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29 October 2014

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Nathan Wellard with his Banksy grafitti.

Nathan Wellard is selling his Banksy

Trailer a Banksy treasure

A 30ft mural painted on the side of a Norfolk family's trailer home by the graffiti artist Bansky has given it a £500,000 price tag.

A trailer home is expected to make half a million pounds, but it's not the living accommodation which has pushed up the price tag - the appeal of this des-res is on the outside.

The van with Banksy grafitti.

Bansky decorated the van at Glastonbury

The mobile home boasts a vast mural by famous artist Banksy and is about to be auctioned by Norfolk dealer William Burroughs.

Previous works by the mysterious grafitti master have fetched upwards of £200,000.

At 30ft-long, nothing has been put on the market so far to match the scale of the piece of art decorating the side of the converted lorry trailer, on a pitch among trees and plants in a secluded spot in west Norfolk.

Owners Nathan Wellard and Maeve Neal have decided to sell their home, which they share with their four children, because of the Bristol artist's rise to fame.

"We definitely want to get rid of it now, we don't want the responsibility of having it here," said Maeve.

"It is a piece of art and I think it does need to be preserved."

Banksy's grafitti 'tag'.

Banksy's iconic 'tag'

The trailer has been in the Norfolk wood for four years, but it became Banksy's canvas when the couple attended Glastonbury festival in 1998.

"He was a little known grafitti artist at the time," said Nathan.

"He was doing it as a live grafitti show, so on the first day it was just a few squiggly lines - you couldn't really make out much what it was about and then he'd do a bit the next day and it started to take shape.

"And then on the final day it became a picture in half an hour. I had every intention of painting over it if I didn't like it but I love it."

Fortunately the painting, called Fragile Silence, inspired by the 90's rave culture appealed to the couple's sense of aesthetics enough to stand the test of time - and boost their bank balance.

They intend to remain living in the forest, although they are planning a foreign getaway with the proceeds in the near future.

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You are in: Norfolk > Entertainment > Arts, Film & Culture > Arts & Culture > Trailer a Banksy treasure

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