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27 November 2014
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Last updated: 01 July 2005 1057 BST
Graphic: Myleene Klass anti-bullying webchat
Picture: Myleene Klass and John Carr
Gorleston gal Myleene Klass with the NCH's John Carr
Myleene Klass made a special appearance to take part in an exclusive live webchat with BBC Norfolk and CBBC to talk about the new anti-bullying website, Stop Text Bully.

Question from Risa: What actually is text bullying?

John: It's any kind of message that comes via your mobile phone, messaging, email, that's threatening, unwanted and you find it a worry. For some kids it can be extremely concerning.

It can be "you're smelly", or "we know where you live" or the horrible 'happy slapping'... there's nothing happy about that.

Question from Mekat: Can u use Childline, can they help?

John: Childline is there 24 hours a day seven days a week, trained counsellors, and it's anonymous. It's a great place to go and their number is 0800 11 11. It's freephone and easy to remember.

Question from Lisa: My so-called friends text bully me and give people my phone number what can I do?

Myleene: That's the equivalent to giving somebody your door keys, and you are allowed to be mad about that! Change your number and only give it to people who you trust.

Question from lotsofsugar: How do you ignore mobile bullying?!

John: Well you can - just don't read it. Our advice is don't delete them, make a note of them and the time you received them as it might be important evidence.

Ask your mum and Dad and talk to the phone company and if they are convinced it is bullying they'll change your number and sim card for you, so it won't cost you any more money.

Picture: Myleene Klass
Myleene Klass listens to the questions during the webchat

Myleene: You are the one with the power, you can do something about it. You have the evidence, you're in a very strong position.

Question from Ollie: Hi. I get bullied at school a lot and the teachers never help no matter how many times I ask for help. What can I do?

John: If that were happening to me, I would go and see the Head or a teacher who is specially trained as lots of teachers have gone on courses. Go to the website and it will tell you someone in your area who is specially trained to help with this sort of thing. Not every teacher is good at everything.

Myleene: The same thing happened to me, I felt like I wasn't being taken seriously, I really do think outside help works too, it helps as you're not telling tales you're giving information and getting it back.

Question from Jade: Some boys annoy me about my hair. Should I change it?

Myleene: No, they are in the wrong, they're annoyed because you're so fabulous! No under no circumstances, do you change the way you are, do you change your clothes... What else? Put a stop to it now otherwise it can go on.

Question from John: Doesn't creating a campaign such as this, make bullies more aware of this medium and perhaps encourage them to bully through it? Or do you think this is counteracted by the fact that it allows people to stand up against it?

Myleene: They should be scared.

John: Do you keep quiet about it or wait till it goes away? It's certainly a rational thought, the only way you can end it is to speak about it and get through to the people doing the bullying and persuade them to stop doing it.

A warning to the bullies: You're ruining not only a child's life and their family's life, you're ruining your own life. You're going to be paying the price for a long time if you get a criminal record.

Question from Robyn: How many forms of bulling are there?

Myleene: I think it manifests itself in many different forms, through technology, through letters, in the physical capacity and name calling. It's completely unnecessary. If you feel threatened, that is bullying and you can report it.

John: However many different types of bullying there are it's too many.

Question from Kirsty: Do you think there should be guidelines for minimum ages for kids to have phones... or should they only be allowed to have phones with call abilities so that they can't text or take photos and films? Do you think this would make an impact?

John: 25% of children under 11 have mobile phones. And the number is growing, it's getting to 100%, we're getting to a situation where all children above 11 have got them.

Mobile phone companies don't advertise to children, the advice they give is that below the age of 12, children should only use them infrequently and in emergencies. I don't think there's any point in having a law in banning it, particularly if parents want to know where there children are.

Question from Jade: Should u reply to text bullying texts?

Myleene: Absolutely Not.

John: Don't give them that satisfaction, that's what they want.

Question from sparey11: How do we stop text bullying if we are doing it?

John: Think about what you're doing, think about the hurt you're doing to someone else, would you like it done to you? And it's a crime and you're harming yourself, you could get in a lot of trouble.

FINAL WORDS: John: Be strong, don't suffer in silence and go to the website. There's also great sections on CBBC in Your Life and the Bullying message board so log onto

Myleene: You're not alone! you'll come through it, like I have. And don't forget, more information on safe chatting, and texting, is available at

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To listen to Myleene Klass talking about the anti-bullying website, use the link on the top right-hand side of this page.


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