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24 September 2014
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Last updated: 16 December 2005 1148 GMT
Graphic: Myleene Klass launches anti-bullying website

Norfolk singer Myleene Klass
A new website to help children who have been threatened or abused via their computer or mobile phone has been launched by Norfolk singer Myleene Klass.

A survey by the children's charity National Children's Home, NCH, has revealed that as many as one in five children has been threatened or abused via their computer or mobile phone by 'text bullying'.

The children's charity, NCH, which carried out the survey, has created a new website called Stop Text Bully to help stop the problem. Norfolk singer Myleene Klass, has officially launched the site.

The NCH is concerned about the growth in the use and abuse of camera phones, with gangs recording their attacks on other children.

Picture: Mobile phone
Mobile phones have been used by bullies

Anyone who is being bullied can get help by texting a phone number for advice. Text the word 'bully' to 6000 which will give you access to the website.

"It goes to show that as horrific as we find it, it's actually going on and rather than deny it we've got to say to our children that we acknowledge that it's out there but that they also have an option that they should not feel intimidated," said Myleene.

"The website enables them to get in contact and know how to deal with the bullying. I think it's very important to tackle the problem head-on and not shy away from it.

"I think for parents to address it as well is just as important and if they don't feel they can, they can at least tell them where to log on and get some advice," she added.

To listen to Myleene Klass talking about the anti-bullying website, use the link on the top right-hand side of this page.

Read your comments on the new website. This message board is now closed.

For anyone who is being bullied there is help. For free advice on bullying you can call Childline on 0800 11 11 or Kidscape on 020 77 30 33 00. Kidscape also have free booklets available. There is also a new website called Stop Text Bully which deals with bullying by text messaging: There is also new website called that lets students & parents report bullying direct to the School Anti-Bullying Contact. It's secure, anonymous, and discreet.

I'm being bullied at school and don't now what do, i need help! Lately i have been stabbed in the neck with a pen and been slapped and been threatend to be punched and been beaten up.

I think it's a great idea to have a website children can got to for advice! Jess, Bradford I think it is really good website and we should stick with it. Well done for such a great idea.
kristy, hemel hempstead

I think bullying is wrong i have been being bullied for nearly three years and me and my parents have been in the school for many meetings but nothing seems to get resolved. i dread going in to school as i get lots of verbal and threatening abuse and a couple of times physical. it is a comfort that so many people are against bullying and have gone through what im going through so they can understand. i wish bullying could be stopped and schools can do more to stop bullying especaillly mine.
Georgia from essex

I think bullying is sooo wrong....we r having a non-uniform day on friday for it. Thankyou 4 evrything Lucy i think bullying is really wrong but it is really good that people are getting envolved to help stop it.i get bullied myself so thankyou 4 helpin us carmen i think this website is brilliant as im trying to help prevent bullying to this is really cool thankyou

For help on how to deal with bullying you can go to the Newsround site - the link is on the top right of this page. For free advice you can also call Childline on 0800 11 11 or Kidscape on 020 77 30 33 00. Kidscape also have free booklets available.

i am getting bullied at school and i don't go to my lessons - what shall i do? Anonymous There is a new website called that lets students & parents report bullying direct to the School Anti-Bullying Contact. It's FREE Secure, Anonymous, & Discreet.

I hate being bullied and and I know you probably do to. So stop and think before you bully other people, they have feelings too. You may hate them and they might annoy you, but if you start bullying them your be known as a bully and no one will like you - then you'll be billy no mates and I guess u dont want that!! SO STOP AND THINK BEFORE YOU DO BULLY PEOPLE. THINK WOULD U LIKE IT DONE TO YOU?
Kez, Portsmouth

It's great because as someone like myself who gets bullied over having a lot of asian boy mates and other things, nobody deserves to go through that.
Lisa, West Yorkshire

i think it is a great idea and i think that something needs to be done fast, because the longer we leave it the worse it will get, so this gives the children that are being bullied i chance to tell someone without thinking theyh will get in trouble for telling someone
Chloe M, Watton

I think it is a good idea cause if they don't want to tell there mom or dad they can find out what to do and i will support it all the way. :-)dont let anyone put u down :-( stay happy :-)

I know how if feels to be bullied, i left school in June 2000. I was glad i did leave.
Eleanor, Exeter

I think this is really great. Its awesome to see people taking a stand-up against the torment kids go through. I went through bullying but now I'm a senior and we have a new program. Its our own anti-bullying at high school program. We all signed a pledge/oath and now wear these pale blue plastic bands with "Bullying-No way!" written on them and our school logo. Its a small but really great idea and I support it all the way *smiles*
Shannan, Australia

I think it's a really good idea. Kids can now get some support if they're upset and want to know how to deal with nasty text messages.


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