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29 October 2014

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Radio Drama: Little Bexham

You are in: Norfolk > Local Radio > Radio Drama: Little Bexham > Watch: Listeners audition for radio drama

Little Bexham's audition hopefuls

Audition hopefuls for Little Bexham

Watch: Listeners audition for radio drama

Little Bexham is a new soap opera, to be broadcast later in the year on BBC Radio Norfolk. Created by Sue Welfare, the cast will star people living in Norfolk. Those lucky enough to land a role will be announced on Friday, 25 May, 2007.

Little Bexham is Norfolk's newest radio drama. Scheduled for broadcast later in the year on BBC Radio Norfolk it will star the people of Norfolk.

More than 50 people took part in an audition call on Tuesday, 15 May, 2007 - trying out for one of just 12 places in the cast.

Set in the heart of rural Norfolk, Little Bexham is a story about the people who live out this way.

"It was really important in casting this drama that people spoke with authentic accents," said script writer Sue Welfare.

"We have so many people living in Norfolk these days, we wanted to hear how people really sound.

"Whether they come from Norfolk, north Yorkshire or northern Europe - as that's more a realistic reflection of the social mix of Norfolk today," she added.

Roy Waller and Amy Barratt

Roy Waller and Amy Barratt

Two editions a week

The soap opera will be aired twice a week on Roy Waller's afternoon show. He's delighted to be hosting the drama, which is sure to have lots of twists and turns.

"This is a brilliant opportunity for our listeners to take part in a unique drama that no other radio station has undertaken in the same way," said Roy.

"I'm really excited about Little Bexham and can't wait to broadcast the first episode on my afternoon show."

Sue Welfare

The radio soap opera is the creation of established author Sue Welfare from Downham Market.

Sue has published 25 novels since she started writing in the early '90s and has worked with BBC Voices over the last couple of years on a number of writing projects.

"Little Bexham is written for local people by a local person - somebody who loves the area and really knows Norfolk," she said.

Judging the Little Bexham auditions

Judging at the Little Bexham auditions

"I'm very passionate about recording that special thing that country life is all about.

"Life in Norfolk is so rich and diverse. All to often we're stereotyped as simple country bumpkins when in fact, every small community has heart with a strong and intelligent community focus.

"It's high time we were shown in a realistic, rather than jokey way and I hope that is what people will find in Little Bexham," she added.

Village life

Like any Norfolk village, Little Bexham features plenty of characters. Some you'd love to get to know, others who you might prefer to keep their distance!

There's Bob and Sophie at the Mardlers Arms, and Lisa and Neil at the post office - they're struggling a bit, but then again who isn't?

The village has a nice butcher's that makes great sausages, and then there's Hall's the agricultural engineers just off the green, run by Andy Hall.

There's a garden centre out on the bypass, and a great little farm shop up on the London Road. Oh, and Ben and Jill who moved here to go organic.

Little Bexham is a fine little village with a school and although it's not to everyone's tastes, people like it there.

Audition for Little Bexham

Hopefuls try out for Little Bexham

Casting call

Auditions for Little Bexham were held at the studios of BBC Radio Norfolk on Tuesday, 15 May, 2007.

"The audition standard was incredibly high and that's why we're deliberating on our cast as in a way, we have so much great talent to choose from and we don't want to make a snap decision," said Sue Welfare.

"We'll be listening to all the recordings again and again before we come up with our decision on Little Bexham's core cast," she added.

Those successful enough to be cast in a role will be revealed on Friday, 25 May, on the Roy Waller Show.

It is expected the drama will begin broadcast in August, 2007.

Photo credit: Ben Piper

last updated: 26/10/07

You are in: Norfolk > Local Radio > Radio Drama: Little Bexham > Watch: Listeners audition for radio drama

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