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29 October 2014

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Scene from I Don't Belong video
Scene from I Don't Belong video

Spoken Drama: Diary of a music video shoot

by Tim Lince
Spoken Drama, the crew of Norwich's DJ Swift, filmed their first music video in July 2006 helped by a team of budding film-makers who signed up for a workshop when Blast On Tour arrived in Norfolk.

A successful run of shows on the digital black music station 1Xtra, has given a huge boost to DJ Swift's career.

Tim Lince reports on filmind DJ Swift's video

When the Blast On Tour team arrived in Norwich in July, so came the chance to shoot his first music video.

Now I switch on the usual music channels, but I'd never stopped to contemplate the work that goes into recording a three minute piece of film.

But as J Swift, his crew and the young film makers worked non-stop throughout two days, I stood up and took notice.

Day One - 10:00am

DJ Swift, better known as Jamie Wallace to everyone throughout filming, he'd spent the night readying story-boards for the big day. A hefty folder was under his arm.

"Despite the early start, we're all in high spirits and eager to get going," he said - showing no sign of the late-night planning.

Kiel Richardson (AKA Kiddy Kiddy)
Kiel Richardson aka Kiddy Kiddy

Jamie introduced himself to the group of students and performed the first single with Kiel Richardson (aka Kiddy Kiddy) and Adil Morrison (aka Just), the trio making up Spoken Drama.

The BBC Blast Truck was jumpin' with music already - anyone feeling tired before was wide-awake now.


Filming begins. The group shuffled through Norwich to the first location. A gang armed with cameras and tripods.

Many of the people at the film workshop had never handled a professional video camera before, let alone been faced with filming a music video and editing it within 48 hours!

Initial nerves were settled straight away, as experienced picture editor Julian Langham was on hand to make sure the day went smoothly and problem-free.

He'd travelled down from BBC Television Centre in London, and offered advice and guidance to the crew throughout the two days.

The cameras were set up and the story boards proved to be an invaluable tool whilst the group and extras got in position.

Three takes. Two cameras. One shot in the can.


Camera view during DJ Swift video shoot
Camera view during DJ Swift video shoot

The second shot needed the help of unknowing extras - shoppers in the centre of Norwich.

A long shot, featuring Jamie walking towards the camera whilst wading through the worried looking passers-by, took numerous attempts to perfect but promised to look spectacular.

Onlookers gathered in and around the crew, adding to the pressure to keep up the professional approach they had so carefully kept up throughout the morning.


The latest location was overlooking the castle. A medieval setting for a very modern video – arty!

There was plenty of shade, which was a relief for the stars of the video and also provided many interesting lighting effects for some startlingly interesting shots.


The final location for the day is the top floor of a car park, the worst place for someone who is scared of heights - such as myself.

Feet firmly on the ground and well away from the edge, I spoke to one of the eager students during a break in filming.

Penelope Wood from Norwich applied for the filming course thanks to her eagle-eyed father, who spotted it on the Blast website.

"I've learnt how to use a camera. The hi-tech buttons aren't completely impossible now," she said.


Spoken Drama present I Don't Belong
Spoken Drama in action

The day is almost complete for the camera crew, as we arrive at an underpass for the final shot of the day.

A technical shot, featuring the full Spoken Drama line-up and extras, was planned and executed within minutes.

An evening of recovery was planned for everyone except Jamie, Kiel, Adil and Julian.

As the stars appeared in the night-sky above The Forum, the guys were burning the midnight oil and painstakingly editing the shots from the day.

Unbeknown to everyone else, we would see the results less than 12 hours later.

Day Two – 10.00am

I arrived back to The Forum bleary-eyed but excited. An early cut had already been made, and only a small number of shots were needed to complete the video.

The air-conditioned Blast Truck was our home for the first hour of the day, as the students were shown the vast choices of editing packages available to create a video of their own.

Scene from I Don't Belong video by Spoken Drama
Shot from I Don't Belong video

The door opened.

All eyes were on Julian as he walked in with a tape, and the promise of a first viewing of the video. All of yesterday's team found their seats, and prepared to see the reward of a days hard work.

The video was greeted with a riot of applause at the end, and the group split up. The initial cut had only whet their appetite to create a video of their own!

After a day overlooking the students editing and filming a couple of additional shots, Jamie checked back to give his thoughts of the last couple of days.

