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27 November 2014
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Your Norfolk

Crop circles appear in Norfolk
Crop circle by Jim Gintner.

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Norfolks crop circle phenomenon is a load of hoo-hah. it's absolutely not true.
Thu May 10 15:45:41 2007

The path leading from the gate to the start of the circle kinda gives it away - not very convincing!
Thu May 3 00:13:02 2007

this stuff looks for real yo.
Sat Apr 28 23:07:08 2007

Ankit Sinha
In comparison to other crop circles this one really seems to be man made.....just c the trident structure.
Thu Apr 12 09:51:05 2007

By putting a pole in the ground where you want the centre of a circle to be, you can attach a piece of messured string to the top and walk around, flatening the crops until you have a complete circle with an exact radius all the way the same with another piece of longer string and you can create another circle with a slightly bigger radius than the last.stamp down the bit in the middle and hey, you've got one of the rings surrounding the circles.and as for the line through the middle, it's following the marks made by the is allmost completely straight.they're not exactly hard to make.
Tue Apr 10 11:40:17 2007

Sat Mar 24 04:05:35 2007

Adithya AAD
It is amazing.Looks like an alien's sign showing a signal to warn us for someting very big. Adithya Akash Das AAD
Wed Mar 21 16:56:52 2007

just me
terrible formation this one
Fri Mar 9 12:16:30 2007

Somebody was saying how aliens with advanced technology should make it more amazing, and why don't they explain themselves to us? Have you ever expained yourself to an ant? Plus, it looks like one seen in Signs
Mon Mar 5 20:06:40 2007

.C.H astronaught
See if the "circle" is in line with any of the planets or stars.
Sun Feb 11 13:19:35 2007

Clearly man-made. it doesn't look like it has been measured, but then again, maybe i am wrong. Strange.
Sun Feb 11 13:17:13 2007

Carys Harmer
I think this one is manmade. Someone could have just wanted to get everyone excited, and as pedro says, "Why the tractor path?" We are no closer to solving the crop circle mystery than we were centuries ago.
Sun Feb 11 12:57:05 2007

I don't exaclty know if these latest crop circles are man made or not but i have seen another crop circles from the past and i think they are extremely complicated to be man made. They are "very perfectly" made.
Sat Feb 10 09:04:58 2007

You expect me to believe this junk!Are you out of your mind.Stop hogging space on the internet and give us real information.
Wed Feb 7 22:38:28 2007

this is obviously fake how come crop "circles are always round? because its easyer for people to make a circle, show me a perfect octagon or decagon even a square in a crop circle and ill give it some credit but if aliends exist and have travelled thousands upon thousands of light years with theyre highly advanced technology i think theyd do something a bit more amazeing so not to leave any doubts this is just created by people to give otehr people hope and belief but sadly its false hope life exists out therye but its far to busy doing important things to be messing with our little blue planet....
Wed Feb 7 00:48:29 2007

I think clearly, this is man made. Note how the pattern is in line with the tractor path going through the field. If this was aliens, wind patterns, or the earth emmiting energy, why would it be in line with the path? If aliens have the ability to do this in a "matter of seconds" then im sure they could accomplish it without the aid of a tractor path.
Sat Feb 3 04:23:16 2007

I believe crop circles are created *on the photograph*. A geometrical pattern is created and then superimposed on a photo of a field. Easy with graphical software. After all, how come a low flying aircraft, with camera, happens to be there at the right time and the right place?
Tue Jan 9 11:34:07 2007

Prof.Latha Mazumder
If its true, we need to work towards decoding the signs.May I request for more details on all the signs of crop circles formed throughout the world so far ? And for the angles and positions of sattelites/space crafts in the space. Best wishes to all linked to this site for a prosperous life ahead. Prof.Dr.Latha Mazumder
Tue Jan 2 09:33:46 2007

I am from great britain. I don't exactly believe in aliens but how could pranksters get such great accuracy and then the fact of the stalks not being broken.... It just does not make sense to me? But the designs are bloody brilliant!
Wed Nov 29 02:06:36 2006

John Fosback
Where have all (or most) of the posters been? Almost 10 years ago some of the guys (yes humans) who did this (as hoax) demonstrated how easy it was to do - with just a long plank and a rope tied to it. They used to their feet to press the plank against the crops - in a symmetrical manner. Took them a few hours to make the most intricate designs.
Sat Nov 25 23:04:06 2006

