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24 September 2014
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05 October 2006 1438 BST
Grap: Bonkers for Conkers: How to prepare your conker

Children at Cliff Park Middle School in Gorleston show off their conkers

Now you know the rules, we show you how to make the best conker so you can be a real champion!

Sarah and Charlotte from Cliff Park Middle School in Gorleston have given us some top tips.

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BBC Northants: World Conker Championships

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The rules of the game

Ten things you didn't know about conkers

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Did you know that until conkers arrived in Britain, the game conkers was played with hazel or cob nuts or even snail shells!
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First you will need to find your conkers. You will find them on the ground by horse chestnut trees. Collect as many as you can, as some won't be as good as the others.

Once you get home, break open the prickly green cases to reveal the shiny conker. You need to choose a conker that is uncracked, firm and symmetrical.

When you've chosen your conker, you need to prepare it so it strong enough to be the champion conker!

Recipe to make a tough conker

Pic: Conkers
Conkers need to be prepared

You will need:
A conker
A piece of string about 30cm long
A quarter of a pint of vinegar
A jug
An oven
A hard surface
A timer


Pour a quarter of a pint of vinegar into a jug.

Put your conker into the vinegar and leave for two minutes - no more! Make sure you use the timer.

Take the conker out and put it on a hard surface.

Heat the oven at 250°C. Make sure an adult does this for you.

Put your conker in the oven for one minute and 30 seconds.

Take you conker out of the oven and leave on a hard surface until lukewarm.

When the conker is cool enough to pick up, ask an adult to pierce a hole in your conker.

Thread your piece of string through the conker and tie in a knot.

Now you are ready to play conkers!

TIP: Some of the best conkers are conkers that are years old. You might want to see if your mum and dad have any olds ones lying around!

Read more: The Rules of the game »


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