"Thanks to everyone who helped out," he said.  "The BBC Blast team have made my dreams come true. The video is amazing."

last updated: 01/09/08
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Spoken Drama is the best group going. There phat.
Tue Mar 20 20:27:21 2007

shannon, lauren, daubz n sum next gyal hahahahahah
wassup Spoken Drama.....loving ur new album sampler...lava was also off the chainz....keep doing ur business! good luck....da gyals
Mon Feb 26 14:46:52 2007

Speechless....really speachless...WOW..dat was erm....shockingly poor? gd luck 4 the future..ur gna need it guys...
Wed Feb 21 11:41:43 2007

Nova Jean
You guys are amazing. Better than alot of other artists. Keep up the good work. :D
Sun Feb 4 19:18:54 2007

your video is tyt
Thu Feb 1 09:23:46 2007

kiel is the best x
Fri Jan 26 18:18:34 2007

Adrian AKA: ~*~Young-Que~*~
Yo diz Video iz heat man, i lovez it, i gave ma respect to kiddy kiddy bebom and again now, i wish could get a chances to do somin like diz, would b gdgd man, safee peeps, look out for ma name wen ma album drops late 2007 called "Hand'Z Out" peace out peeps
Wed Dec 13 00:09:57 2006

laura taylor xx
ur phat ma spoken drama all the eay init!! i say u lot on stage at lava 1 nite it was ekd write bak xx
Wed Dec 6 21:14:29 2006

Heeeey kiel! Love the song! Its fab! Keep up the stuff dude! From you best friends ckizzle and mizzle!
Tue Nov 7 14:45:14 2006

Nick ( 1 of the 13 - 19 year olds who was on the f
yo its me nick i worked on the shooting of spoken drama i was on the interview i think you and your band j are gonna get quite far from working with listening to the songs there really good stuff keep up the good work
Sat Sep 30 22:40:45 2006

hey kiel..sik video...keep it up man gud luck 4 der futrue....
Fri Sep 15 10:34:54 2006

phat vid. u r going places. dnt 4get where u cum frm
Wed Aug 23 17:26:21 2006

dis iz really cuul wotz agwainin kiel u de best
Tue Aug 15 13:11:07 2006

jamie and kiel... one step further to becoming what you two are meant to be... seriously sick vid. should be proud of yourselves!!! x
Mon Aug 14 20:31:49 2006

i dont kno wat to say dat video is amazing!! i cant believe you r doing so well, im not suprised but i didnt fink ud become famous so quikly! i fort itd b atleast a few years after we left skool! uve always had 100% dedication and motivation and its obviously paying off, i feel priviliged to sing dilema wit u on our french trip, even if it was after we had a huge row!!!!!...take it E-Z n dont forget da old hewett peeps x x
Sun Aug 13 19:36:19 2006

i cant play da vid computer is dodge but i give him respect coz hes made it. im a dope mcee aka rapper im from great yarmouth im 15 but been told lyricly 20 i need help coz i want to make it ive never been in a studio or nothing ive just freestyled at partys and that had a thew battles with local mcees and they have said ile go far coz im young and talented. What advice would you give me?
Mon Aug 7 03:34:17 2006

To Spoken Drama i say freggin rap. There are movin at a steady pace,no need to rush.cct
Sun Aug 6 17:29:34 2006

jus chek d video..lookin biggleee! keep ur hedz up yh. nuf luv x
Sun Aug 6 15:03:41 2006

dean and to to
its fer-o and dizzyboi, keep it up yea blud, bless
Fri Aug 4 16:02:29 2006

jamei it was fat man u is a fat mc like my bruv
Thu Aug 3 11:43:53 2006

gwan jamie
Thu Aug 3 02:28:40 2006

dj swift is allready a dj why copy some ones name
Wed Aug 2 20:37:10 2006

brap brap!! haha hey guys... the video is safe blud.. ha nah it is rly rly gd. barton will love it (jamie!) erm..yeh we r cool. peace and love the legends that are geek and goof respec' we r such g's!!! ha x x x x x x x
Wed Aug 2 11:39:12 2006

GO TIM! Love, 313 xXx
Wed Aug 2 11:14:35 2006

Rowan Scuds
What a day! sick final piece much love to S.D e.z
Tue Aug 1 13:20:11 2006

The video is BIG!!! Should be blazin round music channels A.S.A.P...big up Spoken Drama! Reppin Nicely
Tue Aug 1 00:15:43 2006

oi boyz dat video is BIGGLE!!!!! man u are all lookin safe nd da outfits are nang adil one on da 1 lol newayzzz big up 2 all of u
Mon Jul 31 19:51:14 2006

sup guyz..just seen da video its hott!!!!! shame i wasnt init Jokes!!!....keep doing your thing Bless x x
Sun Jul 30 14:56:01 2006

You lot are wicked .. u better make it
Sun Jul 30 13:58:01 2006

Great work, I really enjoyed this article.
Sun Jul 30 11:39:09 2006

What an excellent article, really gives us an idea, of the behide the scenes of making a music video!
Sat Jul 29 23:22:32 2006

James Frazer
Fantastic debut article, Mr Lince. We at the 313 tribe look forward to more. mucho
Sat Jul 29 22:26:20 2006

Nice vid and article.
Sat Jul 29 21:55:14 2006

chelsea palmer
i think thas sum really amazin stuff and im proud to know and go to the same school as some of those people they've got talent and shoudl take it further!! well done and good luck 4 da future x
Sat Jul 29 21:50:32 2006

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