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13 November 2014

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Clementine does her Christmas shopping

Clementine attempts to budget shop

Clementine's Christmas credit cruncher

Dolly-diva Clementine returns to BBC Norfolk with a video diary full of festive cheer, holiday sparkle and timely tips on how to make the most of doing Christmas on a budget in the shadow of the credit crunch.

Clementine, the mini jet-set fashionista and international singing star who's small in stature but big on style, is coming home to Norfolk to spend the festive season in the bosom of her family and friends.

"I fly all over the world in my luxury jet during the year as I go from one red carpet event to the next, but as regular visitors to this website will know - my heart is never far from Norfolk, the county where my glittering career started all those years ago," said Clementine.

As a girl who likes to shop, the credit crunch has hit Clementine where it really hurts - in her purse. But after years of shopping in some of the world's finest stores, she's now got a nose that's fine-tuned to sniff out a bargain from 100 paces.

Christmas cheer with Clementine

"Merry Christmas," said Clementine

Christmas spirit

In the true Christmas spirit of giving, she's happy to share her tips on how we can still make the most of the festive season while working to a budget.

"I love browsing in charity shops as you just never know what, or who, you might find," said Clementine.

"You know, a designer dress here, some vintage jewellery there. You can find something really unusual at the fraction of the cost of a new garment. The bargains are there just waiting for us to snap them up.

"To be honest, I've given away so many pairs of gorgeous designer shoes and couture dresses to charity shops all around the world over the years, you could even pick up some of my outfits if your lucky - and a size triple zero!"

Deck the penthouse

When it comes to decking out the penthouse with a touch of festive cheer, another good way to save on maxing your credit card is to make your own decorations.

Clementine as a santa baby

Clementine gets in the festive mood

"I often make paper chains from old utility bills, if you wait for a final demand they go red which makes them particularly festive," said Clementine.

As a person who loves Christmas, Clementine often finds the holiday season is a time to burst into song - so she's also recorded a special version of Santa Baby to mark the occasion.

Clementine sent her last video diary to BBC Norfolk in summer 2008 when she was digging for hidden treasures in Thetford, following in the footsteps of a certain Doctor Jones.

She admits, she has an apology to make.

"I'm sorry I haven't made a film for absolutely ages, but I've been so busy doing my budget Christmas shopping - since July! Whatever you're doing this holiday season, I hope you'll have a fabulous time and to see you soon," she said.

Clementine's story

If this is the first time you've met Clementine, here's her back story:

Clementine came to life following a freak accident when the nuclear heart from a falling satellite exploded into a plastics factory and landed in her mould. She was sold to a freak-show, but escaped with the help of the strong-man.

Clementine, The Living Fashion Doll

Clementine all boxed-up for Christmas

She now lives in a London penthouse, but her road to fame and fortune started on a beach in Sheringham.

Clementine was discovered in the seaside town, while splashing in the surf in search of mermen, by Norfolk puppeteer Mark Mander. He now works as her manager, designer and house maid.

A dolly-diva, imagine the love-child of Lucile Ball and Barbie, Clementine works as a singing star, fashion icon, theatre darling and TV presenter with her tiny feet steeped in both fantasy and reality.

Sometimes she can be as sassy as Samantha from Sex in The City, and at others as naive as Ugly Betty!

last updated: 19/12/2008 at 17:35
created: 18/12/2008

You are in: Norfolk > People > Your Stories > Clementine's Christmas credit cruncher

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