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29 October 2014

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Radio Drama: Little Bexham

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Ann Slaughter and Trevor Thurston

Sophie and Bob from The Mardlers Arms

Have Your Say: Little Bexham

Radio Norfolk's first drama has gone to air after months of preparation, with scripts being written and re-written, plot lines being refined and a casting call going out to budding actors. Now, we want to know how it's been received by the critics.

A year ago BBC Radio Norfolk presenter Roy Waller and producer Amy Barratt had a bud of an idea: to make the station's first audio drama.

They just had to find out how to make it blossom - but bit by bit Little Bexham started to flower.

Norfolk writer Sue Welfare agreed to pen the scripts for the 16-part series, the characters were decided, a casting call went out to the county's keen actors and then the auditions started.

"Little Bexham is about Norfolk life today. What it's like to live in a village, in a small town. It's also about the people you know, it's about your friends and it's about you. I hope that people will look at it and think that Norfolk life is interesting," said Sue.

Local cast

After the actors were picked it was time to get in the studio to bring Sue's scripts to life, with the station's Technical Bob overseeing the drama's sound design and production.

Little Bexham

On Tuesday, 30 October, 2007 Little Bexham was revealed - and now we want to find out how the drama is being received by our critics - you, the listener.

Your comments might be as scathing as the X-Factor's Simon Cowell or as soothing as Strictly Come Dancing's Len Goodman - but as long as they're honest and considered we'll publish them below.

They must only relate to Little Bexham, and not to Radio Norfolk in general. These can be posted on our main messageboard.

When adding your name, we'd also like to know where you're writing from. So if you could put in your name, village or town, ahead of your comment it would be much appreciated.

Little Bexham will be broadcast on BBC Radio Norfolk on Tuesday and Thursdays at 1.30pm, with an omnibus edition on Sundays at 1.45pm. The final episode of the series is broadcast on Tuesday, 27 November, 2007.

We regret that due to rights issues, we are not able to make the drama available 'on demand' but you can 'listen live' at the time of broadcast using the links on this page.

last updated: 07/11/07

Have Your Say

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

steve bradshaw
I really like it, its as good as the archers, and its local. I like the mardlers arms idea of a pub thats trying too hard....several of them in norfolk. Local people from ost villages in NOrfolk really. Keep it up

Is it coming back? I hope so!

Just dont think it works

Jill Gibbens
Please bring back Little Bexham, just as it really got going it came to an abrupt end.

diana rix
give it achance i like it summat different can only get better ARCHERS STARTED SOMEWHERE Keepagoing

Brilliant enititiative. Well done to everyone involved. The programme content remind me of what village life in our fair county is all about. The series is an excellent way to maintain its 'local' radio status and I'm quite sure a comfort to those listeners of a certain age!

Olive Scott (Dilham)
The format is not quite right - the acting is unconvincing and the sound effects are absolutely hilarious. Good try but should possibly be quietly buried. Sorry!

Jon MacDonell
Brilliant. I cime from Essex but cant wait till my work takes me to Norfolk. Unfortunately I have missed a few episodes, but I really hope that you continue with this venture. You could also make a cd. of this series and sell for charity. Please bring it back.

J Banks
I really enjoyed Little Bexham, and hope that it will continue in the future.

Complete rubbish - and we pay our licence fee for this? Wooden performances, bad scripts - a really bad idea Radio Norfolk - Please please get it taken off for good!

Anita Harrison. Bradwell
I enjoy listening to Little Bexham and will miss it very much when it finishes on Tuesday, it reminds me of when I was first married 44 years ago, living in a mobile home with only a radio to listen to while waiting for the birth of my son. WELL DONE RADIO NORFOLK

Top-notch stuff. Have to agree with most other views on here - actors/actresses do not sound like amateurs and scripts are good. I'd like to hear a bit more of Sophie though, she's great!!

Jackie Herrick
Little Bexham, is a delight to listen to. The characters play their parts well, very well for amatures. I hope it continues.Good Luck to all cast.

After a slightly nervy start (only to be expected)it is now settling in well and once people realy get to know the characters it will become unmissable - well done!

Trevor and Maureen Page (Bungay)
Great little drama. We thought that the origonal time slot of five minutes was too short but now it has been increased to ten minutes....perfect! Love the characters. Congratulations to all who worked on the production. Hope you do a second series.

I'm really enjoying it and would like to hear more.Lovely to have a drama that sounds as if it really is from this region.

diana rix
think it is brilliant get even better when familiar with characters. as an avid archers fan ilove it

Ha, people's views on 'Little Bexham' seem extremely mixed! Perhaps you either love it or hate it! I fit in to the love side though. Thanks to all involved in making this quirky little series!

Alan & Jan , Weasenham All Saints
Heard little Bexham for the first time today (where have we been?), it was very good. Norfolk's version of The Archers ? sorry to have missed previous episodes and its going to finish 27 Nov !! Look forward to next series.

I agree with Helen and Danny its a complete waste of air time.I think its probally the worst idea Radio Norfolk has had since its been on air.

Very disappointing. It sounds as if the cast are reading their scripts having never set eyes on them before. Very wooden. Get rid of it please.

Such a pity it is not available to hear "on demand" Would love to hear a repeat of the show early evening as well as Sunday midday

Total waste of air timr,bad acting,bad script,Worst thing ever on Radio Norfolk.Please get rid of it.

fantastic, more of the same, great to hear local production, but must be longer to get the full effect! on par with the Archers ! Pat Hall is Fab!

It's getting better as it goes along.

I really lov the Norfolk accent!

Pretty good, I'll look forward to the next instalment! It certainly doesn't sound 'ametuer'. To be honest it's pretty hard to find a proper Norfolk accent around these days anyway! So are they double as long now then? Perhaps at the end of the series you could put out a long version with all 16 from start to finish.

Martin, BBC Norfolk
Thanks for your feedback both on this board and straight to the programme. One of the biggests requests is that you'd like to hear longer episodes of Little Bexham - so from Tuesday, 6 November, 2007 - we'll now run the episodes in a longer format. This means the series will now finish on Tuesday, 27 November, 2007.

Theresa Carman
Listened to one programme, not a Norfolk accent to be heard! Not even the landlord of the pub!

Amy, BBC Norfolk
Thanks for your feedback Mark, the schedule change to the omnibus this sunday due to the football was extensivly trailed on Radio Norfolk but I accept that there should have been an explanation at 1345 of the changes for listeners just tuning in at that point. I hope you enjoy the next episode on Tuesday at 1330

Mark Oldridge
Little Bexham omnibus at 1.45 p.m. on Sundays? Football special seems to be on, with no possibility of listening online because of rights issues apparently. Does Radio Norfolk want listeners to this new soap? Not even an explanation at 1.45 p.m. on Radio Norfolk - just news, weather and back to the match. Not impressed!

What a waste of radio air play,who wants to listen to a group of ametuers reading a very poor script.

Carol Hall
It's a good start but think the episodes should be longer so we can get into what's going on.

You are in: Norfolk > Local Radio > Radio Drama: Little Bexham > Have Your Say: Little Bexham

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