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27 November 2014
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11 May 2005 1714 BST
Graphic: Explore space and discover the unknown!

Picture: Mark Lawrik-Thompson

Norfolk is a big county with plenty of countryside and this means it has some excellent locations for star gazing.

Whether you are new to astronomy or have a question on the solar system, our local astronomer, Mark Lawrik-Thompson is here to help.

Picture: Andromeda: linki Graphic: Ask the astronomer: link
How many times bigger than the Earth is Neptune? The mind boggles! Send in your questions on space here.
Comet Macholz: link Graphic: Comet Macholz: link
You can see a comet with the naked eye between 5-15 January 2005. We show you how.
Picture: How to be an astronomer: link Graphic: How to be an astronomer: link
So you want to be an astronomer? Our local expert tells you everything you need to know about star gazing.
Picture: International Space Station: link Graphic: International Space Station: link
Have you seen strange lights in the sky like a UFO? You have probably seen the International Space Station.
Make a rocket: link Graphic: make a rocket: link
Our local astronomer shows you how to make a rocket. Sit back and watch it take off to the skies!
Picture: Sundial: link Graphic: Make a sundial: link
Follow our easy instructions and find out what life was like before we had watches and clocks!
Picture: Jupiter: link Graphic: Planet Jupiter: link
Did you know Jupiter is the largest planet of our solar system? Find out more here.
Picture: Mars: link Graphic: Planet Mars: link
Is there any life on the red planet? Why is it red? How many volcanoes does Mars have?
Picture: Saturn: link Graphic: Planet Saturn: link
Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and has rings made of millions of pieces of rock.
Picture: Planet Venus: link Graphic: Planet Venus: link
Venus is the second planet and the hottest planet in our solar system. It's also covered in thick cloud.
Pic: the moon: link Graphic: The Moon: link
Can you guess how long it would take to cycle to the moon? Find out more fascinating facts here.
Picture: Neptune Graphic: The outer planets
Find out about the planets on the edge of our solar system: Neptune, Uranus and Pluto.
Picture: Waves on the beach Graphic: The spring tides
What causes the spring tides? The Moon and the Sun are to blame!
Picture: A Nova star: link Graphic: The Star of Bethlehem: link
What was the Star of Bethlehem? Did the star really exist? Find out more here.
Picture: The Sun: link Graphic: The Sun: link
The Sun is the nearest star to the Earth and is a big ball of gas giving off heat and light.
Picture: A black hole: link Graphic: Your questions answered: link
Read the latest answers to your questions on space by our local astronomer, Mark.

If you have any tips about astronomy or have any photos you'd like to send in, e-mail and title your message Astronomy.

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