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29 October 2014
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03 October 2003 1439 BST
Graphic: Welcome to the video vault
Picture: CBBC presenter Jake Humphrey
Picture: Jake in front of the Fame Academy monitors
Jake follows the action on the FA monitors

Catch up with all the interviews, showbiz moments and celebrity guests that drop into see Norfolk's Jake Humphrey at CBBC does the Fame Academy.

Graphic: Internet links
Official Fame Academy website
Official CBBC at the Fame Academy website
Backstage with Jake at CBBC
Grahpic: Check this out

Jake at the Fame Academy

videoVideo vault

Jake's latest diary

Picture gallery

Fame Academy wallpaper

Summer TV with CBBC's Jake

Ask Jake

Graphic: Funky facts
CBBC is live at the Fame Academy from Monday 4 August each day at 5.30pm on the CBBC Channel.

You can also catch up with what's happening at the Fame Academy on Top Of The Pops Saturday.

Did you know:

More than 1,000 cups of tea are supped each day at the Academy!
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Hi ya - welcome to, my virtual home on the web!

Use this page to catch up with all the interviews that Holly and I do as part of CBBC at the Fame Academy.

The interviews

Picture: David Grant: link 30/09/03
In search of fame
Vocal coach David Grant talks about the journey the students have made.
Picture: Jake lays down a track in the FA recording studio: link 29/09/03
Jake and Holly lay down a track
After weeks in the music room, it was time for Jake and Holly to get into the studio!
Picture: Peter Brame: link 29/09/03
Peter leaves the Fame Academy
The students voted to keep Carolynne, so Peter said goodbye to the Fame Academy final.
Picture: Nathan wins Fame Academy Carrie-oke: link 23/09/03
Carrie-oke winner announced
Nathan got the surprise of his life when he joined Jake and Holly on the CBBC set.
Picture: Jake and Holly: link 22/09/03
Jake and Holly singing lesson VI
It's nearly time for Jake and Holly to enter the Circle Of Fear.
Picture: Fitness instructor Kevin Adams 11/09/03
Work that body
Kevin Adams puts Jake and Holly through their paces with an hour long fitness class.
Picture: David Grant: link 10/09/03
David Grant in the hotseat
Singing coach David talks about how his students are getting on in the Academy.
Picture: Holly, Carrie and Jake: link 08/09/03
Jake and Holly singing lesson V
Carrie Grant has a surprise for Jake and Holly in their fifth singing lesson.
Picture: Barry has a chat as he leaves the Academy: link 08/09/03
Goodbye to heart-throb Barry
The big man from Ireland with the big voice said a tearful goodbye to the Academy.
Picture: Jake and Holly 01/09/03
Jake and Holly singing lesson IV
Our Academy extras are providing a little inspiration for the students.
Picture: Louise 01/09/03
Louise leaves the Fame Academy
Goodbye to the Fame Academy but hello again to the lovely Jenson.
Picture: Alex drops in for a chat 28/08/03
Alex drops in for a CBBC chat
CBBC give Alex a present and the chance to vent some frustration!
Picture: Carrie, Paris and Louise 26/08/03
Singing techniques for the students
Carrie and David put the students through their vocal paces.
Picture: Holly and Jake in a singing class 25/08/03
Jake and Holly singing lesson III
EeeeeOoooo - not whale song, but Jake and Holly in another singing class.
Picture: Carrie Grant: link 21/08/03
Carrie Grant reviews the Academy girls
Carrie talks about image, voice and star potential in the Academy girls.
Picture: Gary Phelan 21/08/03
Gary leaves the Fame Academy
Wednesday's showdown saw cheeky student Gary pack his Academy rucksack.
Picture: Jake in the music room 18/08/03
Jake and Holly singing lesson II
The pressure creates an emotional afternoon in the music room for Jake.
Picture: Nick 14/08/03
Nick is the second student to go
Nick failed to impress the public and the students, so had to pack his bags.
Picture: Louise 14/08/03
Louise on showdowns and lawn darts
At this point, Louise has twice stood in the circle of fear hoping for a student vote.
Picture: Holly and Carrie: link 11/08/03
Jake and Holly singing lesson I
Can Carrie Grant to each Jake and Holly to sing? Check out lesson number one.
Picture: Jake and Audley: link 11/08/03
First student to leave Academy
Audley sang for survival, but failed to win the public vote. Real full story
Picture: Fitness instructor Kevin Adams 08/08/03
Students gatecrash CBBC show
Kevin Adams gets annoyed when students sneak up to the CBBC set. Real full story
Picture: Richard Park 07/08/03
Cruel to be kind
Using a lot of long words, Richard Park explains why he's so hard on the students.
Picture: Carrie Grant: link 05/08/03
Holly and Jake will sing
Carrie faces the challenge of turning Jake and Holly into singers!
Picture: Carolynne and Gary 04/08/03
Meet the students
Access the secret hotel where the students were staying before entering the Academy.
Picture: Singing coach David Grant 04/08/03
Interview with David Grant
David talks about the students that have impressed him most so far.

Top facts

Did you know that more than 450 monitors watch the action in the Academy and that the students are filmed by nearly 50 cameras!

If that's not enough, the crew are using more than 80 microphones dotted around the Fame Academy to hear everything that's going on - so ssssh, I'd better watch what I say!

Video content will require the use of Realplayer. Help available from the CBBC download centre.



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