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24 September 2014

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Blickling Hall.

The ghost is said to haunt the hall

The ghost of Anne Boleyn

One of the county's most magnificent buildings is said to be haunted by the ghost of Anne Boleyn, who was executed in 1536. An apparition is said to appear at Blickling Hall on the anniversary of her death.

Blickling Hall, near Aylsham in north Norfolk, is said to be haunted by the ghost of Anne Boleyn.

The apparition is said to appear there every year on the anniversary of her execution.

Anne, who was the second wife of King Henry VIII, was beheaded on 19 May 1536 just days before her husband married Jane Seymour.

Her ghost is said to draw up to the door of the stately home in a carriage pulled by headless horses and driven by a headless coachman.

The house was built on the site of a former manor which was once home to Anne Boleyn, who was the mother of Queen Elizabeth I. Some people believe it was her birthplace, although there is no evidence to support this.

Anne's father, Sir Thomas Boleyn, is also said to haunt Blickling Hall, a National Trust property.

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Alex Vasili
I just read some of the emails about Anne Boleyn and they're really interesting! When a celebrated person dies, they're can be open to conjecture. Anne Boleyn is a controversial figure who has always aroused strong feelings. She was highly intelligent, witty and accomplished in courtly virtues. She loved beautiful clothes and a great sense of humour. Petite with dark looks and hair, she was also graceful and and elegant in her bearing. It is unfair to judge her overly harshly considering the insecure position she was in. Although she could be very strong even ruthless, she was also extremly generous and was deeply religious. Some authors have believed wholly alot of the surrilous data that has come down to us. However, we owe it to the dead to depict them rationally. In short, Anne Boleyn was a great lady of courage and strength who met her death with dignity. Katherine of Aragon was equally a great lady, and it is sad that two such women were caught up in this mess. Don't forget Henry Viii's role in this as he had alot more say in this than we realise. It was always conveniant to blame the woman. Anne Boleyn never killed anyone or had a single soul burnt on her command. Although she showed anger to the Lady Mary, she would later ask for her forgiveness. In many ways, Anne found herself living a nightmare and her death a merciful release.
Fri Aug 17 14:48:19 2007

Alex Vasili
I find the ghost phenomena fascinating. As a spiritual person I keep an open mind and as one intrigued by Anne Boleyn I find the stories of her ghostly appearances interesting. Anne Boleyn is also said to lead a ghostly procession of courtiers down the aisle of St Peter Ad Vincula where she is said to be buried. One can imagine that in life Mistress Boleyn did indeed lead the masque as she was gifted and artistic. Some of the allusions made about her ghostly goings on are true to her life.
Fri Aug 17 14:29:22 2007

Chelsea Smith
Anne a ghoast? I dont believe it. I think she still speaks to those who are intrested in her. More likely in their dreams, perhaps a ghoast, but a headless horse? And a headless coachman, How sleep hollow.
Mon Aug 13 03:23:46 2007

lindsey weber
Ann Boleyn is one of my great ancestors. On my moms side my grandmothers last name is Boley, but before it was Boleyn. I don't blame her for haunting the building that her life was taken away in, I mean do you? Anyway, even when she was about to get her head choped off she showed her magnificent bravery! She even showed consern for the man that was going to execute her because her neck was so short! She was worried that he would hit her in the wrong spot and have to do it all over again! And lastly, the first olivia on this page i totally agree with. shes write, if ann was guilty then were did all the documents that proved she was guilty go to! She is also right that henery was a fat taod!!!!! Basically I agree with everything she had to say. Overall Ann Boleyn was a great woman and had no reson to be killed, Henery just wanted her to be dead because she wouldn't have and any boy babys and because he was a complete evil idiot!!!
Sun Aug 5 02:56:13 2007

I think that Anne was not an evil woman,I heard that,before her death,she sent apologies to Princess Mary and others whom she had wronged.She was,as I have said before,was not a bad woman,simply ambitious like her father.If she had borne a son,not a daughter,I'm very sure that King Henry would have let her live.So basicaly,its all King Henry the 8th's fault.His madness and desperation for a male heir had driven him crazy.
Mon Jul 23 07:30:20 2007

Anne Boleyn is not a "ghost", and thus does not haunt Blickling Hall. This is pure silliness. She who once took a turn on stage as "Anne" is alive, aware and well by the grace and mercy of God. Our most loving and merciful Creator has led her to know that forgiveness is the only path to peace and has given her most wondrous opportunities to forgive. So, for heaven's sake, do not rebuke or hate anyone on her behalf. Pray for them.
Sat Jul 21 09:21:28 2007

