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29 October 2014

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A workman admires the spire
A workman admires the spire

New landmark for Norwich

A new landmark feature, a contemporary spire, has been added to Norwich City's skyline. The spire is part of the city's £275m Chapelfield development which is due to open in September.

A new landmark feature has been added to Norwich Ciy's skyline. A new spire resembling the Gherkin building in London is part of the city's £275m Chapelfield development which is due to open in September.

The spire is lowered into place
The spire is lowered into place

The spire has a semi-transparent ovoid suspended in a stainless steel mesh frame and will reflect the sky during the day.

The spire will be lit up in the evening and has the ability to change colour to celebrate different occasions such as New Year's Eve.

"The Chapelfield spire will become the new reference point, reflecting today's technology, craftsmanship and skills that have to date not been available for art and sculpture," said director of development Duncan Bower.

The developers have said they felt it suited a city proud of its creativity, history and future heritage.

last updated: 13/07/05
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I stood underneath it at New Year and waited for it to take off. Is it staying?
Sat Jan 7 15:44:14 2006

It may have been shocking in the 60's! Can no one think of anything truly interesting and inspiring. The building itself it just as horrid as the dismal post-war buildings lining St Stephen's Street and I feel an opportunity to re-invent has sadly been missed. Instead of the spire they should have put up a wind turbine, that would have been controversial! Then at least the 'Cathedral of commerce' would have given something back to our 'fine' city and not just taken our cash! Not that average Jo can afford whats on sale anyway!
Sat Oct 22 12:32:51 2005

It is very cool but maybe we should have gone for something more original.
Fri Sep 23 21:15:42 2005

Martin Pearce
It is so small, why on earth did they build it small, you can only see it from two sides of the Chapelfield site, if it was bigger then yes it would look nice as you would be able to see it. It does look very good at night time and the fact it changes colour for different events is a cool idea.
Fri Sep 23 00:10:43 2005

Aparently, it's supposed to be a new landmark on the norwich horizon. Which at first it did seem, but then I walked a few feet and a tree got in the way!
Tue Aug 30 21:33:06 2005

Not impressed with it so far. Might look better at night when lit.
Sat Aug 20 00:04:17 2005

Thomas Smith
I think the spire is a really good thing because it represents Norwich and East Anglia therefore people can regonise Norwich and associate with it
Sat Jul 30 20:31:56 2005

It's not as big as I'd expected...although size isn't important, so I hear!
Fri Jul 22 22:36:05 2005

Its about the most hideous thing Ive seen for a long while
Tue Jul 19 22:50:49 2005

Alexandre Gurgel
I think it's a wonderful idea, and will add up to the already exciting feeling of my beloved city of Norwich. Many will hate it, as some already have, as many hate the new market, but everybody will get used to it, and it will be a reference, a symbol. As for myself, although not being born in England (actually, back in my country now), I really felt part of the community there, for 4 years, and I can hardly wait to see the new development ready when I visit Norwich again next year, this time on holiday. All the best and congratulations!
Tue Jul 19 20:55:46 2005

Did anyone really like the Eiffel Tower when it first went up? At least it is a conversation piece.
Tue Jul 19 16:36:11 2005

Mr G
Hey doesn't anyone remember the Skylon at the Festival of Britain? If all we can do half a century later is to mimic that, what a sad lot we are.
Tue Jul 19 12:48:39 2005

Caleys' Comet
It looks really good, and with this name we would be reminded of the 20th Century use of the site.
Tue Jul 19 10:26:02 2005

It doesn't look that tall, I suspect it's not really big enough to make much of a landmark.
Tue Jul 19 07:42:33 2005

chris moore
Technology, craftsmanship and skills? To me it look insubstantial, uninspiring and -most significantly - it bears no relation to the fine city of Norwich past, present or future..
Mon Jul 18 17:52:24 2005

London Boy
Chapelfields is bad 1970's architecture..A REVOLTING edifice to greed and architectural ignorance and council stupidity. This 'thing' whatever it is is tops off the development nicely. Reflect Foster's superb Gherkin...Get Real.
Sat Jul 16 16:35:32 2005

Mr surfer
The Silver Surfer lands in Norwich!!
Sat Jul 16 01:05:43 2005

D Money
It's good to have different points of interest around this fantastic city.
Fri Jul 15 21:55:14 2005

Fantastic! I love it.
Fri Jul 15 16:36:28 2005

szara crook
blooming awful, who came up with that idea? It does not represent anything about Norwich and the people of Norwich did not have a say in it! We didnt need a new shopping center either, but who are we, we only live here.
Fri Jul 15 11:45:00 2005

I think it will look marvellous. It's about time we added another eyesore to the skyline!
Thu Jul 14 13:16:04 2005

Harry Bow
Doesn't really in-spire much, looks about 180m but I wouldn't class it as a spire, nor a work of art.
Wed Jul 13 17:16:01 2005

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