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13 November 2014

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Colin Howey bargain man

Colin fills his fridge

Colin's on a mission to save you money

Colin Howey is a man with a mission. He loves a bargain, can’t bear spending more than he has to and he’s also happy to share the knowledge.

Colin, 44, who works as a community development officer for adult education in Norwich, has launched his own blog and website to help others benefit from his local, money-saving tips.

“I wanted to build up an information point. I don’t consider myself in any way to be an expert, it’s just a way of passing on things that will help people. It’s like a village hall where you can meet people and swap ideas,” he said.

Colin noticed through his work and home life that money was getting tighter.

This was confirmed when he read a report which said the average household is £2,700 worse off than a year ago.

Ways of saving money

Colin’s now a regular guest on BBC Radio Norfolk where he passes on his money-saving tips.

He used to be a manual worker before studying with the Open University while staying at home to look after his daughters.

He went on to work as a freelance educator and then landed a job with adult education.

Colin loves coming across new ways of saving money, one of his favourites is the Three Pigs pub at Edgefield in north Norfolk where the landlord will swap pints of ale for home-grown vegetables and fruit.

He’s also a big fan of the bargains to be had in supermarkets. “I put a smile on my own face when I went to my local supermarket and got £50-worth of goods for £15,” he said.

Bottom shelf bargains

According to Colin, all supermarkets have ‘reduction schedules’ and it’s possible to find out when they are and take advantage of the savings.

It’s also worth looking on the top and bottom shelves for bargains, he said. That’s because stores put the items they most want you to buy, and which will make the most money, at eye level.

Making the most of what you already have is also important.

Colin found a website which helps you use up those food cans at the back of the cupboard that are approaching their sell-by dates.

 “You go to this website ‘’ and type in your spare ingredients and that comes up with a list of recipes, it’s great,” he said.

But it’s not just the websites that Colin draws his information from.

“We can learn a lot from looking at the way our parents and grandparents lived. They knew all about making do and mending,” he said.

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You are in: Norfolk > Credit Crunch > Colin's on a mission to save you money

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