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24 September 2014
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Last updated: 15 August 2005 1720 BST
Graphic: Half-Blood Prince webchat with Chris Rankin
Picture: The NCH's John Carr
Chris Rankin at POA DVD launch party
Chris Rankin, aka Percy Weasley, was so excited about the launch of Harry Potter And the Half-Blood Prince, he couldn't wait to talk about it.

Read the transcript of your webchat with Chris on Friday 22 July, 2005.

The wait is over for muggles around the world, as Harry Potter and the Half-Blood is finally released.

In a webchat with BBC Norfolk, Chris Rankin - who plays Percy Weasley in the first three Harry Potter films - admitted it's the only book in the series he's read in one sitting, a mammoth 12 hour session, from cover to cover.

Chris Rankin

After more than two years since the release of The Order Of The Phoenix, Chris said he was really excited to read the new book.

"I'm a huge fan and I can't wait for the Half-Blood Prince to come out. It seems like ages ago since The Order Of The Phoenix and we’re all dying to find out what happens next," he said.

Chris first got involved with Harry Potter after seeing a feature for the auditions to The Philosopher's Stone on Newsround and has enjoyed being part of the magic of Harry Potter since.

He won't be making an appearance as Percy in the Goblet Of Fire, but fans shouldn't be too disappointed as Chris is contracted to at least one more film in the series.

Live webchat

Speaking after the HBP webchat, Chris told BBC Norfolk it was one of the best Potter chat sessions ever - with fans asking some really difficult and in-depth questions.

If you missed the chat, here you can read what was said. Don't forget to add your comments on the latest book to our HBP review.

JuigiKario: Do you think Percy may still be a spy for Dumbledore or an Order member?

Chris: I think it's possible. It seems that Percy has redeemed himself a little bit. We'll have to wait and see.

Toffeecat: Do you regret how your character has cut ties from his family?

Chris: In a way - but as you see in the new book, he's coming back one step at a time.

Mim: Do you think his appearance at the Burrow was really his idea?

Chris R: No, but it will no doubt help bring him back as a nicer person.

Chrissy: Do you think Percy will ever apologise to his family?

Chris R: No, he's too proud. But I think they'll forgive him. Mrs Weasley will certainly.

Bex: What are your thoughts on the sixth book?

Chris R: It's my favourite book so far definitely. I love it. It's so full of action and excitement.

Andrew: Do you think Percy will become Minister of Magic at any point, or just be high in the ministry?

Chris R: I think Percy has the potential to become the Minister of Magic, but if it happens I doubt it will be in any of the books.

Gracie: What do you think of the cover? I don't think it portrays the scene very well.

Chris R: To be honest, I couldn't care less about the cover of the book. I suppose it isn't the best.

Helen: What is your funniest moment from filming the Harry Potter to date?

Chris R: Shooting the breakfast in the Burrow. Working with Julie Walters and Mark Williams, which was fantastic. It was fun and I got to eat 17 fried breakfasts in one day! I had lunch as well!

Mike: Hey Chris! Do you think Harry may be a Horcrux? As Voldy gave Harry some of his attributes and maybe a part of his soul, when trying to kill him, does that mean Harry will have to die?

Chris R: Ooh, good question. I've heard loads of different Horcrux theories and it's a possibility that Harry could be. It would certainly be a good twist.

John: If you've read all the books so far... which one was a) the most depressing, b) the most exciting, c) the one you liked the most?

Chris R: The most depressing was The Prisoner of Azkaban because it was the first book that showed the dark side. The most exciting is the new book, it's the only one so far that I've read in a day! 12 hours! The one I liked most - that would be a toss up between Chamber of Secrets and The Half-Blood Prince.

Michael: Lizo from Newsround reckons the locket they found in OOTP while cleaning Grimmauld Place, could have been taken there by R.A.B (Regulus Black), what do you think?

Chris R: I don't know. We don't necessarily know that R.A.B is actually Regulus Black), but I think it is.

Fran: The most depressing book for me is OOTP and I'm still refusing to believe Sirius is dead. Do you think he really is gone forever?

Chris R: I think he probably has, sadly. He was one of my favourite characters and his death was shocking.

Rita Skeeter: Hey Chris, how do you feel reading the book and knowing that you're going to have to act that scene out?

Chris R: Hey Rita Skeeter, put your quick quotes quill away! When I read the books I try not to picture it being in the film. As I've discovered with The Goblet of Fire, just because it's in the book, doesn't mean it'll be in the film.

