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29 October 2014

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Car accident

Young drivers are taking too many risks

New drivers target of safety DVD

A DVD which features real-life collisions is launched in Norwich to try to make young people better drivers.

A hard-hitting road safety DVD which will be shown to 3,000 school pupils in Norfolk is being launched.

The film features both acted and real-life collisions as a shock tactic to make young people consider the consequences of their driving actions.

It will be shown to those in their final year of school and college.

"The presentation is aimed not just at young drivers but at young passengers because sadly the person most likely to kill a young teenage girl is her boyfriend behind the wheel," said Ian Temperton is Norfolk's road safety manager.

Peer pressure and thrill seeking plays it part in a potentially fatal cocktail. One Norfolk teenager who didn't want to be named told us:

"The fastest I've ever driven in my car is a 120 mph. I was racing on the Norwich bypass. I had my mates in the car. My mates who are normally sensible were going,'Go faster, go faster, go faster.'"

The DVD was being launched in Norwich on Friday, 1 February, 2008 to a group of children. Joining them were family members who have lost children in road crashes.

Among those are Keith and Janet Britton whose daughter, Naomi, died in a road accident in South Norfolk.

Falling casualties

They speak on the DVD of how Naomi lost her life and urge young drivers and future young drivers to take care.

The DVD has been produced by Norfolk County Council's Road Safety Unit and Fire and Rescue Service in partnership with the police and other organisations.

"I've seen many many dead people. I've seen many many people who've been maimed. People who've died later on. People who've died in front of me," said David Frost from Norfolk Fire Service.

"I've seen it where we've been holding them in our arms and they've just gone and it's heartbreaking. I mean this is the exuberance of youth I suppose, they think they're invincible as we all do when we're that age. But of course they're not.

"They also don't have the skills and experience that older drivers have," he added.

Made in Norfolk

The DVD is seen as a powerful new tool in fight to make the county's roads a safer place.

"It was made in Norfolk, for Norfolk young people, and is regarded by experienced members of the partnership as better than any other presentation currently available in the country," said Guy McCurley, chair of the multi-agency group behind the DVD.

"It seeks to enable drivers and passengers to make informed and intelligent choices about their car use and their exposure to a high risk of serious injury.

"Over 2,000 pupils saw an earlier version during 2006, with figures for killed or serious injuries involving the target age group falling from 42 percent to 38 percent of Norfolk's overall casualty statistics," he added.

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You are in: Norfolk > Features > General Features > New drivers target of safety DVD

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