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24 September 2014
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30 September 2003 1622 BST
Graphic: Jake's Fame Academy diary
Picture: CBBC presenter Jake Humphrey
Picture: Jake and Holly
Jake and Holly are back at the Fame Academy

Hi guys

Welcome to the pages of my Fame Academy diary, exclusive to this website.

If you want all the gossip during the term, bookmark this page now!

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Official Fame Academy website
CBBC Homepage
Backstage with Jake at CBBC
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What do you think of the new series of Fame Academy? Who's your top of the class?

Have your say on the comment board now.

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Jake at the Fame Academy

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CBBC is live at the Fame Academy from Monday 4 August each day at 5.30pm on the CBBC Channel, plus updates on BBC TWO in the morning and in the afternoon on BBC ONE.

You can also catch up with what's happening at the Fame Academy on Top Of The Pops Saturday.
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2 September, 2003

Well, it's getting pretty interesting now eh? After Louise left on Saturday, everyone has been saying they now have NO idea what is gonna happen over the next few weeks.

I've been thinking about it and can hardly - even with my vast FA knowledge - work out what will happen. These are my thoughts on the students:

Graphic: CBBC bug

Funny, good voice, big fan base.

Bad couple of performances, but gets a big sympathy vote(cry baby!)


Lots of mates in the academy, powerful voice, only not got public vote once.

Very experienced, confident, public love him.

WOW! What a voice. Lots of people love him!

Mr Performer and he owns the stage!

My tip for winner, amazing voice and lovely girl.

So, I am now left thinking who will go?

Alex is mega stressed and has been deaf/dumb signing to her parents in the audience which she got told off for. If she keeps calm I have her down as my favourite but I literally have no idea who will leave this SUNDAY!

Yes, the Fame Academy showdown has moved this weekend due to the footy on Saturday.

As for Louise, she may release a Robbie song, but she was genuinely sad to be out. For her it's sunk in that the fun in the Academy has gone forever and now she has gotta do it for herself. Not sure she'll miss Kevin's dance class though!

I'm worn out! Holly and I are up at 0515 every morning for the early show and then hanging around until 7pm- phew, that's a long day!

Even so, everyone who stops me in the street wants to know what I think, so I hope I'm being helpful with my tips as I walk to the shops!

There's loads of great stuff coming up on our CBBC show over the next few weeks and don't forget to check out Alex's pages on the BBC Cornwall site.

Jake xxx

1 September, 2003

Monday morning and there's another empty space at the Fame Academy breakfast table.

Picture: Louise leaves the  Fame Academy
It was time for Louise to leave. Read full story

When it came to the crunch of a student vote on Saturday night, it was Louise who got shown the door.

There were tears at bedtime as many found this the most difficult student vote to date.

Louise is popping in to see us later today, so more news on how she felt about Fame Academy life on the way.

25 August, 2003

So is this the Fame Academy or TV Stars The Rivals? It was hard to tell as Richard and Patrick argued their way through Saturday's showdown.

But, putting their arguments aside for a bit... what a show! It was so cool!

If Fame Academy is Lemar, all glitz, glam, talent and future superstardom, then Pop Idol is One True Voice. Small, uncool, and a bit embarrassing!

Alex blew me away with her amazing voice. Peter was rock personified and Alistair was just great.

Picture: Simone
Simone leaves Academy. Read full story

However, even for someone as talented as Simone, the Fame Academy was possibly a step too far and she lost to Carolynne by 6 votes to 1 with only James opting to keep the North London soul sister.

Simone joined us on CBBC2 today and, to be honest, she seemed a bit relieved to be out. After all, not getting the public vote for three consecutive shows and being cut down on a regular basis by the Parkster must take it's toll.

As for the remaining students, life is gonna get even tougher. The eight remaining students are mega talented and the showdowns are going to get closer and closer, tougher and tougher for the next eight weeks

While the nation enjoyed a lazy bank holiday Monday morning, the students were in Kevin Adams' fitness class sweating their way into week four.

With Barry suffering and identity crisis, Louise threatening to leave because she misses Jenson so much and Carolynne in floods of tears because there is no-one waiting for her on the outside, it will be another interesting week on CBBC At The Fame Academy!

21 August, 2003

Audley, Nick, Lorna and now Gary... once again the curse of the Parkster has rung true.

Just minutes after his rendition of Drive by the Cars was described as a boy singing a man's song, Gary failed to get the support of his fellow students and left the academy.

Picture: Gary Phelan
Gary leaves Academy. Read full story

Everyone agreed that Gary looked great and is a killer guitar player, however his vocal ability and passion for telling Richard Park where to stick his impressive tie collection meant his Academy dream was over!

And it now seems, after a few weeks in the Academy, the students are getting wise to the working of the Highgate House!

Barry has said he wants to go because he realises that he doesn't have the love and support of his fellow students - particularly Louise and Carolynne which is almost a death knell in this place!

Peter is making sure that no matter how upset, annoyed and frustrated he is, he is showing no-one in the hope that his students will continue to love him enough to keep him.

Don't miss Saturday's showdown on BBC1 as you can expect to see Robin Gibb on stage this weekend, as the students do a Bee Gees special. Yeah, now we're Jive Talking! (cheesy I know!)

Over the next few days, see how Alex and Peter enjoy the Kerrang! awards, see if Nick remains paranoid about leaving, see if Barry wins over the students again and see if Simone actually leaves the Academy to chill on the grass. I think she's allergic to fresh air!

Keep lovin' the show. Oh - and come on City - On The Ball!

Jake xx

18 August, 2003

Wow, what a weekend! As another Fame Academy student departs, the students enter the recording studio to start getting some stuff on CD!

I reckon (just between you and me) that a new album will be on it's way out soon so watch this space.

On Saturday I was actually at the showdown and couldn't believe how heated the debates got.

As well as Richard and Carrie failing to see eye to eye, it had become Vocal Coaches:The Rivals between Carrie and David as they both take individual students and don't want theirs to be in the student vote.

There were a record number of calls on Saturday, unfortunately, not enough were for Lorna. After the teachers kept Louise, the student wanted to see more of Simone (who looked like a Motown throwback... Nina Simone the 2nd!!)

Graphic: CBBC bug

Lorna joined us this morning and actually said she felt fine about leaving and would love to make it onto the stage, so keep your eyes peeled for her.

Right better go, time to get ready for this afternoon's live show where we are joined by FA rocker Peter Brame!

But before that for disgusting, horrible and most nasty sector gossip - James Fox shaves his shoulders!!!! EEEURGH!

On that note I will throw up then go and say hi to the nation. By the way, our viewing figures are great so thanks a million and keep on watching CBBC at the Fame Academy!

Jake xxxxxx


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