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24 September 2014

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Naturists at an English beach resort
Making the most of an English summer

Norfolk naturism tops new guide

Norfolk has scored a double whammy to claim a dual top five rating for its naturist beaches and resorts in the Bare Britain Guide 2005.

Norfolk has always been a popular destination for tourists. Each year, thousands of visitors come flocking to the county's many seaside resorts and beautiful coastline.

No stranger to winning awards for the quality of its beaches, the county is now recommended as one of the top places to visit for naturists.

Bare Britain, a guide to the UK's best naturist resorts and beaches, highlights the Broadlands resort near Norwich as one of the top five resorts for naturists to visit, with the sands at Holkham rated in the top five beaches featured in the guide.

Idyllic locations

Author Nick Mayhew said he wanted to highlight Britain's many "idyllic" nudist locations.

"We've about 50 naturists beaches in the UK and more than 100 clubs featured in the book - so a good number of places. We produced a top five list for each and Norfolk gets one in each," he said.

Naturism on Corton Beach near Great Yarmouth
Naturism on the east coast

"East Anglia is a good holiday spot and there's an awful lot of people who like to base their holiday around a naturist beach, so Norfolk does well in attracting those visitors.

"The beach at Holkham is just such a beautiful place and Broadland has been voted repeatedly by naturists as a very nice place to go.

"With so many beautiful beaches around our coastline as well as friendly clubs in great locations around the country, we hope this guide will inspire many more Britons to give bare bathing a go," he said.

Ivan Page of the Broadlands Sun Association is delighted to be mentioned in the guide.

"We're very pleased. I think we've done so well because we've really built up a reputation for welcoming people and have hosted a number of international naturism events over the years," he said.

"We've invested in the site to create lots of excellent facilities for our members. It's a lot hard of work, but pays off when we achieve recognition like this," he added.

Naked on the coast

Richard Collins has been a naturist for more than 20 years and can't get enough of the Norfolk coast.

"It's a fantastic expanse of soft sand and you're free to walk for miles along the coast there. My family have grown up with naturism and they love it there. I like to enjoy the sunshine and the freedom to sunbathe without a costume," he said.

"When the tide goes out at Holkham you've got such a wonderful expanse of sand to enjoy. In the summer you can get more than 200 naturists on the beach.

"I've been on many different beaches, not just the naturist ones. Nudism in the UK isn't illegal, so by rights you can sunbathe nude on any beach.

A naturist beach doesn't have any different legal sanction, it's just normally an area that is recognised by a long-standing tradition as a place used by naturists," he added.

Jumping into the river naked
Freedom to beat the stresses of life

Commercial manager for British Naturism Andrew Welch said being naked in the open air was a "great antidote" to the stresses of everyday life.

"Many of Britain's beaches rival those on the continent and are perfect for baring all. Hopefully we will have a lovely warm summer so we can make the most of what Britain has to offer," he said.

In addition to Holkham beach and the Broadlands club, naturists can also enjoy sunbathing au naturel at Corton Beach between Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft.

The Bare Beach guide is due to be launched on 5 June, 2005 - World Naturist Day.

last updated: 11/07/05
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Share your experiences of naturism. What made you decide to give it a try for the first time? Have you ever been to a nudist beach or naturist resort?
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vernon taylor
Oh how I wish I had the nerve years ago to go naked on a beach. I am 84 now and still wish I could do it I need a hand to hold
Mon Dec 3 20:34:18 2007

I have tried naturist beaches and they are great. Not many here in the midlands, though. Could some inland beaches be created or equivalent?
Fri Nov 23 15:03:48 2007

My girlfriend and I went to Studland out of curiosity.I actually felt out of place clothed and decided to take the plunge and my girlfriend did after a while and we both enjoyed the sense of freedom.No-one stared and in fact people seemed to be far more open and friendly.There were people of all shapes and sizes and ages. We would both do it again and would say to anyone, go and take things at your own pace and if you feel comfortable then go for it.Swimming naked is a great pleasure too.
Sat Nov 17 11:26:00 2007

I have never been to a naturist beach and would love to try it very soon. I guess Winterton is the nearest to me.
Sun Sep 2 11:24:22 2007