Karen Bennett
I think it was a case of revenge in Anne's case, due to the fact Cardinal Wolsey acted on Henry 8th's request to stop her marriage with Henry Percy, the man she truely loved. The Royal Court in the 16th Century was a dangerous place, you had to look after your own, and I believe that is exactly what Anne did. She fought the system and won and her prize which was the crown of England, but then emotions and attentions were turned to another. Henry couldn't afford another annulment hence the trumpted up charges of treason and incest. But what a legacy Anne left, Elizabeth, one of the greatest Queens in British history.
Wed Jul 18 20:48:56 2007

Anne probably never did HALF the things she was said to have done anyway, we all know from history, a lot of people gave "testimonies" that Henry wanted, simply to save their own lives.
Tue Jul 3 03:24:25 2007

Olivia you're quite right Anne did not deserve to die in that manner but on some level she did deserve it. I mean she went out her way to make Catherine's life hell at court, she flaunted the fact that she was Henry's mistress(soon to be wife\queen) and although true that henry had ruined her love match you have to admit on some level she began to enjoy that power it afforded her and her family over England and over Catherine. So I wouldn't be so qick to deem her a martyr for she is indeed far from it. If she was indeed so pious why would the fates see it fit to reward her so cruelly? Because you reap what you sow. (Oh god I sound like my mum).
Wed Jun 20 20:23:33 2007

Anthony Kitcher
Very shocking, looks as though this place is haunted by a headless horseman lol, Anne Boleyn is known to haunt other places, but I know Henry VIII has been seen and published in the papers that he haunts Tower of London, and he is known to haunt a castle in Wales.
Tue Jun 19 15:18:53 2007

Hmmm there's a few too many Philippa Gregory lovers on this page for me. Anne Boleyn was a pawn in a factional game at Court. Like her cousin, Catherine Howard, they were used by their families for gain. All of Henry's wives played the game well but could not compete with those men in his coucil that had his ear. You can paint Henry VIII as a monster but was he puppet master or puppet ??? Julia ....Catholic fanaticism wouldn't have gone down well with Henry VIII for most of his reign and certainly no one deserved a traitors death ... especially on trumped up charges. Anne Boleyn may have been dead 461 years but lay off her she isn't here to defend herself !
Tue Jun 12 19:16:05 2007

It is a fact that Henry VIII had syphilis. Plus, if you notice, his wives's first children were all healthy, then afterwards they could not have healthy children, I beleive Henry passed the syphilis onto each of his wives, which affected their ability to have healthy babies after the first ones.
Sat Jun 9 08:48:11 2007

Karen Bennett
I think what most of us have missed on our thoughts/comments about Anne, is that she was deeply in love with Lord Percy to whom she was technically engaged to when Henry decided otherwise. She was in no way interested in the King at that time and he demanded that she become one of Queen Catherines lady-in-waiting. At that time no one disputed what the King wanted. Perhaps revenge was sweet on Anne's part, and who can blame her, being kept against her will at Court and being bullied into becoming a mistress. 7 years she kept the King at bay now that's an achievement in itself because if the King didn't love/lust over her so much she just might of lost her head a lot sooner
Sun May 27 12:15:30 2007

Katelyn Winchester
I agree with Olivia. Anne Boleyn may have not been King Henry's lawful wife, but back then, they did not care. If a queen did not produce an heir, they would be discarded. However, this did not happen often because of the many power changes during that part of history. Also, legend goes that Anne was not supposed to be executed, she was to be exiled. SO, it was a shock to everyone when she was murdered.
Fri May 25 19:58:54 2007

Danni Chalk
Anne boleyn is also known to haunt hampton court. Home of henry the VIII and his wives he is also known to have haunt the people who visit hampton court.
Mon Apr 23 19:25:18 2007

Yeah, Julia, you might want to put down the Philippa Gregory for a minute and actually think about what you're saying. Anne was not a horrible woman. She was described at the time as being extremely generous and merciful, unlike her fat toad of a husband. Commoners would make appeals to her instead of Henry. Also, Anne didn't want to marry Henry--he happened to have ruined her previous love match to the 6th Earl of Northumberland, Henry Percy. She was a 'woman of god.' She was a Renaissance Humanist, not a strict Roman Catholic. Henry married her, not vice versa. And lastly, please don't be stupid. No one deserves a death like that--especially not at age 28. Overall, I'd say you can have your own opinion about Anne's alleged guilt, but it's not necessarily right OR based even loosely on facts. Anne was innocent--all of the men she was accused with held out their innocence and hers, except for one who was probably tortured and gave a confession under duress. She never admitted her guilt because she had none to admit. And if indeed she was guilty, then where did the documents that 'proved' her guilt disappear to?True, perhaps she was foolish at times, or ambitious. But neither of those are treason! She did not deserve to die, and neither did her brother, Francis Weston, Henry Norris, Marc Smeaton, or William Brereton. Henry didn't deserve Anne--she was too good for him, and even at her execution she forgave him and said that 'there was never a kinder nor a gentler prince.'So, if you still want to slander a good and innocent woman, I think you aren't even worthy of saying her name.
Sat Apr 21 03:31:06 2007

