.



I used to live in Lowestoft (ok, not Norfolk but it is on the border) but moved to Manchester (where the gay scene is so much better!). I recently heard that there are now a couple of gay pubs/clubs in Lowestoft and I just can't believe this is true! If the rumours are correct, where are they? And are they women-friendly?


To help the missing Mel work out where exactly Monroes is, may I point out that it used to be the establishment known as The Globe. There is, also in Lowestoft, the Royal Court Hotel in London Road South, you know.


Mel, yes, it's true! Monroe's on the High Street, Lowestoft is now gay. Noel and Steve run it, so when you are back down to the Far East try it.



Hi there, I'm a student who has just returned from a year in the US, where I really found an excellent gay culture. Now I'm back in my hometown and for the first time I want to make some contacts in the gay community. Any girls under 30 who want to get in touch and tell me what there is out there, please do so!


I've heard the coast of north Norfolk is very pretty and my partner and I would like to stay somewhere Gay-friendly. We're long established non-scene and would just like a relaxing weekend. Any suggestions please?


This is a reply to Colin from Leeds. If you're looking for holiday accommodation in North Norfolk try the Three Horseshoes in Warham, near Fakenham. Tel 01328 710547.



I'd like to agree with Lytton from Milan. These gay pages are really good, and BBC Norfolk is doing a great job promoting diversity. It can be hard being gay in Norfolk, and these pages could be an absolute boon to people nervous about their sexuality or people new to Norwich. Keep up the good work!



I went to Gresham's School, Holt, between 1962-1970. I still refuse to believe I was the only gay there. Yes, I knew even then. Are there any other gays who attended the school then, or since?



Hi there. All my congratulations for this space on BBC Norfolk website. I'm so glad to see how important is the respect for persons, somewhere. Unfortunately, here, where I live we can't often see the same. I'd like very much to establish some contact with any of you. I'm GAY, (I'm a HAPPY GAY!!!) who likes having new FRIENDS, exploring internet and above all England and its special habits. For anyone who is interested in talking about ourselves, gay-tude, friendship and so on, here's my email address: Best Wishes!



This is a reply to Ginge (see below) who was trying to find gay-friendly flatmates in Norwich. Can I suggest you contact the student union LGB group at UEA, as they sometimes have details of other people looking to flat-share. E-mail

Jon, Norwich


Reply to Natasha (SEE BELOW)
The Lounge Bar on St Benedict's Street is a great place to meet gay/bi/straight men and women, and is best on Thursday and Saturday night, although it's quite small. Does lovely cocktails too! The Castle (Ketts Hill roundabout) has had quite a lot of gay women go, but is mostly men, and an older crowd. Good any night of the week though. The last Friday of the month is a gay women's night at the Talk (Oak St) which is a little expensive, but mostly women - not all that busy though. And the Loft nightclub (Rose Lane) is good on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays if you like clubbing. Fridays v. busy and mostly straight. Other days mostly men.



Anyone know of any good places to go out for
bi women?



Hello. I'm a French student and will be at the University of East Anglia in Norwich from Sunday April 7 for two months. If anyone could help me discover the city and the gay places it would be great! Please contact me.Thank you!


There's a Gay, Lesbian and Bi group at the UEA. Find out more about the group and how to get in contact here. LGB groups>>>


Oxygen - what do I think of it? Well, I go there most weeks and it's OK, I guess. Of course I love peeing in public, as you say the doors have no locks! But apart from that it's usually a welcoming, friendly place. Too many straights though!



Anyone help? I'm having some hassle from homophobic neighbours where I live in Norwich. Will the police help and is there a GLBT liasion officer I can speak with?


Insp Brian Pincher 01603 768769 xtn 6606 Sgt 3105 Pete Sharples 01603 768769 xtn 6782 Sgt Alison Clabon 01603 768769 xtn 6514

Neil Kittle, Project Officer TEN


Although it's been open for over a year the BBC still hasn't listed the best gay club in East Anglia - Oxygen under its scene listings. Check out their website for all you'll need to know on where to go for the best night out:

Don't forget there's also two gay bars in Yarmouth - Allens, mostly female, and King's Wine Bar, mostly male. Worried about driving? Ask King's to recommend one of the gay hotels or guest houses, then in the morning grab breakfast at the gay cafe. Great Yarmouth scene is getting better and better.



Just wanted to say how sorry we both are that The Lord Raglan in Norwich has closed down after nearly nine years. We met there over six years ago, so we have a lot to thank the pub for. We want to thank David, Richard and Bernie for all the good times we have had with them - their friendship has meant a great deal to us - and wish them the very best for the future! Take care guys! xx



I'm moving to Norwich in March and looking for a place to rent/share. Anybody got any good ideas on how to find a gay friendly place?



Hi I have a gay friend who has recently split up with his partner and wants to get back out and meet people. I don't know much about what there is to do in Norwich, can anyone suggest any good gay clubs/pubs to go to?


See also: talking clubs


There's not all that much choice in Norwich, though the gay scene is improving. For a top night out, I recommend an obligatory drink or two at home, followed by a cocktail at 'Lounge' on St. Benedicts St. (Nice and discreetly flexy-sexy, but not too obvious - good place to loosen up before hitting the...erm...less chilled scene). Then go on to the Castle pub at Spitafields roundabout, if you have time. They've recently built an extension, and play some good cheesey music, have a pool table, and are pretty much always packed with a really gay crowd, mostly men. The Lord Raglan is opposite, and has recently been redecorated, making it look pretty suave. However, the crowd is almost exclusively men here, and a little older. Worth a look if you're in the area. Finally, there's only one place to finish off, The Loft nightclub on Rose Lane. However, it's only gay (and open) on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Sundays are really quiet, Saturdays are packed, and Thursdays are just right. The music's cheesey and dancey, and the crowd is again mostly men, but the atmosphere is quite good. (£2-£5 in) OK, speech over, have a good night!


Does anyone know of any plans to open a gay pub in central Norwich? I heard something from a friend, but no evidence! Sounds like a good idea to me.... anyone heard anything?


Hey Joe,
A few months ago the rumour was rife that Zoom on Prince of Wales road was going to re-open as a gay club. It never happened. It was a great idea, and I don't know who had it (nor do any of my pals). I'm beginning to suspect it was all a prank! Posters had gone up advertising its opening dates around all the existing gay venues (all two of them!), but if it was a prank, it was a pretty good one.

JON 15/01/2002



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