Well ive never tried it, sounds cool to be so comfortable with your body. hey maybe i will try it when ive shed a few pounds
Wed Aug 15 20:47:48 2007

I have never been to a naturist beach, but have been a naturist for some years. Gardening whenever I can - walking for miles along little used bridleways/footpaths(best to undertake a dry run first though). In all sorts of weathers.On the very odd occasion when I meet someone without the time to cover up, the response has always been very friendly with a "good morning" or just a grin. The feeling of just being in the open air has to be experienced to be believed - - try it in the rain for a real experience.
Tue Aug 14 00:19:24 2007

i have just read down through the list of comments on nudism, and i find some truly heartwarming, and some very worrying. Someone who finds others (and possibly her own) body disgusting is sad. I got into naturism just after a hysterectomy, and during a severe depression. All i can say is that being naked and feeling free really helped me to recover. I was feeling very uncomfortable with my body because of its failure to work as i thought it should, and because of the unpleasant scar that reminded me of that fact. When i went naked, and met people who accepted me for the person i was, and in the body i had...although scarred, i began to recover. Being naked isnt about showing off a model body, and being an ideal shape, it is about feeling free and comfortable in your own skin. I have met skinny people, overweight people, people with colostomy bags and mastectomies, and none of them look anything other than human beings who are enjoying life and feeling the freedom to live life as they feel they have the right to do. I for one am happy to be naked, and happy for anyone else to have the same freedom. I do not expect my children to join in with nudity, it is their own decision, but they know how i feel, and and they are happy to let me do as i wish, just as i respect their feelings and do not go naked when they feel uncomfortable. I think that most of the naturists i have met are best described as accepting, and most are not unaware of others feelings. Let us be naked if that is what we want, and we will let you wear what you want....( even if it is the strangest outfit we have ever seen, and it absolutely doesnt suit you) after all, we will never all like the same things, and will never all feel comfortable in the same surroundings or uniform.
Sun Aug 12 21:28:55 2007

Going to try naturist beach for thw first time. Anyone who knows Corton Beach or Winterton these r close by, and would love to be joined by new people! Matt x
Wed Aug 1 16:47:09 2007

tried going naked in portugal this year, along with my wife and found it very natural indeed. We soon got over the worries, and will do it again... should have done it long ago.
Thu Jul 26 21:02:56 2007

simon pemberton
i live in east anglia and have only been a naturist for the past few years. i am a bit restricted by the fact that my wife thinks i'm off my trolly and very rarely goes topess.i have not visited any of the beaches in uk as of yet because of this but have managed to leave the wife on a clothed beach and disapear for a few hours whilst she is quite frustrating when you enjoy it so much
Mon Jul 9 10:14:17 2007

I love being naked at home or in the open.I Like to walk in the woods or on the sands it great everyone should try it.
Mon Jun 25 08:40:51 2007

Oh the happiness of being free of the towel wrap and wet clingy trunks. Remember you can visit a nudist beach and keep your clothes on if you are not in the mood!
Sat Jun 23 15:46:53 2007

Norfolk beachescan be great places to practice naturism.Try the long beach between Horsey and Winterton, hardly anyone passes by, so long as you are careful not to offend anyone who does, are prepared to go behind a windbreak or maybe cover up if neccessary its marvelous. Chances are the only people your likely to see would be other nudists.plenty of space, no need to be near to anyone ideal for first timers
Fri Jun 15 15:55:23 2007

we recently visited st osyth beach clacton, after a few years away, wot a dissapointmment,not at all nice, long walk, and the usual, pestered by voyers. we are from bedfordshire and would like to find good naturist beach, and meet new friends
Sun Jun 10 15:44:33 2007

I have been to Holkham and Corton beaches and have enjoyed both. I wish there were more nudist beaches in Britain.
Fri Jun 8 20:10:26 2007

Being on beaches and not wearing clothes is the is just great. I dont go to areas where it isn't possible and the vast Norfolk beaches offer the best opportunity without causing offence. Unfortunately my wife no longer walks too far so I mostly go alone now. Favourite spot is Horsey, between Waxham and Winterton, from Horsey Nature reseve car park walk along the beach, South, towards Winterton or the track behind the dunes to the next gap, continue along the beach past all tha seals sunbathing, and past all the black granite breakwaters, from there onwards its safe. Once a popular place for nudist families, the seals draw visitors, but from the end of the breakwaters is a good distance and safe. So if you see a aging man attemting to fly one of his grandchilren's kites, give him a wave, it could be me.
Wed Jun 6 12:43:37 2007

alex richardson
Nice! I've been to a Northumberlan naturist beach in Northumberland on a Meditteranean day, swimming naked.Lovely!
Sun May 27 12:12:13 2007

