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29 October 2014

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A copse at sunset.
A copse is the scene of a deadly walk

Your Hallowe'en stories

Vengeful spirits and creeking ships have been put into the spotlight for stories by Pen Avey and Maureen Cox, who are putting you in the mood for Hallowe'en. The pair penned their spine-chilling tales after taking part in BBC RaW workshops.

The Ship Cemetery by Pen Avey

It’s a bleak winter afternoon, and a gang of young men are working on an old iron clad warship - now condemned and waiting to be dismantled in the ships' graveyard.

At 5.30pm, they down tools and leave via the gang-plank.

One of them stops and checks his jacket pocket.

"I’ve left my phone... wait for me, will ya," he shouts.

The others nod, but carry on. He looks nervous as he returns into the dank, dark ship.

He takes a torch from the entrance (the electricity was turned off when they finished work) and picks his way to the engine room, where they were working.

He’s getting more and more spooked by the groans and the creeks coming from the empty vessel.

At last he spots his phone, and picking it up he notices he has one new message.

He presses a button and the text is revealed: don't look behind you!

For a moment he freezes - with terror etched on his face. Without looking up he drops his phone and tears off, banging the walls in panic.

As he runs down the gang-plank screaming, two of his workmates are laughing by the bushes, one of them holding a phone, "Got the text, did ya mate,” they laugh.

He skulks away muttering under his breath.

A Deadly Walk by Maureen Cox, King's Lynn

Sisters Charlotte and Georgia decided to go for a picnic in the woods at the end of their village.

Charlotte went off to do the lunch and Georgia went to get their shoes and cloaks, then they were off.

They were both getting tired after walking for hours, looking at the pretty woodland flowers and wildlife.

"Oh look, there's a copse over there. Let's go and eat," said Georgia.

"It's very silent here," said Charlotte

"Yes, it's a bit creepy," replied Georgia, "I don't like the atmosphere."

The copse was surrounded by big trees either end and big, dense, high hedges which they had scrambled though.

In the middle were boulders shaped into a funny Z shape. There were no signs of flowers, birds or insects and it was deathly quiet.

The girls started suddenly at the sound of rustling. Nothing there.

It happened again and suddenly out of nowhere the figure of a tall man appeared, slowly advancing on them.

He was gruesome and menacing and the girls were frightened and rooted to the spot.

Slowly he advanced and suddenly Georgia found her feet and fled, leaving Charlotte standing with the man nearly upon her. He lunged at her and Charlotte fell to the floor.

Georgia got back home in a terrible state and began telling her parents and grandmother what had happened.

The police went to the spot and found Charlotte dead, but no sign of anybody being there and no weapon, although it was obvious she had been stabbed.

After extensive searches nobody was found but Georgia's grandmother recognised the killer from Georgia's description as being Alan Sully, who had a daughter who the sisters' father had accidentally killed.

Maybe he had come to get revenge.

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If these tales have raised the hairs on your arms then you can listen to a selection of stories from the workshops by clicking on the links - before getting started on penning your own.

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