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24 September 2014
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23 November 2006 1618 GMT
Get personal and ask CBBC's Jake

Jake Humphrey grew up in Norfolk and now lives in London working as a CBBC presenter.

Picture: The lovely Jake and Holly at the Fame Academy
Jake and Holly at the Fame Academy

During 2003 he had a busy few weeks at the Fame Academy.

Make sure to check out his online diary in our Fame Academy archive.

In 2003, Jake also popped into the office's of the Norfolk website to tell us about Rule The School and Against All Odds.

See what he had to say.

Now read his answers to your questions.

When did you last cry?

Nicole and Vicki, aged 17 and 18 - Chatham

Hiya Girls. The last time I cried was probably with laughter! I was on a flight back from America filming Against All Odds. I was in First Class laughing and crying loudly at The Office with Ricky Gervais! The staff said I was disturbing other upper class guests and they would remove me if I didn't shut up!!

Hello Jake, I was wondering Have you ever been bullied at school? and what is it like to be a tv presenter?

Jessica, aged 13 - Liverpool

Hiya Jess. Yeas I was bullied at school and there was an article on it in sneak magazine just recently. I actually ended up changing schools but have since realised the bullies were the sad ones and I learned a lot from it. If it is happening to you then the best thing to do it talk to people, but remember it is NOT the end of the world. PS - This is the best job ever!!

Hi jake, i think youre so fit i was just wondering how tall you are, because who ever you stand next to on tv you make them look really small.

Fiona, aged 16 - Manchester

Ha! All the girls I work with say that as well! I am actually about 6' 4" which, you're right, I a huge difference compared to the girls around here(angellica is about 5' 2" sshhhh!)

Did you always want to be a TV presenter? What would you have done if you weren't?

Heloise, aged 9 - Greenwich

Well Heloise, I would probably be a journalist, I was about to go to university to study media when I got my job in TV!

Hi Jake! First of all will you marry me?(don't worry i'm only joking).And secondly how well did you do in your GCSE's?

Fay, aged 16 - Hertfordshire

Not too bad. One A, 5B's and 5C's! It was my A-levels that I struggled with…lack of work as usual!

If you were stuck at the beach who would you ask fo help.

Madihah, aged 11 - Sutton

Probably a lifeguard??? Is there a joke here somewhere?

Awwww... Jake, you made getting up in the mornings during my summer hols seem worthwhile! Anyway, I was just wondering, do you have any idea how funny you are?! It's a lot more subtle and sarcastic than other children's tv presenters - is it intentional?! PS loving your dimples!

Rach, aged 16 - Nottingham

Cheers Rach. Good to here you say that. Those summer holidays were wicked fun. I remember running to work one day, and being live on the TV 2 minutes later! I just hope I get the chance to move on from CBBC over the next few years and make the most of my opportunities!

What date is Rule The School going to start?and what is the new head teacher called?

Kaz, aged 12 - Paisley

Well…top secret gossip! The new series starts on Thursday July 24th, and the new headteacher is called James…don't tell anyone!

Hi Jake, I met u at the busted concert on da 2nd of June and u signed my t-shirt... i jus wanted 2 no whether u enjoyed the concert? Luv U loadsxxxxxxx

Jordan, aged 13 - Beaconsfield

I remember you Jordan, hope you had a cool time…I told the lads about your t-shirts after the gig, they were well chuffed!!!

Hi Jake, this is a pretty boring question but a couple of years ago some friends and I took part in the Wham project and I would like to find out if I could become involved in it, in some way. I tried to look the project up on the net but the only item that came up was the one about you and your involvment in it, so i thought id ask if you knew of anyway that i could get in contact with them, Thank you.

Charlotte, aged 17 - Norwich

Well Charlotte. The best way to get involved is to call the Norfolk Constabulary office number and ask to speak to Theresa Tucker. Good luck! It is a great thing to be involved with!

If you were trapped on a desert island, which one person would you want with you?

Nicole and Vicki, aged 17 and 18 - Chatham

MMMMMMMMMMMMM, probably two girls called Nicole and Vicky from Chatham!! As well as that maybe a JLo or two!!!

U r so fit, I wish u had a younger twin brother that I could go out. I love all your presenting. If you were invisible and wanted to spy on someone who would it be and why? Luv ya

Laurena, aged 13 - Surrey

Cheers Laurena, nice of you to say so! I would actually like to be a fly on the wall of Justin Timberlake's dressing room before he goes out on stage to see how he prepares for such a wicked concert which I recently saw…great performance, great tracks, shame about the bum fluff!

Hi jake i just thought thati would ask what uve bin up to recently as ive not seen u on tv ? love tracie

Tracie, aged 15 - Ketton

Well Tracie, it seems pretty weird that I haven't been on the telly for a while. What I have actually been doing is pre-recording two new show for CBBC!

Rule The School and Against all Odds are now in the can, have both been filmed and will be on your TV screens in late July. They are both great (even though I do say so myself!) so keep watching BBC1 for them!

do u spend much time in norfolk now u live in london? oh yeah ma mate wanna no if u would go to the next match wiv her? oh yea how old r u?

Lizzy, aged 16 - Attleborough

Hi Lizzie. I love Norwich so I try and come home as often as possible depending on work commitments (when I worked on Fame Academy I wasn't home for about three months). I actually live pretty close to Canary Wharf in east London so it only takes about 2 hours! EASY! PS - I am 24 and will see you at a city match next season!

Hiya Jake!! How cool is it that we have the same surname? Only the best eh? I just wanted to know when Against all Odds or Rule the Skool was cumin back to brighten up our screens and if the BBC ask you would you like 2 do Cbbc at the fame academy again!

Thom, aged 13

Cheers Thom! Well, all I can say at the moment with regards to Fame Academy is........Watch This Space. And Rule the School and Against All Odds return late summer...thanks for asking mate!

Hey, my sis fancies the backside off you, and i've been gunged too (eugh! it was gross, but kinda funny). anyway, what kind of music do you like and what's you fav movie?

Dan, aged 15 - Glasgow

Fave movie has to be a film called Shoreshank Redemption with Morgan Freeman which was actually a box office flop...but...became a classic after it's release on video...great film. I also love James Bond and would kinda see myself as the natural successor to Pierce Brosnan...yeah right!!!! Music wise I watched Justin Timberlake live in London recently and he was great...blew me away!

I am a huge Norwich fan just like u, but how do u get time 2 see thm play?

James - Norwich

I am afraid it is pretty hard to get to Carrow Road at the moment, but I really enjoyed the away game at Reading last year, I walked into the ground, and we had three goals in the back of their net in about 5 minutes...very satisfying!! Shame we lost our way and they became so strong so late on really - Premiership next year fingers crossed!!

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