I LOVE GETTING NAKED!live in norfolk and go to woods or beaches, very nice area.
Tue May 15 09:29:01 2007

tony brown
i sunbathe naked in my garden at home and i would like to try it in the open
Sun May 13 14:05:14 2007

russell buchanan
If Julie Ramsey feels that naturism is disgusting and won't go anywhere near a nudist beach why is she browsing naturist web sites...a closet naturist?
Thu May 3 12:58:34 2007

russell buchanan
I remember my first social nudist expierience(I had done all the walking around indoors stuff)and decided to be a bit more adventurous,so I went to a nudist club,i was shown around(with a couple of also first timers)when we had been shown around,we ended up at the lockers,my maian worry was that things might happen down stairs,but what also went trough my mind was I used to own a fancydress shop,people used to come in and say that they had never been to a fancy dress party,I said to them everyone else would be in fancy dress so just go for it,if you look silly so what every one is in the same boat! so if any thing did stir I am sure that it's nothing that hasn't been seen before so off came the clothes and I didn't let it bother me knowing that we were all of the same frame of mind...nothing did stir
Thu May 3 11:51:00 2007

I tend to go nude whenever I can - and B*****R the law. I do not wish to offend anyone at all however I believe that walking, sunbathing and swimming whilst naked cannot be offensive since it is an entirely natural state in which to be. However, I pursue the above activites in quiet (or "designated") areas since I genuinely do not wish to offend people. I do, however, want to pursue my desire to walk and swim and subathe freely without harrassment - so who is right? I am not arrogant enough to say that I am.CheersGerry
Sun Apr 22 23:45:48 2007

I am planning a trip to Ireland this summer and as a nudist apprecate you timely article.
Sat Apr 21 19:24:00 2007

James, you could start off by just being naked in your home, and in your garden if you have a secluded spot. If you find you enjoy the experience, then when you are ready, try a naturist beach.
Sat Apr 21 10:38:46 2007

Charlie Harrison
We have just started a Second side to our B & B and self catering that of naturisium and are getting enquirys and bookings already, so naturisum is taking off in the UK and in Norfolk!
Mon Apr 16 15:20:28 2007

Adam (13 May) you would not look out of place, and very probably you would not be on your own although there may not be a lot of people present; the latter varies. You would want to decide for yourself how it feels, but I suspect you will enjoy the experience. You may feel a little self-conscious at the beginning but it will probably soon wear off as you appreciate the feeling of liberation and enjoy the sun and air upon your skin. Mature naturists do not stare at people. What should you do? When you feel ready, just try it. If afterwards it doesn't appeal to you, fair enough. Naturism doen't have be for everybody....
Sat Apr 14 10:40:13 2007

Proud to be naked
I as a naturist, have come across just about every shaped body you could imagine. Even those that are not complete or deformed. People who live within "Normal society" will have suffered some sort of ridicule. Yet amongst naturists they accept there own body and those around them as natural. Where else can women with mastectomies, men with amputations, children with physical deformaties and the non adonises of this word just be accepted for what and who they are. The disgusting people in this country are those who would ridicule them. Let them who wish, free themselves of the bigotry of "normal society". We were born naked, that is they natural state. Enjoy the freedom.
Wed Apr 11 12:11:53 2007

Backcountry Canada
I'm lucky enough to live in an area where there are a lot of secluded lakes. Going natural is common in wilderness areas of Canada, and getting more common all the time. Public topless is legal in most places as well.
Fri Apr 6 00:01:15 2007

