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24 September 2014

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You are in: Norfolk > Entertainment > Music & Clubbing > Reviews > Lava and Ignite review

Clubbers at Lava.

Clubbers burning up Lava's dance floor

Lava and Ignite review

A double whammy of nightclubs signalled that the clock had run out for Time, Norwich's first superclub. Lava and Ignite erupted on the Riverside in Time's carcass - targeting two different types of clubber, writes our man about town Tom Hutchings.

Lava and Ignite are the results of a £1.5m revamp to replace the former superclub occupant, Time.

The new kids on the block opened in July 2005 in an effort to entice two different groups of clubbers through their doors.

Ignite, Norwich Riverside

Ignite, Norwich Riverside

While Ignite plays host to over 18s, Lava is aimed at the over 25s on weekends.


Ignite is essentially Time with a different name.

A few additions to their lighting rig, video screens and an enhanced 20-kilowatt sound system have proved that it's no longer lagging in entertainment technology.

In my opinion, it's now one of the clearest sounding clubs in Norwich.

A reduced capacity also means that the unbearably rammed dance floors are a thing of the past as are snaking queues for the bar. 

One of the most striking differences though is the hydraulic stage opposite the DJ booth.

When needed, a stage is provided at the push of a button which will play host to dancers and performances from special guests. 


Lava is the other venue within Luminar's Riverside club complex and offers a more intimate atmosphere.

Dancers on Ignite's hydraulic stage.

Dancers on Ignite's hydraulic stage

The ceiling is low and the club is around half the size of its neighbour. 

Again, state-of-the-art light and sound equipment add a flourish to proceedings on the dancefloor.

Sandwiched between the two clubs is a chic-looking VIP lounge with a table waiting service and a chillout area - but first you have to find a way in!

last updated: 05/09/07

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its time we had a nightclub dedicated to teens
Thu Jul 19 17:02:33 2007

sarah louise
i think lava ignite is well good i always go to the under 18's parties there as it's such a laugh and a well wicked place to have fun with all your mates.... i love dancing with all the guys that are there....
Wed Jun 13 15:15:42 2007

Charlotte thats the site 4 the under 17s nights hope i helped!
Thu May 24 20:45:57 2007

yes there is an under 18s nite the 11th of april you can get the tickets at the police station for 5 pounds each
Tue Apr 3 20:12:44 2007

isnt there an Under 18s night april 11th? if so, where can you get tickets and how much?
Mon Apr 2 20:16:27 2007

is ne1 sure of the date and time of the 1 coming up on either wednesday or tuesdai i not sure ?!?
Fri Mar 30 19:21:55 2007

i prefer Mercy the women are better and you get chavs in there.
Sat Mar 24 10:59:18 2007

lava is wikid..quality!
Mon Mar 19 17:27:14 2007

Can Any1 tell me if theres an under 18's night in april?? x
Tue Mar 13 17:32:55 2007

danny an pezza
ikon was sik on da 5th of marc best 1 ive been to ope the next won will be as good ;p
Fri Mar 9 10:29:58 2007

awsome best ever night out ive been to so far definetly goin again
Mon Mar 5 20:50:48 2007

hiya every 1 im lauren nd im 13 nd iv been 2 lava its orsume u all should try it !!!!!!!!!!!!!:p
Fri Mar 2 18:59:55 2007

lava was mynt ih was meh first tym der n ih was soo gudd my m8s made ih even betta ross,paul,lana,n emma yas wer offih lmao
Mon Feb 26 22:45:17 2007

tasha brown
hey i went to lava the other week with a load of ma mates.. it was wicked loved it all !! deffinatly going again x
Sun Feb 25 12:57:29 2007

~ SAZ ~
lava wasnt as gud as last time, too many little ones! music was gud thou! luv ya peeps who i went wiv xxx
Tue Feb 20 13:18:18 2007

mizzi bubble
Lava was gr8!!! cant wait 2 go in april. im really pd off that the march 1 is cancled. it was my frst time going and it was well good. cz ya nxt time ppls!
Mon Feb 19 09:27:48 2007

LAVA WAS BRILL!!!!! dis was da frst time i eva bin 2 lava an i fort it was gr8 il def b der nxt time an get partyin xxxxxxxxxxx
Mon Feb 19 09:26:13 2007

out of Lava and Ignite i profere Ignite! My mates and I go all the time but the 1st time we went was december 06 as we found out about it through some mates and we loved it but Ignite is loads better than Lava and a little hint: don't wear high shoes lol xx
Sun Feb 18 19:53:24 2007

Kerry Waters.x
Had a great nyt, lots of girlies looked stunning! the music waz brilliant.x hope you all had a gr8 tym! xXx
Fri Feb 16 13:28:34 2007

penny nd bennyboi
lava is a propa decent club although ignite is probable betta 4 music nd the surroundings have a more clubby feel.
Thu Feb 8 13:18:49 2007

lukey smith
lava this time was awesome there wernt as many popel as lat time so it wernt as crowded but its still gd
Sun Feb 4 19:14:45 2007