Lee, Theghost
We have made six crop circles in wiltshire, measuring from 250/650/950 mtr's. The crop cicrles we have made are pure genius, and have fooled thousands! but to one problem myself and friends have was there was a crop circle made during one of our making sessions quarter of a mile away in the same field that was four times as big !Same time being made! same field! the dark of the night ! Was not us ! complete impos' to do these things without light! Want to Learn more .. 12 green Lasers, Lights, and beach mats, add some science and math and your miles away .. all the way from the stars .....
Tue Nov 21 23:37:28 2006

its hard to say if that a human made this but why would you want to waste all your time doing this in the first place
Sat Nov 18 06:37:46 2006

hi i am from india .i dont believe that such type of crop circles are made by human beings but i think this could be made by an alien.i think they are trying to communicate with us.
Wed Nov 15 09:00:58 2006

what sort of equipment could do this sort of maths, a heli from above could help the guys see accuracy, theres just too many around the world for people to be risking these sorts of games, dont be afraid now, they are coming!!!! I would think they more scared of us anyways seen that they constantly covering their tracks so well
Mon Oct 30 19:10:19 2006

parth patel
hi i am parth patel from india.i have seen a program on this peticular topic.I realy became intrested.My view is that i am from india and in my country there is no this type of circle made?
Tue Oct 24 17:46:46 2006

C.M.& P.B.
Thu Oct 19 03:06:44 2006

these picure are art they are more than art though they are a message a message from above but who did them aliens or nature or even summin else maybe a new spieces of life
Sun Oct 15 20:54:57 2006

Michael Lewis
I've seen the picture above on three different websites!
Thu Oct 12 18:35:26 2006

Much better than anything our current crop of famous artists could do! Where are the Emins and Hursts now??
Thu Sep 28 08:11:05 2006

I saw the people making this crop circle. I was on the way home from a late shift and the people parked their cars in the layby and you could see them working in the field. So much for Alien activity!
Tue Sep 19 08:55:31 2006

why are u idiots spending time caring aout crop circles the only reason why i am looking at this stupid site is for school u have no lives.
Wed Sep 13 14:00:05 2006

lee smith
i was on my way to see a friend,and i drove pass this crop circles and i was wandering weather this was a hoax or the real thing?What ever that is?anyway it cool to see it on the net!
Tue Sep 12 00:34:20 2006

I hope we are graced by many many more closer to Norwich and only the genuine article like these, not the faked ones.
Mon Aug 28 20:46:56 2006

Alien Crop Circles are as unbelieveable as some of the attempts at grammar and spelling in these posts. They are however artistic and I love the Led Zeppelin reference.
Wed Aug 23 14:39:21 2006

i have seen all the crop circles in norfolk,and i live in hemsby!! allthough i belive that the crop circles are real,it would be possible to create them as a fake!!
Mon Aug 21 13:27:13 2006

Ginger & dad
was there the day after walked the circle 2 days later was well spooky & definately real..wierded me & ginger out the truth is absolutely out there make up ya own minds
Sun Aug 13 19:23:05 2006

chantelle and Regina
we think that this crop circle is bloody amazing, we believe that this was done truly by the forces of nature!! now theres some aliens with a brilliant taste in music!!!!
Thu Aug 10 15:42:50 2006

I think that this looks amazing but it is in the rong place some people have cost that farmer thousands and i think it looks great but in a differant plce...
Fri Jul 28 13:14:03 2006

Driving my son to Lingwood on the Saturday evening, we saw the group of people making this!! They certainly weren't little green men!!
Thu Jul 27 12:25:53 2006

Think about it, with the time it takes radio signals to travel across space aliens would have only just heard Led Zeppelin
Tue Jul 25 23:56:14 2006

I actually walked through this crop circle.. i believe all crop circles are hoaxes.. but its still pretty amazing.. i know for sure i couldn't do something that big in the night, and make it look that awesome in an aerial view..
Fri Jul 21 09:42:11 2006

These idiots are incompetent! They couldn't even follow the natural tracks to get out they had to leave a trail to prove it's a hoax. As so many of them are!
Thu Jul 20 20:56:16 2006

Tracy Trenton
Please check out the Led Zeppelin album cover called Led Zeppelin from 1990 - I think the truth is there, rather than via the Mulder and Skully 'The Truth is Out There' style!
Sun Jul 16 17:08:59 2006

David Bryant
It's worth remembering that GENUINE crop marks have been recorded since the 17th Century and before. This one is very large to have been made by a big group undetected right by the major Norwich - Yarmouth road....
Sun Jul 16 16:39:37 2006

some are fake and some are real. What amazes me is the human fear and ego factor. Consider for a moment that they are real...what then? the human mind has to find a box, a category to put facts into. Can it just be? Everyone is such an expert... Fake? why? cos you're afraid. live and let live.
Sun Jul 16 02:31:25 2006

linda jemmett
what does he think made them?
Sat Jul 15 12:11:48 2006

At the top left of picture 2 you can clearly see a line stretching away at about 45 degrees... in other words it shows how the people who made it got shows that it is a hoax
Sat Jul 15 01:12:46 2006