Sun lover.
Been to Corton Beach. Great for sun but a bit stony. Nice to relax in the sea but shelves quite quickly. Sharp steel spikes near groynes
Tue Mar 20 15:18:51 2007

whiskey boy
i would love to go naturist but i cant convince my wife and kids to try it wish i could.i do like to see people enjoing such freedom
Wed Mar 14 22:54:41 2007

adam c
I want to go to a naturist beach but i cannot pick up the courage to as a mate to come with me. Would i look out of place on my own? What does it feel like? Does everyone not stare at you? Do you not feel embarased? WHAT SHOULD I DO? Thanks
Tue Mar 13 17:32:19 2007

john best
naturism for me has always been freedom from clothes and the everyday.The fealing of the sun on your body.I try to get out in the garden nude,and we visit nudest beaches when we are on holiday,this is mainly On a Greek island or Spain,we have been to Holkham bay that is where we started to enjoy naturism some 30 years ago
Mon Mar 12 10:38:43 2007

The 1st time was in Fuerteventura and no one was about, The sea looked inviting and I didn't want wet Swimming trunks.I have to say the experience was exhillerating and i felt very confident afterwards.
Sat Feb 24 23:47:29 2007

Me, the wife and the kids have been members of a sun club for many years and regularly holiday in the Canaries or Greek islands where 'skinny' dipping and 'clothes optional' beaches are available. It just seems so perfectly natural. Our society seems to be ridden with gymnophobia.
Fri Feb 23 11:50:58 2007

What I like about naturism is the lovely feeling of air on one's skin, be it indoors or outdoors. As the temperature varies so does this feeling.
Fri Feb 2 15:07:17 2007

Comment by Julie (second from bottom) was most amusing "It isn't natural". Right then! Also she has a point, nobody wants to stare at private parts, well, don't stare then.
Thu Feb 1 12:27:08 2007

I have been a naturist for the last 30 years the feeling of the sun and sand on your slin is somthing everyone shhould try once in ther life. By being naked everyone is equal, it frees the mind to see beyond the body an dmore to the person, try it and become free.
Tue Jan 30 21:29:06 2007

One of the most delightful things about being naked, both in the home and outside in an appropriate place, is the wonderful feeling of the air on one's skin. Because the temperatures will vary, so will the feeling of the air on the body. I find it a marvellous experience. Also the feeling when occasionally one part of the body touches another. Sometimes part of one's leg or arm brushes against another part of the skin and this too can produce a very pleasant sensation. This in turn can be influenced by variations in the temperature. Thus temperature affects the air which in turn affects the body - all of which in turn make for a most enjoyable experience of nakedness.
Sat Jan 27 14:45:32 2007

bob huff
the total freedom. It is close to meditation
Wed Jan 24 22:45:36 2007

James Leroy
I tried it for a fortnight in 1979 whilst camping near St. Tropez. I found it wonderfully liberating, and swimming naked was a joy.
Fri Jan 12 04:03:57 2007

steve chapman
I would just like to say that my partner and I are both keen naturists, even to the extent of having a naturist wedding. Our honeymoon was spent in Dorset where we spent some lovely days sunbathing at Studland Bay. We have also stayed at naturist camp sites in this country and in the future are hoping to travel further afield and try naturism in France.
Mon Jan 8 21:57:19 2007

I have no wish really to walk naked along a beach, anymore than i have to walk naked along our streets, or anywhere anytime. As much as clothes are a statement now, about the image one wants the world to see of oneself, nakedness is a statement, of honesty, or vanity..pretty much anything, like clothes. The psoriasis i have, precludes any inclination to go naked. While i am as fit as a fiddle... i look like ive been rolling in a field full of stinging nettles. Just being conscious of folks reactions when about to shake hands with me, i see the hesitation and the realisation in their eyes that something isnt quite socially acceptable to them. I guess that must happen to naturists too. Honesty is sometimes better hidden, a sad but neccessary way to deal with ignorance and preconception. Naturists have a psycological problem Martin? not anymore or less than those wearing clothes i think.
Sat Nov 25 06:11:49 2006

michael vaughan
yes i have and tried it for the first time in costa del sol in capapino. i tried it because i felt embarressed walking through nudists with my clothes on . i never loked back
Wed Nov 8 22:54:14 2006

I must say,some of the botts shown look nice tho -esp the men-I'm sure one of them is my boyfriend Keith which is a bit disconcerting.
Tue Nov 7 15:55:41 2006