Can any of you use a keyboard, but you do visit riverside so maybe not?
Fri Feb 2 10:53:26 2007

chez n minxy !!
Lava woz phat we was dancin all nyt but i tink u should get spoken drama 2 play 4 yr next 1 coz dey great thnx !!! cnt wait till next 1 whooo
Wed Jan 31 09:28:53 2007

imogen n chloe
WE LOVE LAVA!!!! lava was the best we cant wait to go again! Cant wait till valentines day! hehe! cya there ppl! xxxx
Fri Jan 26 09:20:52 2007

Dat was such a gr8 nite cant wait 2 get to the nxt 1 wit ma bst m8 Sarah, Shaun n Dan c u all der lv ya xxxxx C u on d 14th Feb xxxxx
Wed Jan 17 12:49:37 2007

Yoyoyo peeps neva bin ere b4 bt im going on da 14th so ya'll betta make me welcome loool ill c u all der n we'll be ravin yup yup yup
Mon Jan 15 11:48:18 2007

Lava was such a gud night! can't wait till the one on 14th february! c u der peeps!!! xxx
Tue Jan 9 15:10:26 2007

Cat A
Lava was the best awsome night!!
Tue Dec 26 19:27:07 2006

i went to wednesdays 1 which was my second time n i really liked it. kiss fm was there n i had my picture taken but i can't find it on their website :( can any1 help? xxxx
Sat Dec 23 20:31:29 2006

nxt 1 is on the 14th feb and i went 2 da 2oth of dec one and it was sooooooo kwl!!! but ive seen splits dance club perform quite a few times now, does any1 no the website???
Sat Dec 23 12:55:29 2006

it was gd but not as gd as some of the other 1's. I had 2 wait an hour in the freezin cold 2 get in this time i think that they should not sell as many taickets as they did this time for it was too packed !! btw ppl the nxt 1 is on valetines day bye x
Fri Dec 22 15:06:55 2006

i went 2 lava last nyt it was wel gd da music woz clas wen iz da nxt lava 4 under 18z?
Thu Dec 21 18:08:01 2006

da under 18's night was gr8, can't wait 4 valentines day!
Thu Dec 21 16:36:14 2006

21.12.06...... last nite was awsum i loved it. it was the biggest lava they had!! 1,400 people there :) see you all next wednesday
Thu Dec 21 09:56:33 2006

whoooooooo can't wait 4 da under 18's on wed 20th of december. c u there guys
Sun Dec 17 18:38:48 2006

i was going to go to lava but i found out all the tickets were sold out for the 1 on weds so when is the next 1 ?
Sun Dec 17 16:47:39 2006

heya i was just wondering how you get tickets for the next under 18s on wednesday?? it would be great if someone could help as me and my friend are going and we really want to get tickets ??
Sun Dec 17 11:04:21 2006

lava is so great it has beaty d tunes on all night it was a really fun night out
Fri Dec 15 20:28:37 2006

snap is alryt but quite cheese 4 music...any1 no any good, ukg, trance or foam parties let me no ta x x x
Fri Dec 15 00:34:26 2006

all your questions unders night = 20th december ... you have to be 14 to get in...nemre questions?
Thu Dec 14 16:02:19 2006

are ther any special peeps at lava 20th for under 18s? x
Thu Dec 14 12:01:47 2006

snap dance is great. you can dance and chat to hot boys. theres alwasy good music and its really fun. it feels like real clubbing! love c
Wed Dec 13 21:19:34 2006

isnt the next under 18s on the weds 20th dec ?????
Tue Dec 5 19:59:26 2006

hiya i was at lava last nite it was brill the music was class there was always a d beat on every 1 has got to go i am goin again n again evan takin people there for a party its brilliant lv yoo all xxx
Wed Nov 29 16:12:06 2006

gemma :D
hiya i wanna go next tell em wen it is hahaahahaha
Wed Nov 29 12:03:33 2006

how do you get the tickets for the under 18? and when is it?
Wed Nov 22 17:38:38 2006

isnt there a under 18s night on 1st december?
Mon Nov 20 09:14:17 2006

Is the next under 18s on December 13th? And are there any special guests?
Wed Nov 15 17:40:07 2006

When Is The Next Under 18s Night...?
Wed Nov 8 18:44:31 2006

when is da next under 18 night cz me an m8z wanna go bk 2 da nxt 1
Mon Nov 6 20:38:39 2006

du they hav an under 18s night on wedsdays in da hols?? x
Sat Oct 28 18:44:56 2006

