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24 September 2014
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22 October 2003 1319 BST
Students write for equality
High school students from across Norfolk have written about their experiences of being from a black or ethnic minority background for a project called Equal But Different. Take a look at some of the extracts from its booklet, which was put together by sixth-formers at the City of Norwich School.

NEAD: Black History Month
Norwich and Norfolk Racial Equality Council
BBC Multicultural History

BBC News: Race UK

City of Norwich School

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Share your experiences by starting a thread on the message board?

Students write for equality

Black History Month: A first for Norfolk

Sense of Place

The Wugulu Project
bullet point. Copies of Equal But Different are available from the Norwich and Norfolk Racial Equality Council on 01603 611644 or e-mail admin@

Copies are also available from the Millennium Library at the Forum in Norwich.
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Coming from a dual-heritage family

When I stay with my step-dad and white mum people probably think that I am not related to them, that I'm adopted or a distant relation. They wouldn't guess that I was with my mum."
The only black children in the family

My step-dad for one when he moved in told me he didn't like me and my brother because we was coloured... he told my mum that she had a choice between us and him and she choose him. She put my brother in foster care - I went to live with my nan."

A blonde mother and an Iranian father

I loved coming from a mixed background. One of the reasons is when I am older I will be able to research my family tree from two different cultures and backgrounds.

It also enables me to have a clearer understanding of people's ignorances. Although my skin colour is quite light, I have suffered as an Iranian.

Someone once said to me that they did not like Iranian. I thought, "Well, I am probably the only one you have ever met."

A Chinese home

My grandma she only speaks Chinese, but she is still a lovely lady. My grandad, again he only speaks Chinese, but I know he is a wonderful man. My aunt, she lives with my grandfather. She speaks English. She is funny but well-educated.

My uncle (he is not married to my aunt) he also speaks English. He isn't around the house much because he goes to university. Last but not least, my twin cousins. They are both girls and they are 15. These people live in one house.

We eat Chinese food, which is lovely and somewhere in the house is a model of a big Chinese man with children. There are Chinese bowls, plates and chopsticks in the kitchen along with a wok. I don't have a favourite Chinese food - I like it all."

Growing up in Beccles in 1960s and '70s

I was a black child growing up not in a city ghetto or tropical paradise, but in a market town in Suffolk.

A black child in a white community that in some ways was peaceful and supportive but from which - through those who singled me out for admiration, 'What lovely hair she's got', 'Wish I had a tan like yours' - and those who shouted out wog, nigger and sambo - I soon learned that I was different and prized at best; alien and despised at worst."

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