i have read a really good book about anne boleyn and her sister mary and how it came about her marriage to henry v111 its called the other boleyn sister by phillippa gregory i could not put the book down a fantastic read it also tells the story of her affair sisters affair with the king and of true love and not with anne tells of a familys fight into power
Fri Apr 20 16:30:23 2007

Anna was a nasty women always doing and saying unpleasent thing a lot of people died because of her many more were destroyed many who have studied her believe she was insane. she was hated by the the populace whe had many unpleasent names which they shouted. She was cetainly mean and selfish and her daughter had many unpleasent traits allowing half the english navy to starve to death as she did not think they were needed so why not let them die.
Thu Apr 12 13:23:39 2007

true, henry the 8th was a cruel man but i believe that anne boleyn wasn't so innocent herself. how could she be? she dethroned the previous queen and convinced the king to have her killed! and she practically disowned her sister for a time because she was going to have a baby with her husband and anne couldnt get pregnant with the king. my theory is that anne had a lust for power and thats why she wanted the king, if she ever truly wanted him. there are also the theories of anne having a love affair with her brother, george. i must agree with heaven on one point what happens beyond is not something i want to triffle with either.
Mon Apr 2 02:01:08 2007

elizabeth 1
i dont like to call these things and happenings 'ghosts' or 'spirits' i like to call them angels.......i do belive that queen anne boleyn was seen and she was there....i dont know why i just have a feeling
Fri Mar 30 13:23:51 2007

Julia B.
I think Anne was a horrible woman. She had no right to even be with King Henry. Queen Catherine was his lawful wife and Anne shouldve stayed away. If she was a woman of God then she shouldve stayed away from the King no matter how much the King loved her. She deserved what she got.
Thu Mar 15 22:23:23 2007

Queen Anne was a woman of God, she entrusted her soul to God when she was executed. What happens in the beyond is not something that I want to triffle with. I do beleive that even the spirits that manifect in Heaven are allowed to be here also from time to time, so perhaps on that anniversary she does come for a visit. Who are we to say otherwise.
Sat Mar 10 16:58:43 2007

Karen Bennett
A fine woman very much ahead of her time. She had the courage to stand up to a very underhanded establishment (at that particular period)to her own detriment. I hope her ghost does roam the soil in which she once trod, and lets hope, his majesty, King Henry turns in his grave through guilt and remorse.
Sat Mar 3 18:57:07 2007

I think henry the v111 was very cruel Anne boylen was a very nice woman he shouldn't have done that just because she never had a son.Did you know that Anne boylen had six fingers on one hand!
Sat Feb 24 18:20:42 2007

Emma Woodward
I think that King Henry the v11 was a very cruel man and I hope that when Anne Boeyn married him she knew what she was doing. I bet she loved him dearly but he did not and did not appreciate her shame on him. yet again she should not have been executed to her death. Thank you bbc.
Mon Feb 19 19:41:05 2007

Alexandria Mortis
I do think there is a such things as ghosts. But the chances of her haunting so many places are very slim. True,some could be recordings of her presence, but I don't think so for those who believe that she does haunt the Blickling Hall go ahead but for those who are on my side that's ok too. Now has anyone actually a recording of her or any actual evidence please try and post it. Other than that I don't believe that she haunts the places. But I could be wrong for I have not been to any of these places.Though again the chances are still slim. Oh, and how could a dog make someone lose their baby? Unless of course it hurts her (triping over it maybe?). Again this is my opinon. And where in the world did the Headless horses and coachman come in that is way too far fetched! Also the anniversary thing just makes it another would be ghost story that tour guides tell their guests so that their imagination levels pick up and they think they see mist or they think that they see Anne. So to me this is a very false and not to mention corny ghost story.
Sun Feb 18 21:59:17 2007

this is going to sound weird but i think this is so cool! imean the whole headless this isn't..but to actully see one of these people of the past would be neat. I have great respect for anne Boleyn and feel that her trial was unfair.
Sat Feb 10 19:31:12 2007