I went to the one two days ago and it was immense i cant wait till the next one !!!!!
Fri Oct 27 16:30:41 2006

who waz the ledge black geeza on stage ?? sum1 tel me
Thu Oct 26 23:45:17 2006

katie simpson
iyaaa i think it is mint dis nyt club man propa offit wernt it heather haha...crnt wait till next one !!!
Tue Oct 3 15:18:16 2006

hiya how old do you have to be to go to lava under 18's how old do u have to be to get in ?
Sun Sep 24 21:29:12 2006

jordana kennett
i luv ur club it rock frm sheneen and jordana in wales bridgend!!
Wed Sep 20 14:19:35 2006

After spending the last six months traveling around China and SE Asia and clubbing a lot, I have come to realise clubs they have there out strip anything Nch has come up with. They don't have 'dancers' but great layouts, very good sound systems, local djs and also very basic things, like all the toliets are so clean you could eat your dinner on them. (if you might want to that, that is). With guest DJ's; DJ Gregory, Copyright, Barry Ashworth and Joclyne Brown just to name a few, why would anyone want to go to any clubs in NCH. Riverside can keep all the trev'd up Nova driving lot and their very bad taste in music. Why not build some flats there so its less a walk home, oh they have.
Sat Sep 16 07:55:23 2006

i lovee night clubs ! , but im to youngat the moment when is the younger one on coz my birthday is soon !!:) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tue Aug 22 12:55:32 2006

i went to snap and met blazin it wer quality! jus wana no wen the next ones on:D
Fri Aug 4 14:38:56 2006

i went 2 the under 18s nite n met blazin squad! but i got to admit that at first the music wasn't very gd as it was all gangsta music but it got better as the night went on,it was a shame that mc neat n dj luck wern't there! i would of loved to have met them!! deffinatly goin back there! but when dj luck n mc neat are playin.
Thu Aug 3 11:47:01 2006

i went 2 snap wit me m8zz and met blazin squad
Sat Jul 29 12:43:21 2006

Shea Warnes
I wish there was more variety in Norwich than just generic dance clubs that are full of men with something to prove and women who make up 80% of teen mothers.
Fri Jul 28 12:47:33 2006

i went to the snap dance wit dj luck n mc neat n i was brill
Mon Jul 17 12:04:50 2006

i think lava ignite is brilliant...i went to the one with dj luck and mc neat and it was fantastic!! the music is great..theres plenty of fittys in there..what else could ya want?!! :-)
Mon Jun 5 14:38:47 2006

i think lava ignite is a great club!! i go to the snap dances and they are brill!! i am only 16 and as soon as i turn 18 i am clubbing there as its just fantastic!!! i went to the dj luck mc neat one and that was brill cant wait till the next one!!!!
Thu Jun 1 18:08:01 2006

Time was never a super club, it couldnt compete if a real super club opened, but as the clubs in Norwich are all pretty poor you have to go somewhere and now its had its refit and become Lava - ignite they will normally let you in for free. So if you are going out in Norwich I would go to whoever has the best offers on as once your inside theres not that much difference.
Thu May 4 16:59:55 2006

totally agree with Dan. u cant name a club a superclub if it has got the Decent Djs and the underground music. it could be a great club, but it wont change coz the club dont want to fork out a bit of money for DJs etc (everythings done on the cheap). pitty
Fri Mar 17 18:32:23 2006

Time now Lava&Ignite has failed to be a super club or even a decent club since it stopped booking big name house / trance dj's a few years ago. Now its just chav's & cheese. Please bring back decent nite's even if once a month, the club might be able to compete with Mercy then.
Fri Dec 9 12:02:21 2005

laura taylor
Hey i think Lava & Ignite is great, but i go to the under 18 nite because im only 15. Could you let me know when the next Snap nite is.
Wed Nov 30 10:37:59 2005

Chesterfield has a Lava - Ignite aswel its the best club in town, the drinks i agree are way too high. Oh well. I'm guessing ours is the same as yours the way you described it above sounds identical. Tuesdays and Thursdays here are student nights £2 or £4 (depending if you've got membership - which is free) and 2-4-1 on all drinks. But on a Saturday to get in it's £3 or £6 and drinks are £3+ each, which bearing in mind the bars just outside are free to get in and drinks are normal prices, Ignite is way over-priced but good fun.
Tue Nov 22 14:37:50 2005

why get rid of a superclub for this toilet? Grab a granny - vile!
Fri Nov 4 03:51:30 2005

The clubs look great and there was a nice mix of music. But my gripe is with the price of the soft drinks. I paid £4.20 for a pint of Coke. A half pint was £2.10 - they only charge £1.50 for a half of Stella. I think the prices they are charging for soft drinks is ridiculous and given the current health concerns about alcohol their attidue is irresponsible. At their prices it's cheaper to binge drink.
Thu Sep 22 00:34:51 2005

Ignite is Time with a new carpet
Sun Aug 7 21:38:24 2005

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