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29 October 2014
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07 November 2003 1553 GMT
Myleene Klass to do live webchat
Picture: Myeleene Klass: link
Take part in the live webchat with gorgeous Gorleston gal Myleene Klass
Myleene Klass took time out of her busy schedule to take part in an exclusive live webchat with BBC Norfolk.

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Myleene talks about her classical album

Myleene talks about Hear'Say's last single

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Gorleston's Myleene Klass launched her debut classical album in October.

Moving On is the first release in a six-album deal with Universal Classics and it quickly reached number two in the classical album chart.

On Thursday 6 November, 2003 Myleene joined the BBC Norfolk website team for a live chat. This is what she had to say.

Host: Welcome to our live chat with Gorleston gal, Myleene Klass, who is joining us today here at BBC Norfolk.

We're just looking through your questions now. Before we get started, here is something one of your fans sent in to us today:

Hi, I absoloutely love you and well done your album is amazing. Ive been ill for two-and-a-half years and you have helped me so so much. I couldn't of done it without you and even though I've never met you or anything so please can u say get well soon 2 me because maybe if you say it, it might work. Love Faye, aged 14.

Myleene: Dear Faye, just wanted to say I hope you get well soon and that I'm thinking of you. Thank you for supporting me. I'll be supporting you right back. All my love, Leenie xxxxxxxxx

Host: And here's the first question....

Darren_Lee: Hi Myleene, do you have plans for a second album, if so what pieces are you thinking of including?

Myleene: We're already planning for the second album which is just amazing. I have tonnes and tonnes of ideas, but do let me know if you have any of your own.

Steven_Jackson: At what age did you first pick up a musical instrument?

Myleene: At four years old, before I could read. I learnt using colours and balloons, would you believe it!

Host: How often do you come back to Norfolk? Do you have a favourite part of the county?

Myleene: I try and come back every free day I have. My favourite part is the beach, but I do like going strawberry picking!

Tim in Bristol: What do you prefer yourself, classical or pop music?

Myleene: Can I have both!!! The album I made is meant to cross over both genres, so there's something for everybody. Plus if ET and Lord Of The Rings counts as classical music, how cool can that be!

Leonie_Batchelor: I think you are amazingly talented! Where you nervous about how the public would percieve you as a classical artist?

Myleene: I was nervous to begin with but everyone has been really accepting which I'm really thankful for. I have learnt to concentrate on the positive support and I'm very lucky to have the fans who I have.

Darren_Lee: Which is your favourite classical piece to play and favourite piece to listen to?

Picture: Myleene plays the piano at The Forum in Norwich
Myleene plays the piano at The Forum in Norwich

Myleene: My favourite classical piece to play at the moment is Toccatta, the first track on the album. It's so much fun and challenging and sometime I get my fingers in a twist!

My favourite piece to listen to is any Linkin Park track. It certainly wakes you up in the morning!!!!

Steven_Jackson: What inspires you to create the music which you write?

Myleene: Not only am I a musician, but I'm also an audience member so I like to create pieces which are entertaining, that people can relate to but fun too!

Maya_Goodfellow: Hiya Myleene, I was wondering if you might do a tour?

Myleene: We've got 60 dates pencilled in next year so keep your ears and eyes open!

Host: Any chance you might be playing at the Norfolk and Norwich festival?

Myleene: I don't see why not! Tell them to invite me or I'll just gatecrash!

Claire in Glasgow: Is it true you dedicated your album to a girl called Jessica, who died of cancer?

Myleene: I gave a special dedication to Jessica and her family as I had the opportunity to meet her and play with her and she really touched my life.

white_chocolate: Hey Myleene. What went wrong with Hear'Say?

Myleene: The million dollar question - answers on a postcard please! Only kidding :) I used to think about that a lot but I guess we had our time. Thank you to the Hear'Say fans for sticking by me. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

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