Amina M: What do you think of Percy's character in the books. Do you think he will be fully redeemed by the end of book seven?

Chris R: I have a sneaky suspicion that Percy will redeem himself.

Chrus Mulvihill: What did you most enjoy when filming on Harry Potter?

Chris R: All of it. It was an amazing experience and I met some amazing people and have a lot of friends..

Have you heard anything about staring in the next film, The Order Of The Phoenix?

Chris R: Staring?! You mean starring? Not yet, but I'm not holding my breath.

NatalieRose: How did you get the part as Percy Weasley? I want to be an actor when I'm older, can you give me any tips?

Chris R: Lizo is the person to thank for the part. I saw a piece about the auditions on Newsround in April 2000 and I got lucky! As for acting, always be yourself. Always expect the worst, but hope for the best.

Bex: How do you think The Goblet of Fire film will compare to the previous three? Some people are beginning to worry that they may become too dark and therefore need a higher certification,. Will that happen?

Chris R: Good question. I think that Goblet of Fire could be a 12A but they won't go or can't go higher than that.

cate1976_Omagh: Do you think Harry will go to live at Grimmauld Place after he finishes school?

Chris R: Maybe! It depends if he and Ginny end up together again. He might be at the Burrow for ever and ever!

Book cover: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Paris_P: What do you think about all the snogging in The Half-Blood Prince?

Chris R: I thought it was very funny, especially the description of Ron sucking Lavender's face off!

Alice: What do you think about Percy's lack of snogging in HBP?

Chris R: Ha ha ha! I think it's outrageous! If I'm in the film, I'll demand a re-write! We should petition JK Rowling! :-)

Chelsea_Wassmer: What do you think about there only being one Harry Potter book left to be written and published?

Chris R: I can't wait for the seventh book to come out, but it'll be a shame not to have anything to look forward to in the future. Let's just hope JK Rowling starts a new phenomenon after that.

taylor_steele: Do you have a best friend on the set, if so who is it?

Chris R: Out of all the people I worked with on Harry Potter, the one I keep in touch with the most is Sean Biggerstaff who played Oliver Wood.

Helen_Pycroft: Who would you like to direct HBP if it makes the big screen?

Chris R: Very good question! I'd like to see Alfonso Cuaron come back as I think he's got the right style to make it amazing.

NatalieRose: Do you think JK Rowling in the future bring out a book telling us who Ron gets married to, or things like that?

Chris R: No. I think JK Rowling will prefer to leave us guessing what happens after book seven. We know how much she enjoys reading fan fiction.

cheshyre: Has JKR said anything to you about Percy's fate or whether he'll play a larger role later on? For all that he was barely in HBP, she made sure to mention him beginning, middle and end.

Chris R: All I know from JKR is what she told me at The Chamber of Secrets premiere. That Percy would redeem himself somewhat in Half-Blood Prince.

mindy_martin: If you could have one question answered by J.K. Rowling, what would you ask?

Chris R: Can I read all her background notes on Harry Potter? She's got all these background notes on each character from what they eat for breakfast to who their parents were. She has files and files of the stuff!

Mike: What did u think about Trelawny's drink problem, and her use of the room of requirement to hide her stash!

Chris R: I thought that was really funny. I love the character and I'm sure she will prove to be quite important in the next book seeing as though she made the prophecy.

Fran: Why do you think Dumbledore trusted Snape SO MUCH? There's got to be WAY more to it than we know.

Chris R: OK - my theories are that I think that Snape and Dumbledore had made an unbreakable vow sometime ago. Dumbledore must have had some reason to trust him, that we'll find out about in the next book no doubt. I think Snape will prove to be good in the end... he put dumbledore out of his misery after all!

harry_crossly: Don't you think that the good side is a little too weak now without Dumbledore, for they have no other really good wizards.

Chris R: I think that without Dumbledore, the Order will have a lot of trouble - but the likelihood is that Harry, Ron and Hermione are likely to become the strongest wizards in the Order.

BBC Norfolk Host: That's all we have time for tonight. We'd like to take a moment to thank Chris for coming in to join us here tonight on the BBC Norfolk website. We hope you'll come to visit us soon. Thanks Chris!

Chris R: Thanks guys, it's been a good chat - the toughest questions I've had in a long time! Lol

If you want to see the transcripts of the other two chats Chris did with us here at BBC Norfolk, check out the links at the top of this page - in fact, there's now a whole Harry Potter section on the site!

Make sure to read the reviews and HBP and add your thoughts and comments to the page.



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