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24 September 2014
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16 July 2004 1052 BST
NSAD Animation students showcase
Picture: Marvin the robot
Marvin the robot by Dan Upton
Animation students from the Norwich School of Art and Design present their works for public viewing during the end of year show.

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Norwich School of Art and Design
Norwich Animation Festival

D&AD New Blood exhibition

BBC Three: Monkey Dust

BBC Talent: Animation

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Norwich International Festival of Animation

NSAD students create animated trailers for BBC Norfolk website

NSAD end of year show 2004

Carol of the fieldmice by Eleanor Pomfret

All images © NSAD 2004

Work by NSAD students will also be shown at the D&AD New Blood exhibition.

Open to the public 29-30 June from 12-8pm Admission free

Billingsgate Market
16 Lower Thames Street

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Each June, the Norwich School of Art and Design (NSAD) present their end of year show - a chance for more than 400 students to showcase their work to the public and industry alike.

Tom Simmons, the school's lecturer in sound, said the standard of work is particularly high this year:

"I think we've reached a stage where the film making, the visuals and sound design have become equally important," he said.

The work in the exhibition celebrates a real diversity of interests and a range of animation techniques.

Picture: Punch by Dan Hanton
Punch by Dan Hanton

"Dan Hanton from Great Yarmouth has done a puppet animation based around the Mr Punch story.

"His attention to detail in the lighting and shooting of the film has paid great dividends," said Simmons.

"Dan Upton's film based on Chapter 9 of Life, The Universe and Everything is a great example of 3D animation with incredible attention to the environmental construction, model design and rendering," he added.

View works from the end of year show
Click the film title to watch animation

Graphic: Brenda the sex doll video Blown Away (extract)
Sex dolls Sadie and Brenda have feelings too. They dream of escape to a new life in a land of sunshine and inflatables.

By Hayley Morris
Graphic: Scene from After The Journey videoAfter The Journey (extract)
An old man travels through memories towards an idealised past in the Old West that presents a full stop in his story.

By Benjamin Sanders
Graphic: Marvin the robot videoChapter 9 (extract)
Marvin the robot and Zem the mattress have a conversation in the swamp on the planet Sqornshellous Zeta.

By Dan Upton
Graphic: Punch videoPunch
The end of a showbiz life for Mr. Punch. All he wants to do is entertain, but is haunted of the memories of his past.

By Daniel Hanton

This year more than 20 films will be screened during the end of year show, showing a range of ideas and talent from the final year BA students.

Ben Sanders' film After The Journey is inspired from a childhood fascination with the Old West.

Picture: Scene from After The Journey by Ben Sanders
Scene from After The Journey by Ben Sanders

"I always thought it would be a great period to visit," he said.

"I then decided that this notion of memory and looking back on things, be they real memories or ones you wished to have lived, would be an interesting area to explore.

"What do I want people to take away from the film... that there's a beauty in sadness, the loss of love and the memories of it (whether they are real or idealised), and that there is something uplifting about it.

"Much as in the way the paintings of Edward Hopper make us identify with these lonely characters in motel rooms, or cafes at night, and by that very nature of identifying with them breaking down some of our own barriers of loneliness."

The Norwich School of Art and Design' animation department continues to push the boundaries in both creative content and production.

Picture: Scene from Blown Away by Hayley Morris
Scene from Blown Away by Hayley Morris

A number of students from the NSAD have gone straight into work with directors like Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam and working in Jim Henson' puppet workshop in London.

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Gareth Davies, Surrey
Dan Upton's work is absolutely breathtaking. He's such a talented man with a great future in animation, I bet

Brian, Bristol
It's great to see puppet animation is still alive with young film makers. Dan what a great film.

Chris, London
It's really good to see that there are still graduates producing good hand-drawn animation out there. There is too much focus on CGI, which has neither the magic or the beauty of traditional animation, even when it's done well – which most isn't. Well done Ben.

Doug, London
The cgi animation in Chapter 9 is amazing.

Martin, Norwich
After The Journey: What a great film. Beautiful landscapes and a touching simplicity in a story about love and loss. Well done Ben.

See more work from the NSAD end of year show 2004


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