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24 September 2014

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Coast: Norfolk beaches

Boats at Sheringham by Mark Ollosson
Boats at Sheringham by Mark Ollosson

Sheringham salt spray

by Lyn Mckinney
Now and then I have to recharge my batteries, soaking up the salt spray and the smell of seaweed at Sheringham.

I was born by the sea in Sussex. My forefathers were sea captains, so it's no surprise that though I live inland, every now and then I have to recharge my batteries soaking up the salt spray and the smell of seaweed.

I usually take the dog and sometimes a sympathetic daughter to north Norfolk, where the big skies meet the waves.

One of the places I return to regularly is Sheringham – a town steeped in marine history.

You can walk along the promenade under the cliffs to the lifeboat shed in the winter months. Wrapped in warm coat and gloves, watch the setting sun cast a golden glow on the incoming breakers. Above the town, gorse and heather grow in pretty profusion.

In summer, the beach is filled with the chatter of families building castles, and elaborate trenches to the sea.

Waves breaking on Sheringham beach
Waves breaking on Sheringham beach

I am filled with memories of days spent with small children and grandparents, sitting against the breakwater clutching buckets and spades, towels and flasks, eating ice creams while keeping a close eye on dripping swimmers.

After a long day in far too much ozone and freshly-cooked fish and chips, a seat at a local theatre is all I ask.

In Sheringham, I have passed many delightful summer evenings being entertained at the Little Theatre.

A drive further afield brings a picnic at Westacre ahead of a performance among the Priory ruins, or a run into the city a first class drama at the Norwich Theatre Royal, which has become a kind of spiritual home to me over the last few years.

Good wine and stimulating company brings to an end a perfect day. Just some of the many reasons I have spent more than 25 years in this lovely county when I intended to stay for just two.

last updated: 20/06/05
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Josie Rushing
I left California USA nine years ago and came to live in Sheringham, no better place on earth..Winter there is even more going on than in the Summer and always friendly faces in shops, nice summer visitors and always lots of lovely walks along the coast or in the woods......
Tue Apr 24 18:52:18 2007

Brenda E.
Oh Noooo no no please don't let Tesco ruin Sherringham. Where I live we have 3......yes 3 Tesco in one town and so many shops have closed even in the town centre from Bakers to Newsagents......NO Teco will definitly ruin if or WILL in no time at all.
Wed Sep 27 20:31:16 2006

tesco will come to sheringham sometime as they will keep chipping away till somthing gives then the independant shops will die and your left with poundstores or something like junk shops how do i know because my own market town has gone the same way
Fri Sep 1 15:07:53 2006

H Turner
Judging by the spelling in the last two posts regarding tesco - some people who either work for tesco in senior management, or for that matter on the shop floor, have been beeing encouraged to use this as a platform for the tesco pitch (for the uninitiated Tesco are trying to invade yet another thriving market town and lay waste to the town centre). it's a pleasure to shop here - wandering down the streets and picking up the provisions you need as you go, from specialist shops who understand their products and are proud of them too! Frankly Sheringham needs a major supermarket about as much as a fish needs a bycycle...
Tue Jul 18 21:06:49 2006

i feel as though sheringham needs a tesco badly, no longer would shops overcharge in food and dvds etc. I think that it would also cause competition in prices letting towns people get more for thier money, so why are people arguing against it
Fri Feb 10 14:45:43 2006

sheringham needs a Tesco's. A new supermarket will not affect the town or the local shops, it will the complete opposite. Visitors to the supermarket will be keen to see what the town has to offer and will end up using the local facities. People of Cromer didn't want a Safeway (now Morrisons)but now its tourist levels have risen and the town has not been affected. BRING ON TESCO'S!!!!!
Sun Jan 22 17:11:48 2006

Barbara Smith
The Smith family have been coming to Sheringham for the past 10 years or more. Carnival weeks are really special and so usually is the weather! So many things to see and do, we keep finding new experiences every year - but please don,t tell everyone because we enjoy the peace and quiet and also the ability to park your car even in August.
Sat Jul 30 16:48:59 2005

sheena routledge
We have holidayed in the Norfolk Broads for years. The last three we have stayed in Sheringham. It is a beautiful place, lovely beaches and fantastic fish and chips. My idea of heaven.
Mon Jul 25 12:36:12 2005

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