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29 October 2014
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08 October 2003 1209 BST
Graphic: Jake's Fame Academy diary
Picture: CBBC presenter Jake Humphrey
Picture: Jake and Holly present CBBC at the Fame Academy
Alex with Jake and Holly at the Fame Academy

Hi guys

Welcome to the pages of my Fame Academy diary, exclusive to this website.

If you want all the gossip during the term, bookmark this page now!

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8 October, 2003

Hi guys, sorry this is a bit late but we've been tidying up at the Fame Academy - amazing how much mess we managed to make over 10 weeks (most of it Holly's of course).

So that is! After 154 live shows, 11 showdowns and 12 expulsions, ALEX was left standing and rightfully wins this years' Fame Academy - and what a winner she was.

Alistair took the lead during the final week, but on the last show Alex pulled away and sung her heart out for the victory, the flat, the car, etc.

Picture: Fame Academy winner Alex Parks
Alex is recording her first single. Read full story.

My favourite moment from the series actually happened after the final show when Alex sung to all of the crew that had made the show.

She sung Imagine and, quite emotionally, we all sung back to her. A great moment.

On a final note, I hope you all enjoyed the show over the last few weeks, me and Holly certainly gave it our all and apart from not winning our own showdown I had a great time.

It was YOU guys that made our show the number one rated kids show in this country so thanks, it was fun!

Jake xxxxxxx


3 October, 2003

Wotcha, just a quick update to say it's the day I've been dreading. Tonight Holly and I star in our own showdown in the circle of fear! Read full story.

We've had a bit of a laugh with the singing lessons, but now it's all come together for a showdown I'll admit I'm a bit nervous.

See how we get on by watching CBBC tonight and make sure to vote for me :)

Big excitement in the Academy as we all rush around for tomorrow night's final. Will it be Alistair, Alex or Carolynne who wins? David Grant has told them all it's an even playing field, so they each have everything to sing for.

Oooh, don't forget to check out our competition to win the CBBC Lawn Darts board.

See ya


29 September, 2003

'I'm a rock and roll star' - lyrics made famous by Oasis and the behaviour followed by Peter Brame during his time in the Fame Academy.

Peter in the Fame Academy

After nearly eight weeks on the treadmill of talent his time has run out and he returns to normality at least until he gets offered a record deal!

He joined Holly and myself live on CBBC this morning with the obligatory rock star sunglasses and proceeded to tell us all about his 'kiss or 20' with Carolynne.

He has now said that is was just something that happened in the Academy and from what I gleaned, he has no plans to pursue the relationship - in fact, while I was chatting to him, his girlfriend of four years was sat next to us!

My personal viewpoint is that if he waits for the whole Fame Academy publicity to die down then he will be fine, and judging by the amazing amount of fan mail, he has a few fans out there too!!

I am just sitting here in shock really, I remember the first time I sent some photos of Holly and myself sneaking around the academy to the website and I was faced with 10 weeks of students, showdowns and early morning ahead of me.

Now, in four days, it is all over for another term as either Alistair, Alex or Carolynne takes on Sneddon's mantle as the Fame Academy winner!

I will reserve my judgement on who the winner will be until I have seen how the hot and not chart is shaping up towards the end of the week.

So get voting on the Newsround website and check these pages later in the week for my latest news, gossip and predictions!

See ya round, Jakexxxxxxx

22 September, 2003

Hello guys!

Well, another week arrives and another showdown passes. We are now down to just four students and the final seems so close.

The strange thing for me and Holly is that last year, when we were here over the winter months, the series seemed to last for years and by the end of it, Holly and I were sooooo tired.

Pic: James
James left the Fame Academy after students voted for Peter

But now, with the series nearly over we are as fresh as daisies (almost!).

Loads of people have said James was unlucky to leave on Saturday. But at this point in the game, the stakes are so high, the prize is so close and the showdown needs to be the best performance of their lives or they may as well not get up and sing.

I actually spoke to James just a few minutes ago and he told me that his performance felt good at the time, but watching it back it was below par. Oh well - another one bites the dust!!!

As for this week, things just get busier and busier for us. We are in the recording studio this week to lay our Something Stupid track down, then we are filming our pop video to match it!

Next Monday, we perform in the circle of fear and then you lot at home vote for your favourite, so make the right choice and vote Jake!

Other news, Alex is on Top of the Pops and Carolynne and Peter are performing Come to Bed...what an interesting choice!

See ya soon. Jake x

15 September, 2003

Paris may be the city of love, but there wasn't a lot of love in the house for Paris on Saturday night as he was the latest student to be expelled from the academy!

With no public vote, the teachers saving Peter, and his fellow students saving Carolynne, Paris left!

Pic: Paris in the Fame Academy
Paris left after students voted for Carolynne to stay

When he joined us this morning, the guy seemed pretty chilled out - and tired - after going out in London on Saturday night.

He had to be escorted round the club by a security guard to stop himself being mobbed. Quite a surreal experience I think!

As for the rest of the students, Alistair and Alex went to the massive Radio 1 gig in Cardiff on Saturday, and tonight two of the students are off to the Italian Job premiere so life is busy!

I think if it wasn't for these special treats a lot of the students would go crazy. Although it seems like a huge academy, the students only live in 5 rooms and madness is quite likely!

It is a weird to time for Holly and me now, because from 13 students we are down to just 5 and it seems like there is nothing ever happening inside the academy because of the lack of students doing things.

We are all just hoping that FINALLY Peter and Carolynne have a proper snog and stop messing about!

As for Holly and me, no snog on the horizon just this space!


10 September, 2003

So, we're over half way. With seven gone and six students left the competition has started hotting up and boy have we felt it here on CBBC.

Pic: Carolynne
Carolynne was kissed by Peter!

Yesterday we were joined on the show by astrologer Maria Killoran. Although I am pretty sceptical about these things it was uncanny how right she was.

She said that with the big mix of Leos and Aquarians in the house there was going to be tension and with Peter kissing Carolynne, Alistair feeling hard done by, James not thinking he will be in the final three, Paris annoying them all by constantly singing, and Alex just being Alex - it is getting interesting.

I felt really bad for Barry when he joined us on Monday, he has obviously missed home life, but also was desperate to stay in. He seemed pretty tearful for the whole show, but it is all OK, I made Holly give him a cuddle!!!!

Today, Holly and I continue with our singing lessons. I'm actually more worried about the solo, because at least on the duet of Something Stupid I can hide behind her voice!

Lots of people have said I am brave doing this, but I actually think Holly is braver that me, she was really scared of the singing whereas I'll just do whatever people want. I hope I do OK though! Check out the singing lessons we've had so far in the video vault.

Tomorrow, we're doing a fitness class with Kevin Adams, not that I'm worried about! See ya soon (if I survive the class).

Jake xxx

9 September, 2003

Hi guys, sorry it's been a few days since I've written but life has been really busy at the Academy.

Despite the fact the students had one extra day to rehearse for last Sunday's showdown, it still wasn't enough for Barry.

The weekend saw him leave the Academy to massive applause, he'll be much missed by the remaining students and fans of the show alike. He dropped into the CBBC studio yesterday to say goodbye, what a nice bloke.

Will write in more detail with Academy news and gossip soon, I promise.


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