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24 September 2014

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Michael Carroll
Michael Carroll

Exclusive: Michael Carroll talks

In an exclusive interview with BBC Radio Norfolk, Michael Carroll explains to Stephen Bumfrey how his time in prison gave him the opportunity to reflect upon his life and plan for the future.

Norfolk Lottery lout Michael Carroll has revealed his bad days are behind him, insisting "I regret what I've done and I'm sorry if I've caused any inconvenience to anyone."

Carroll, from Swaffham, won £9.7m on the National Lottery in 2002. 

Since then he's appeared in court on drugs charges and just six weeks ago came out of prison after serving half of a nine month sentence for affray.

In 2004 his solicitor told reporters that Carroll was addicted to cocaine.

In an exclusive interview with BBC Radio Norfolk's Stephen Bumfrey, he explained how he had time to reflect in prison:

audio Listen: Michael Carroll talks to Stephen Bumfrey >
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"Every day I sat there and looked back at my life. I know many people have an opinion on me but I'm a changed man and my goal is to change that," he said.

"I'm not counting on drugs anymore and drugs was a big bit of it then."

Media portrayal

But he claims the media is partly to blame for his image.

"The press branded me as a lager lout before they'd even spoke to me and I decided to play up to it," he said.

Michael Carroll wins The National Lottery in 2002
Michael Carroll wins the Lottery in 2002

In his interview Carroll talked openly about taking cocaine, magic mushrooms and ecstasy. He denied reports that his Lottery winnings have run out.

He told the BBC he no longer sees the friends he claims were a bad influence on him.

"I keep just a handful around me now and I got rid of a lot of the hangers-on when I got off drugs," he said.

The 22-year-old has recently been the subject of a Channel 4 documentary and is cooperating with a book about his life.

His marriage broke up when his wife Sanrda left him, taking their daughter Brooke with her.  Making his daughter a key part in his life is one of his priorities.

"I'm focusing on being a better father to her and working on my business, family, TV career and changing the press perception of me," he said.

audio Listen: Michael Carroll talks to Stephen Bumfrey >
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Michael Carroll spoke to BBC Radio Norfolk on Monday, 14 August, 2006.

last updated: 13/08/06
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If I remember, didn't he also say he was going to change and put his past behind him when he actually won the money in 2002?......
Sat Aug 11 22:36:09 2007

Phillip Bulejko
I tell you now, that Michael is a great man, he shows us people what not to do when we win the Lotto. I love people like him, and i will buy is book, i wish people would stop runing him down, he deserves to win that money and do what he likes, he as had a tuff ride befor he won it, he knows what it is like to be poor. IT is not is fault, that he was used by people, he just wanted friends but he as now learnt a good lesson in life. Your a great man Michael thank you for writing agood book. Your Truely Phillip Bulejko.
Tue Jun 19 16:31:01 2007

Take his money away
Sun Oct 8 16:04:45 2006

a freind
mickey is a lovely block and i think he can changes but with then freinds he got wont help him at all
Sun Sep 24 13:08:59 2006

Allan David Warnes
Unfortunately he was to young to shoulder the fortune he won, I hope he learns from his experiances...
Tue Sep 12 18:18:59 2006

TV career, book about his life?Surely there must be better things to write about.He is nothing but a slob and I doubt very much if he will ever change.
Tue Aug 22 20:09:00 2006

Silly little boy! All that misery he caused to those neighbours, the destruction of a beautiful town. It will take a very long time for those he hurt to forgive. I hope that firstly, he doesn't expect to live on government handouts now that his money is more or less all gone. and that he spends the better part of his life repairing all the damage he has caused to peoples lives and property. Sorry I find it very hard to believe that this individual has turned over the proverbial new leaf!!!
Tue Aug 22 09:57:03 2006

Dave Winter
Everybody deserves a second chance. He appears to be maturing a bit now, so it's down to him to prove it!
Thu Aug 17 08:40:23 2006

If you have nothing to fill the news pages with, can I suggest you just leave them blank.
Mon Aug 14 11:00:55 2006

getting the public and media to give you a chance to change will be hard, also getting you friends to allow you to change and support you will like wise be hard.Some, those who truely care will support you as for the others! well you know thats thier problem to sort out.At the end of the day its down to you mikey.Good luck
Mon Aug 14 07:10:25 2006

kathleen clarke
time will tell.
Sun Aug 13 20:22:29 2006

James Dawson
Consumed by his windfall, and now the money is running out its back to basics.
Sun Aug 13 17:12:55 2006

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