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29 October 2014

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Voices: Inside Norfolk

BBC Voices asked people to describe their favourite room in Norfolk. From railway signal-huts to bedrooms, the reponse was varied and fantastic. Below is a selection of the stories and pictures that were submitted.

In Summer 2006, BBC Voices asked people describe their favourite room. The place where they spent most of their time and felt most comfortable.

Magazines and television programmes talk non-stop about the way our homes should look, but what does the way we decorate say about us?

Whatever the style, it can often give away our personalities, our lifestyle and the fashions of the day.

Annie Swann from Attleborough is in the process of writing her first novel. In her spare time she enjoys body-boarding and listening to Bruce Springsteen.

Annie Swann at her computer
Annie Swann in her writing room

This room is the centre of my life.

The place I write or go when I want to be alone and where I am sitting now as I type this!

Here is where I store my old vinyl records and cassettes, which over the years have become the soundtrack to various events and times in my life.

The walls are covered with pictures and memorabilia from places I have been and cards I have collected.

I also store photo albums, books and scrapbooks full of concert tickets. They are all valuable to me.

This room explains lots about who I am.

Anthony Ward from Norwich enjoys playing cards and walking his dogs. He would love to have met Isambard kingdom Brunel and he vividly remembers his first day trawling at sea.

The inside of Wroxham signalbox
Wroxham signalbox shortly before closure

The end of an era. The interior of Wroxham Signal Box a few days before its closure in the winter of 2000/2001.

We see the signalman pulling off the red lever of the up home signal. This will allow the Sheringham train to proceed on to Norwich.

All the white levers have already been disconnected from the system.

The red lever for the outer home, seen behind the signalman’s leg, is already over. This allows the train to enter Wroxham station.

Shortly after this photograph was taken, all signals and most points along this line were electrified and mechanical signalling disappeared from the Bittern Line completely.

Bridget Box from Dersingham enjoys painting seascapes and loves watching sunsets over the Norfolk coastline. She'd love to meet Alan Sugar and tell him how rude he is!

Lounge of Tapping House Hospice
Lounge of Tapping House Hospice

People make a room. This is certainly true of the lounge at Tapping House Hospice.

During the day, this ordinary room becomes a place of deep thought, reflection, hope and encouragement. A place to exchange experiences, to laugh at a joke and to chat.

I am a volunteer and I take my two Pets As Therapy dogs, Lara and Islay, to the hospice.

Dogs give a certain sort of comfort that we humans cannot give.

When all leave, it is an ordinary room again. It is a privilege to be amongst these people at this difficult time of their lives.

Dave Gladwell from Bungay is a fan of David Hockney and says John Lennon's Imagine is his favourite song. He enjoys coarse fishing and writing.

Dave in the snug at his local pub
Dave in the snug at his local pub

Our Snug; like a bug; in a rug, this ole room of Geldeston Wherry. Red-tiled floor, wood walls, beams and bench seats - just the same as the first time I sat for a pint 40 years ago after fishing the Dyke.

Today Broadside in a weighty mug rekindles memories, old photographs freeze denizen days.

I've laughed with printers and played dice with demon drinkers. Seen fancy female's eyes flutter and flatter.

Tales told as liquid lies, laid upon the bar by beery blokes, wore no charm away.

Respite, dropping back to all things good when folks had time to tolerate each other.

Harry Lees from Smallburgh enjoys listening to Sacred Spirits, native American chanting set to western music. In his spare time he drives the North Walsham Age Concern mini bus.

Harry in the Grebe in Stalham
Harry in the Grebe in Stalham

My favourite room is the lounge of The Grebe public house in Stalham. A popular watering hole for locals and visitors alike.

Jess, our amiable landlady, is in the background. The room is packed with memorabilia and prints of local interest.

The Grebe is a traditional family run pub, with a cheerful dedicated bar staff.

I'm sat next to Dusty Miller, a well known contributor on BBC Radio Norfolk.

Herbert Morley Cain from Taverham writes short stories and is fascinated by behaviour patterns. If he could meet anybody he would pick Sir David Attenborough.

Taverham library
Taverham library

My local library at Taverham plays an important role in the life of our community.

One need only step within its portals to experience a welcoming reception from its staff who provide a superb service second to none.

Its main room allows access to all manner of books, CDs, DVDs and computers. A quiet area is also available, as well as a children’s corner.

All these facilities are well used and valued by those who, like me, visit the library. This marvellous organisation has always been there for me.

Without it I would feel a profound sense of loss.

Jenny Hilling from Belton

Jenny's map room
The walking machine in Jenny's map room

This is a photograph of my spare bedroom which has been renamed The Maps Room.

My sisters and I have quiz nights and spend hours making up clues and routes for journeys. It's great fun and surprising what we've learnt about the country.

I'm also trying to lose weight and am walking my way round the coastline on my exercise walking machine which is also in the room.

This is a great incentive for me and, although I've not been doing it long, I am now approaching Portsmouth.

Joan Walton from Mattishall is a member of a local writing group. She loves Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 21 and would like to meet Delia Smith.

The living room in Joan's bungalow
The living room in Joan's bungalow

This is my sitting room.

The room faces south-east and there is a conservatory leading off the room with a good view of the garden.

My husband and I live in a bungalow.

The bungalow was built in 1983 on the site of an old cottage. You can still see part of the old boundary wall in the front.

I like living here.

We have good neighbours and Mattishall is a thriving village. There are several shops and a health centre and pharmacy. A regular bus serves the village, going to Norwich and returning to Dereham, except on Sundays.

Kerry Whybrow from King's Lynn enjoys the countryside and taking care of her animals. She enjoys writing and is a fan of Britt Eckland.

Kerry's bedroom
Kerry's bedroom

Bedroom designed by a former male for the sensual female which mirrors my life as a transgender making the journey from male to female.

To me, the wall plaque represents my journey and could be the symbol of love between male and female.

The room is designed to be sensual and tranquil with a mirrored ceiling.

The walls behind and at the foot of bed are also mirrored. Various dimmable lights and sensual pictures complete the aura.

The colour is lilac which is feminine without being effeminate. The script on the wardrobe is a beautiful love poem heard on BBC Radio Norfolk.

Lynda Green-Smith from Hunstanton enjoys studying the history of English architecture. In her spare time she writes short stories, paints and walking in the country.

Lynda's cottage style living room
Lynda's cottage style living room

My sitting room is as near as I can get it to an old English cottage. It has comfy large seating to curl up in.

It is where I listen to music and read one of my large collections of books, all held in my cream painted cupboards and bookshelves in an alcove.

Cream carpet and thick Turkish rugs add to the effect, as do the flickering flames of the electric coal fire set in wood with a tiled surround and brass companion set.

Photos, candles in twisted wood holders, pictures, old clocks and lots of cushions all add to my cottage style room.

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