I don't think its true... The pics are so fake!
Thu Jul 13 18:41:27 2006

Wed Jul 12 21:47:41 2006

its so fake you can tell coz some of the lines aren't parralel and the line that leads to the smaller circle isnt straight still think its real??
Wed Jul 12 18:15:18 2006

i think crop circles are amazing and i believe that no one is brigh enough in norfolk to do some thing like that! i hope its not a prank and there will be more sightings and if this was a hoax i think they are ruining something that is amazing.
Wed Jul 12 15:25:56 2006

so fake...!!
Wed Jul 12 10:56:53 2006

A beautiful and expensive work of art. The farmer who owns the crop will pay for the circles in consequence of a reduced harvest. About a £1000 according to the Eastern Daily press. But ain't they pretty .
Wed Jul 12 10:45:28 2006

solar system from the sun to saturn?
Wed Jul 12 02:18:03 2006

Musampa Beeway
Haha, cerealogists, please tell me thats a joke. there cant be people that study cornflakes for a living! good work whoever it was, would make a great advert for the lawnmower they used.
Tue Jul 11 23:03:07 2006

Work of art!
Tue Jul 11 19:03:48 2006

Without a very close-up look, on the ground, no one can say for sure. Is this unpaid labor ?
Tue Jul 11 17:12:37 2006

these are too simplistic therefore it is clear that they are invalid
Tue Jul 11 17:04:29 2006

Ian Williams
Their very pretty and far better than most entries for the Turner Prize. It's truly amazing what yu can do with a plank of wood and some string!
Tue Jul 11 13:28:21 2006

Harvey Seager
i live basicly next to this.... bit random being in blofield where like no1 lives
Tue Jul 11 13:12:37 2006

Loran James
The real conspiracy theory is that these are made by people for a prank or a hoax. Try doing this in the dark yourself.
Tue Jul 11 11:45:55 2006

Nice but there are far more interesting shapes coming too life on the TV, Yep that's the place to get the real interesting stuff !
Tue Jul 11 07:28:25 2006

The Dude
These crop circles are done by can tell...they're not authentic.
Tue Jul 11 07:04:48 2006

George Wagner
If all crop circles are hoaxed, why don't the hoaxers ever seem to be caughtin the act, ESPECIALLY when teams of cerealogists are out LOOKING for them? So if the crop circles are indeed all hoaxed, thank God their creators aren't out robbing banks! We'd NEVER solve those crimes.
Tue Jul 11 02:46:20 2006

looks hoaxed to me, imprecise (cf. bottom of the 'I')
Tue Jul 11 00:39:30 2006

A true transient work of art. Probably done by 'Trekies' as the Enterprise is clearly visible about half way along.
Tue Jul 11 00:18:01 2006

If it's a not a hoax then there are some Led Zeppelin loving aliens out there.
Mon Jul 10 23:12:47 2006

These idiots have done a pretty good job dont you think.i was going home from gt. yarmouth on sunday when i saw people parked in a lay-by viewing the crop circle. these are real idiots to have made such a precise shape so close to the a47 undetected.
Mon Jul 10 22:36:18 2006

quick i want to jar me an alien!
Mon Jul 10 21:20:04 2006

James Beach
This doesn't have the 'look' of the "genuine" crop circles, to me. The best crop circles, which have appeared inexplicably quickly and have not been claimed by anyone credible, always have a unique pattern in a beautiful style which is well executed. This set seems mediocre in execution, and the patterns seem like clumsy copies of other circles. It has no new elements or configuration. For that reason only, I don't think these crop circles are "genuine". They seem much more likely intended to hoax than for whatever unknown purpose the more intriguing circles are created for. It's a stylistic judgement, I admit, but nonetheless I stand by it.
Mon Jul 10 21:08:50 2006

Why r these people doing this or whatever they r. Why did they walk in to the centre when it would be so easy just to do it from the bottom. How stupid do they think we r - if u think about it some1 from hong kong, say, could have done it and then gone back. We will never know - we need more people on the job but how did they get the shapes so neat - whatever it is it had help.
Mon Jul 10 19:25:01 2006

why r people doin this if it is people thet is some 1 said 2 me it was an alien but how, this crop mark has been done b fore but it is so neat it must have taken so long
Mon Jul 10 19:16:54 2006

