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29 October 2014

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George Michael fan: Ann Panter
Ann Panter

George Michael: Why he's so Fan-tastic!

By Ann Panter
After a 15-year absence from the live gig scene, George Michael is back on the road, to the delight of faithful fans everywhere. Speaking ahead of George's Norwich gig, fan Ann Panter explains why he still has Everything She Wants.

Title: A twenty five year passion for George Michael
 Watch: A fan's views of singer, George Michael
Film maker:Ann Panter
Date:June 2007
Subject:george michael, wham, fans, music

Ann first saw George Michael performing 25 years ago, while watching Top Of The Pops show.

It wasn't quite love at first sight, but seeing George cavorting to the strains of Young Guns with Andrew Ridgeley as well as Pepsi and Shirley in Wham! was the start of what was to turn into a major passion for the music of George Michael.

In 2006 the star returned to touring after 15 years, and Ann is looking forward to seeing George at his Carrow Road concert in Norwich on Tuesday, 12 June, 2007.


George Michael at Carrow Road, Norwich: link.
George in Norwich - see the gig gallery

"I remember the first time I ever saw him on the telly. Back in the good old days when Top Of The Pops was still on BBC1 on Thursday night," said Ann.

"I was sitting watching Wham. It was their very first performance, and I remember thinking, 'What on earth is he doing?'

"I actually went through to my friend's bedroom and said  'Jacq, you've got to come and see this wally on the telly.'

"Little did I know then, that was going to be the start of a 25-year passion."

See it live

Ann admits that if you love a person's music, the only way to really appreciate it is to see them live.

"The Carrow Road is now looming. I keep looking at my tickets and getting quite excited," said Ann.

"I believe that everybody should have a passion. There should be something in your life that you look forward to that takes you away from the mundane, day to day.

"Going to work, coming home, doing the washing, cooking ironing, looking after the kids.

Some of Ann's George Michael collection
Ann's music collection of George Michael

"Everybody should have something that's just special to them. I'm not mad, I'm not obsessed - but it has been a huge part of my life."

Will Ann ever give up her passion for George Michael's music?

"I don't know. I suppose I will give it up when he's releasing a new single, or an album, or he's going on tour and I don't get that buzz anymore.

"I suppose the day I stand in front of the stage and look up at him and think, nope, I could be at home reading a book or watching something on the telly, I suppose that will be the day that I give it up."

George Michael at Carrow Road, Norwich

After following George Michael at gigs all over the country, it was finally time for Ann to watch her idol on home turf.

On Tuesday, 12 June, 2007 - George Michael played to around 20,000 fans at Carrow Road, Norwich.

Ann was there, sitting in the Golden Circle, just a few metres from a man who, musically speaking, gives her everything she wants. See what she had to say just a short while after the concert finished.

last updated: 13/06/07
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Hello! Good Site! Thanks you!

angela dennis
I've been a George fan for twenty five years. He is amazing. You have to see him to appecite him. He is my man for sure.

Great Video!, isn't George Michael just the hottest man to walk this Earth. I wish I could see him live!, Totally Love him, have since Wham, His looks, Songwriting skills and personality. Ann Your Loyality to George is Typical of a diehard fan like me, it is good to see the love out there is still strong.

Jade Ford
Yes Ann is totally right, he is an amazing artist who has provided some great tunes over the past couple of decades. Carrow Road was certainly better than both Wembley nights and Manchester as the venue felt more cosy.

love ur vid, u r sooooo lucky 2 have seen him live , ive bin a fan of his since he went solo, was never a fan of wham. kat

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