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29 October 2014

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Boy Kill Boy's Chris Peck.
Boy Kill Boy's Chris Peck

NME New Music Tour 2006

by Robert Jackman
Boy Kill Boy, The Automatic, iForward Russia! and The Long Blondes pulled up their convoy of coaches at the UEA in Norwich to show the sellout crowd why they've been tipped by the NME.

Trying to describe The Long Blondes feels strangely like writing the brief for a new Top Shop clothing line.

Robert Jackman gives the show 4 out of 5 stars.

Whether it’s their sassy gutter glamour or their cheeky feminist drive, there’s something strikingly stylish about them.

But once the band begin their set, it’s clear the charm of The Long Blondes cannot be put into words.

It’s in the lyrics sung by honey-lipped harlot Kate Jackson, in the discordant symmetry of their art-punk tunes and in the admiration of the audience.

iForward Russia!

The follow up act, iForward, Russia!, go for a more minimalist approach, preferring to christen their songs with numbers rather than names.

While this may suggest an obsessive complex, it is surprisingly the only thing which provides order to an otherwise feral set.

iForward Russia! in a tangle!
iForward Russia! in a tangle!

The Leeds four-piece ricochet across the stage, shattering pattern and predictability with an act so riotous it seems impossible they can replicate it for every night of the tour.

The Automatic

The eighties may be the years that style forgot, but The Automatic remember them well.

Sounding like the Kaiser Chiefs raised on a diet of Duran Duran and artificial food colourings, the band deliver the most exciting and kinetic performance so far.

Having played their first two singles, lead singer Rob Hawkins confesses the next song is an experimental track.

This doesn’t dampen the audience's enthusiasm. Instead they relish the chance to be the guinea pigs in this explosive eighties pop experiment.

But the excitement isn’t just confined to the crowd - it’s on stage as well. 

When not playing his keyboard, the acrobatic Alex Pennie skips across the stage screaming backing vocals and diving from the drum kit.

Boy Kill Boy

Unfortunately headliners Boy Kill Boy lack the drama their murderous-sounding moniker suggests. Their performance is solid and steady, yet feels insipid after the energy of The Automatic.

Still, it certainly won’t quell the hype surrounding them.

Nor will it damage the reputation of New Musical Express, which has once again furthered its record of bringing the most exciting indie acts to the region.

The NME New Music Tour 2006 came to the UEA, Norwich, on Thursday 18 May 2006.

last updated: 24/05/06
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the lovely jayde
i think boy kill boy are amazing-they have good talent and their work is great and their own stlye! keep it all up guys!!! totally different from the kaiser cheifs! its the east london in em! :D
Fri Nov 17 18:31:09 2006

iForward,Russia! should have been given a longer set, although with the time that they were allocated they did well to inject with their jaunty, unique punk masquerade. Boy kill boy were absolutely dire. Honestly, the amount of hype surrounding them and the amount of young fans in the crowd only just managed to saved them from commiting social suicide with that gig. And as for The Automatic... Can someone please tell that Jack Russel Man-child to stop jumping about?! He gives me a headache! xx
Wed Jul 5 14:14:21 2006

the automatic are amaze and alex pennie is soo hottt!! cant w8 2 c em on the 12th july woooooo
Sun Jun 18 21:56:00 2006

The Long Blondes rocked!!
Thu Jun 1 23:42:48 2006

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