I agree with Martin.
Fri Nov 3 12:17:52 2006

I went on holiday on my own for the first time in my life in July. I stayed in Wells next the sea which I have fallen in love with , and I walked from there to Holkham on the beach. I had heard there was a nudist beach and I had always wanted to go to one , but being with my family I could never have done it. This year I did , and it was the most refreshing experience I had ever had! All my inhibitions suddenly disappeared. I felt free and at peace with the world. I did notice there were some people fully dressed and considering the beach is miles from anywhere , I could not understand it. There are signs warning people of the fact that there is a nudist beach! The only thing that put me off was all the old men standing on top of the dunes staring. I would like to go back to Holkham but that is the only thing that really puts me off.
Sun Aug 20 14:49:25 2006

David - Suffolk
I began bathing nude at Corton beach this year wondering why I have wasted the previous 30 years of my life covering up It is not about being naked, and that really suprised me, if it were, then the people who choose to remain covered would look out of place, but they don't, instead it is about acceptance, the sad people, i guess that was the old guy perched on the cliff steps with his binoculars, and he wasnt watching the boats. I have never felt so at ease, people who I spoke to, were looking me in the eye, those walking by said hi, nobody giggled or sniggered. I wore a top-hat and tails for my wedding, I didn't feel over dressed then because everyone was dressed up, but nude on the beach, I felt better dressed and more comfortable than I have ever done before, in the years to come I want to introduce my wife to what I can only describe as a liberating experience, and to hopefully progress to more social events, but for now, please don't judge others who choose to liberate themselves, especially when they do it "Out of your way" unless you are prepared to try it yourself. As for your concern about the bad element in our society, studies have shown time and again that nudity and acceptance of people for what they are, especially from an early age, results in more stable and accepting people thus reducing the problem rather than increasing it.
Sun Aug 13 00:47:01 2006

I have not sunbathed nude yet but and thinking of trying this summer, but am wary of getting burnt.
Fri Jul 14 11:02:07 2006

For too many years – right up until the age of 33 – I was so ashamed of my ectomorphic body that I avoided any activity which involved undressing. I had never sunbathed, I had never learned how to swim, I had never joined a gym for fear of the communal changing room and yes, since the question is on your mind, I had never shared a sexual experience with someone. All my hang-ups about my anything-but-Adonis-like body were expunged in an instant upon a chance visit to a naturist beach just south of Lisbon. Having walked along the Atlantic coast for an hour, leaving behind me the ice creams and sandcastles of the main beach and with just the occasional angler in view for the past half-hour's walk, I thought I could make out naked people ahead of me. As I approached, I realised that yes, not only were they all naked but that one of them, with only one arm, was joyously playing with a Frisbee®, his scar on view without any self-consciousness, fully enjoying the game on equal terms with everyone around him. This was how life should be. This was my Epiphany. There I was in shirt, shorts and sandals on a hot European beach, worrying about my legs being on show and here he was, within a large group of people of various ages, of variously-shaped bodies, enjoying life to an extent that I had never come close to experiencing. I shed all my clothes and with them I shed a lifetime of body-shape anxiety, social shyness and sexual repression. My previous inhibitions may have been extreme compared to others but my waking up – the overwhelming sense of liberation which other naturists talk about – is a sensation so enlivening that I would want everyone to experience it. I flew out there thinking I was going on just another city break, not knowing about the city's beaches, nor about Portugal's relaxed attitude to naturism. I flew back finally feeling like I was part of the human race. For this one moment in my life, I will always be grateful. Since then, September 2000, I have discovered and enjoyed a similarly-relaxed attitude to the naked body in Spain, Germany, France and Croatia. In Britain, we grow up with a climate in which a sunny day at the beach can rarely be guaranteed. Still less can we make plans for a full weekend or week of sunshine. Perhaps now that most Britons travel to climates where sunshine is a given, and so, where naturism is also routine, we can look forward to a maturing of attitudes in this country.
Mon Jul 10 16:40:00 2006

Thu Jun 29 00:29:41 2006

only folks with psychological problems would want to be naturists.
Wed Jun 28 19:06:07 2006

John Caldicott
Try swimming with no clothes on in the warm blue waters surrounding a Greek island, 10 million years of evolution will be folded back, you now know where you belong, I mean it!
Sat May 27 13:45:41 2006