I am not sure why people are saying 'if it is a hoax'; I think it's safe to assume they weren't made by aliens. Crop circles as complicated as these must require great skill to produce, and I am very impressed! If anyone claimed credit for them, it would surely defeat the point- they are meant to appear mysteriously, and remain mysterious. I also wonder what exactly 'Rachel n emzi' are so scared of? Little green men? Or some craftsmen with an oversized protractor?
Mon Jul 10 18:33:53 2006

kerry london
me mum drove around 4 ages tryin 2 find this fing it looks propa cool.
Mon Jul 10 17:06:22 2006

mike quinsey
The design is based on older circles, I feel it is a hoax.
Mon Jul 10 16:58:09 2006

alan hewitt
how come these crop circles ALWAYS fit their patterns on the canvass of the field, never running out of space or overlapping another shape
Mon Jul 10 16:15:10 2006

Al Gore
I totally believe an alien race traveled billions of miles from another solar system so they could draw funny designs on a field in Norfolk!
Mon Jul 10 15:01:38 2006

It is interesting to note that visitors probably made the track to the formation, as happens with most cc's. If you have a go at making a crop circle see how easy it is and how easy it is to flatten a huge amount of crop in a relatively short time, especially if there is a group of you. Problem is no one wants to find out for themselves. They just want to take the feat of human involvement as utterly unimaginable when the artists do not want to push their ego forward and claim the is what makes this subject something which works.
Mon Jul 10 14:38:08 2006

Wow!!! crop circles are cool!!! especially when the creators are obviously led zeppelin fans!!!! wooooo!!! rock on!!!! keep going!!!! Next time u gotta do a massive pentagram!!!!
Mon Jul 10 14:32:06 2006

SeAgEr x
Anyone like led zeppelin? thats the exact logo of the 'Remasters album!! whats goin on!? classic rock - lovin- crop-circle makers, or has led zep become intergalactic.....
Mon Jul 10 14:14:28 2006

I cant believe that these have only come about. Its hard to determine whether there real or not? But the problem is we will never know cos the government will not tell us jack sh*t.
Mon Jul 10 13:55:18 2006

Although I'm very open minded on the subject, I think this one looks rather amateurish when compared to some more complex designs I've witnessed. Then again, I've never seen the bottom of a space/ inter dimensional ship! Perhaps the BBC could set up a few webcams so we can all watch the skies... and the fields....!!!
Mon Jul 10 13:17:07 2006

Bill Ash
People who believe these cicles are not faked are full of what makes the grass grow green in Texas. what a waste of space showing this garbage. It is proof however that there really is one fool born every minute if they fall for this.
Mon Jul 10 13:03:40 2006

Alan Partridge
It looks like the hoaxers have been busy ,where things getting to hot in Wiltshire?
Mon Jul 10 12:53:38 2006

college term ends and crop circles appear. mysterious!
Mon Jul 10 12:47:54 2006

They're nice pictures but - why do these people make the crop circles? Why won't they claim credit for them?
Mon Jul 10 12:28:08 2006

a. w
Shame the hoaxers spoil such an intersting subject. I have followed c/c's for 15 years. and are pleased to see some are coming to norfolk, look back through this time and see how much more complicated they have become. Do not ridicle them , they are wonderful to see, and the farmers should get used to the interest genine people show.
Mon Jul 10 10:00:33 2006

sarah walker
Who evea done dis need to get a life nd get a gd 1?
Mon Jul 10 09:33:58 2006

Rachel n emzi
I think the people who done dis is sick and really worried me we where walking round lingwood at night and we are more than certain that we saw something in the sky that night but i thought i was holusinating because i was really tired. freaky or what
Mon Jul 10 09:28:53 2006

Adele Rachel and Emma
i think this is prpa freaki haha
Mon Jul 10 09:26:33 2006

Mrs Barker
Today i was driving home from gt yarmouth with friends we walked down to have a look its massive and if it is a hoax it took alot of time and effort becuse its very neat and tidy.
Sun Jul 9 23:40:44 2006

wen i first heard about it i didnt think it was real but now iv seen a picture, it looks impossible to make them like that, i dont know what to think but i want to know more!
Sun Jul 9 14:45:23 2006

Funny how the 'aliens' (aka idiots) needed to walk from the top left corner of the field (picture 2) before they started flattening the crop, and could have left by the bottom right corner!!!
Sat Jul 8 16:23:00 2006

Carl Durrant
This is an amazing picture, if this is an hoax, what a job!
Fri Jul 7 22:39:14 2006

mark johns
its a welcome sight to see this amount of crop formations in a county where generally they are rather uncommon
Fri Jul 7 19:44:33 2006

David Oliver
Why would aliens require a path to the road?
Fri Jul 7 18:27:26 2006

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