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29 October 2014

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You are in: Norfolk > Features > General Features > Earthquake: What's been rocking Norfolk?

Ellen Nierop with baby Tabitha.

Ellen Nierop was scared by the tremors

Earthquake: What's been rocking Norfolk?

The biggest UK earthquake for almost 25 years was felt across swathes of England during the early hours of Wednesday, 27 February, 2008. The magnitude of the tremors rippling from the Lincolnshire epicentre was enough to wake many people in Norfolk.

In the early hours of this morning, the earth moved for many people in the county and BBC Radio Norfolk was inundated by callers saying, "You might think I'm mad but..."

It was the biggest earthquake to hit Britain for 25 years and measured 5.2 on the Richter scale, but only lasted 10 seconds.

The epicentre was in Market Rasen in Lincolnshire, but people were rocked in their beds across Norfolk.

Knocked from bed

Ruth in Cromer had her house rocked so strongly that she fell out of bed and phoned in to breakfast presenter Stephen Bumfrey's radio show to tell her story.

A parrot frightened by the earthquake.

The parrot's perch was shaken by tremors

"At about one o'clock last night I found myself beside the bed instead of in it. I thought I'd had a bad dream or something. I've never done anything like that before," she said.

"I heard the rumbling, and I just thought there was a lorry going past so I ignored it. It worried me a bit. I thought I was going potty so I was glad when I put on the radio and realised it wasn't just me."

Reports of vibrations came in from all over the county, including Wroxham, Dereham, Hunstanton, Easton, Attleborough and Little Snoring.

House shaking

Ellen Nierop in Norwich told Breakfast With Bumfrey that she was completely petrified when the house started to shake as she changed her newborn daughter Tabitha's nappy.

"I only came home on Saturday with my new baby," she said.

"The house started to shake, the flowers were moving, the cards were shaking.

"I went through every possible scenario and was wondering how I would get my children out of the house if it was collapsing. It's probably one of the single most scary things that's happened to me.

Parrot falls off perch

Steve Harper in Briston is used to feeling earthquakes having lived in New Zealand and says it wasn't as serious as the ones she's experienced over there, but it did have unfortunate consequences for her pet.

"We heard a rumble and heard the house shake," she said.

"At the same time, we heard our parrot falling off his perch. He got up again, and fell off again.

"We had real problems trying to persuade him to go back on his perch this morning!"

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Did you feel the earthquake in Norfolk?

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I didnt feel the earth quake in my area but some of my friends had things fall of there shelves and fall on there beds
Thu Feb 28 09:47:57 2008

it felt like when the washing machine vibrates but bigger and louder.
Thu Feb 28 09:47:34 2008

Tragically, my cat was injured during the quake after my chest of drawers fell.
Thu Feb 28 02:16:24 2008

ricky scarff
I am gutted, i was sat cosy on my sofa in my nice new flat waching a dvd, then sudenly the phone just rang, it was my friend she said, "did you just feel that" Feel what i replied, she then said we just had an earth quake i was laughing - I didn't believe her. I honestly didn't feel enything. It's strange because she doesn't live that far from me. My friend thought the front door had been knocked and got up to check if there was someone there. I am gutted i didn't experience it.
Thu Feb 28 00:42:34 2008

heidi pendergrast
I thought i was a little crazy. Ive been off work with bad pregnancy sickness and during the day had been feeling faint. I was up an on the sofa, my whole body shook for about 5 seconds. i thought two things, an earthquake ( surley not!), anohter pregnancy thing ( trapped nerves.....?.and went to bed. was really suprised when my husband said, ' did you hear abiout the earth quake yeaterday...' i thought he ment in aisia or something! was so suprised and shouted 'no way, so im not going mad!'
Wed Feb 27 23:07:56 2008

Iain Wright
Out of curiosity I fed the word "earthquake" into the search box on eBay at 8:30 this morning. Some bright spark had already advertised an I SURVIVED THE 2008 EARTHQUAKE T-SHIRT!
Wed Feb 27 18:04:45 2008

R Moles
I have just seen my house shake at 00:52 for about 20 seconds enough to move clothes on coathangers.
Wed Feb 27 18:03:39 2008

Trevor and Jo Woods
We were woken by the earthquake at Briston in North Norfolk just before 1am. The whole house was shaking, we could hear the tiles rattling on the roof and there was a deep rumbling noise. It must have lasted 30 seconds at least - it didn't feel like it was going to stop!
Wed Feb 27 18:01:26 2008

Emma Romaine
We felt the earth tremor in north creake, which is near fakenham.
Wed Feb 27 18:00:48 2008

Myrtle Hudson, Norwich
too was woken just before 1 a.m. this morning with my bed shaking. I thought there had been an accident outside but couldn't see anything. I didn't hear any noise, but the movement lasted only a few seconds.
Wed Feb 27 18:00:12 2008

Nessa Tatnell
It really shook my three storey building, and was very scary.
Wed Feb 27 17:59:24 2008

Shaun Hinds
I felt the quake for about 40 to 50 sec then it stopped. i was sitting at my pc talking to freinds on msn when we all stopped as we didn't know what it was to start with. All asking each other if we had felt the same thing.
Wed Feb 27 17:58:17 2008

Jean Childs
I watched Look East news lunch time and they were talking about pets in the earthquake, we have a 12 year old cat and he is always out yesterday we had to physically put him out and he was soon in again he would not leave our sides until after the earthquake last night i am sure he knew, also our hamster he was awake early to last night and was just going absolutely scatty in his cage until this happened.
Wed Feb 27 17:56:49 2008

Julie Hammond
We are on holiday in Bacton, we felt the earthquake in our holiday cottage. I thought it was a lorry going past and went back to sleep! I am amazed that it was an earthquake,hope it's not the shape of things to come : (
Wed Feb 27 17:14:55 2008

Laraine Holloway
I heard it in Falmouth Cornwall. It woke me up, i thought it was thunder rumbling, it went on for quite a while. this morning i heard about the earthquake. Sure thats what i heard !
Wed Feb 27 16:29:05 2008

You are in: Norfolk > Features > General Features > Earthquake: What's been rocking Norfolk?

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