I've never tried naked sunbathing, but I am thinking of giving it a go this summer- a group of freinds are coming with me. Only problem is, with sunbathing recenly, I've developed VPL!
Wed May 10 14:51:10 2006

Michael McGrath
To many people, the human body is a "necessary evil," good only after it is covered. What many people do not consider is that God created mankind "in his image," and "after his likeness." Then he called the NAKED bodies of mankind "very good." Christ came to restore us to our prelapsarian condition, which was ours in Eden. That is why I am a Christian naturist. I enjoy the comments many have posted on this subject here, but a couple of prudes have their knickers in such a knot that they are not even aware of Isaiah 5:20, which states "woe to him who calls good evil..." If God called our naked human bodies very good, what are we doing calling them evil or disgusting? The only thing disgusting is the prudes' thinking that the naked human body is disgusting. All I can say is that you need the Lord Jesus Christ's thinking in exchange for your own. If he created my body and called it very good, winning me back my pure body as his wonderful self-portrait, why should I call evil what he called very good? I can be, as the Franciscans' motto declares, "Naked as the Naked Christ."
Thu May 4 15:54:12 2006

I have been sun bathing in the nude for several years now. Personally, I can take it or leave it. It has been my finding that the lines of the human body are like those of a graceful automobile. Some bodies look best naturally. While others look better with a touch of chrome - or clothing - to accent their graceful form! Either way works. Which ever is most comfortable for you and those around you.
Mon Apr 17 22:07:21 2006

John from Downham
I have never tried nude bathing and while my wife is no prude she is and has alwayes been to shy to indulge but we both say if that is your way then good luck to you, and the same for breast feeding in public, dirt is in the mind of the beholder, carry on and good luck, from a couple of 68&72 year youngs. John & sylvie
Thu Mar 16 16:48:55 2006

Malcolm Boura
I really feel sorry for the people, fortunately very few, who suffer from gymnophobia. It is an unpleasant condition characterised by an irrational aversion to some or all of the body. It greatly increases the risk a large number of medical and social problems. Clothing is much more titillating than nudity so naturism is not about "gawking". The idea that fabric swimsuits are somehow more natural than nature's own is just bizarre.
Sun Oct 30 19:01:42 2005

I think being a naturist is nothing to be ashamed of, after all it is pretty fun to be nude because not everyone likes the idea of swimsuits, so why not skinny dip.
Sun Oct 16 01:40:13 2005

Little can beat the pleasure of swimming au naturel: plus the benefit of not having to sit around for hours in a wet swimsuit afterwards!
Mon Jul 18 15:07:52 2005

The Sun is shining on a glorious Sunday morning in early July. After a dramatically upsetting week in the UK, a day at the beach with a (hopefully) gentle breeze blowing the cobwebs away & sunshine warming through the bones seems like an ideal healer. I'm off with litle more than a bottle of suncream in hand...
Sun Jul 10 09:58:09 2005

Ian Sinclair
My wife and I have been naturists for some years and also enjoy touring in our motorhome. Britain is unique in that it has the only Camping and Caravanning Club for Naturists. We joined 'Suntreckers' some 5 years ago and never looked back. They holds various weekend and holiday rallies around the country (including Norfolk) at clubs and 'field sites'. They also hold continental holiday rallies, rcently in France, Holland, and Germany.
Wed Jul 6 00:25:50 2005

Julie Ramsey
I'm sorry but I don't agree with it especially as we have so many strange people in the world now. Yes we've all got a body but we don't need to have it thrust in our faces. Do it at home. Do it in your gardens whatever. I wonder why they come and gawk! It isn't natural seeing other peoples wobbly bits all over the place. How can you sit there with your bits open to the element? I'd rather see the view of the sea, sky etc not someone else's disgusting body. Why can't they just wear skimpy swimsuits if they feel that way inclined? Neither myself or my family will be going anywhere near those beaches.
Tue Jun 14 10:11:30 2005

Liz Smith
We've been going au naturel for about 10 years ever since discovering a nude beach in France. England does have some very nice naturist beaches, and we've been to Corton twice, but you do get the occasional person who comes to gawk. It's only a body, and we've all got one!
Sat May 28 17:04:34 2005

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