I realy dont belive this story. She was a wonderful woman who chaged the history for all times. She was also wery good and was involved in all those charities that helped so many people there is no reason of why she still should be here as a ghost "She was a Queen in England and now she a Queen in heaven" and if her ghost truly exsist than may she rest in peace... PS: she was loved by many people by the end of her regin mostly because of her great charity work and her plans to provide the poor people with some education
Fri Feb 2 19:03:24 2007

Lately I've been doing research on Anne Boleyn and her family and to me, Elizabeth I should have made Henry happy b/c she turned out to be the greatest monarchy known to England and her 1/2 brother, Edward, didn't survive as long. My friend has also done research, and she has read that some people think Anne's trial was fair and that she was guilty. SHE WASN'T!!!
Sat Jan 27 17:58:38 2007

I have just found the most fantastic book. It is called 'A Tudor Story' and is about the return of Anne Boleyn's spirit to Canon W.S. Pakenham-Walsh in the early 1920's. She is very happy with her present condition in the spirit world but not so Henry VIII! Also the story that he loves Jane Seymour more than any of his wives is untrue - he actually hates her. She apparently withheld some documents from him and he will not forgive her. I enjoyed reading this book very much as it gives information about other people of the time who were associated with Anne Boleyn.
Sat Jan 27 16:15:16 2007

I think what henry did to anne is just so crul. I have read many accounts about her last days and the execution.She died so gracefully and so calm. one of the books iread is called the secret diary of anna boleyn, i suggest it to anyone who would like to know more about her last dsys.
Mon Jan 22 17:15:42 2007

The horse-and-carriage bit sounds like a stretch, but I do believe it is very possible for her ghost to wander about Blicking Hall. After all, she was murdered unjustly and untimely; it's likely her soul was never layed to rest.
Thu Jan 18 20:28:27 2007

Anne boleyn could not have had another son as research shows because she was a rhesus negative blood type which means no child after her first born could survive because her blood ould not support her baby. That was probably the reason why she kept having miscarriages. And stories say that she miscarried at one time because she found out that her beloved dog Purkuoy had died and that caused her miscarriage which is wrong really. They probably said that because they did not have the proper technology to find out her blood type and why she kept miscarrying. I have been interested in Anne Boleyn for years now and hopefully I want to get a book published and for all you young writers out there, there is still a chance that you can get a book published. You can have a chance at being a young writer so no need to worry just find a good publisher!! This story is very interesting about the ghost. Its funny because people say she haunts Hever Castle, Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace and now also Blickling Hall...
Tue Jan 16 11:51:26 2007

Sid Smith
A truly amazing woman! Despite the fact that she could not produce a son, she was still one of the greatest wives that Henry could've had. The reasons he had for putting his queen to death are among the most stupid and selfish reasons i've ever heard of. At least one good thing came out of all of this mis-fortune, Queen Elizabeth I.
Fri Jan 5 05:10:27 2007

i believe that Anne was a unwanted queen by her people. She was beheaded for no reason, for that king henry just wanted a son. And that Anne tryed really hard in her life. And it is true she chrange womens history. I think she was a woman of honor.Even though she could not give king henry a son.
Thu Dec 28 04:05:13 2006

Louise Powling
I dnt think that the story of the headless horses and the couchman are true at all it's all made up but i do think the ghost of Anne Boleyn exists a ghost is a presence that is trapped on earth wanting to be passed on so if she is indeed real she is there for a reason probally the reason for reavenge.
Fri Dec 22 02:12:01 2006

This information about Anne Boleyn is so very interesting. And her ghost is something i would love to see. I myself have seen and met a few ghosts and believe in them as well. But Anne Boleyn is one I would really LOVE to see. Although the way she died IS VERY UNFAIR!!! If I was her I would probably be haunting the place as well(I cant blame the woman.)
Wed Dec 20 22:02:42 2006

I beliive that when anne was in trial and found guilty,that all the evidence was purposly over looked so they could say she was guilty in front on 2000 some people. IT WAS NOT A FAIR TRIAL. I am also related to anne boleyn and i like the history behind her, other than the fact the she was beheaded for no reason.
Tue Dec 12 20:52:44 2006

i dont think that is true about the headless horses and coachman but the rest sounds a little bit true.
Wed Dec 6 20:39:48 2006

I found out recently Anne had a dog named Purkoy. Her maids were too upset to tell her that the dog died (I think) About a week before Anne was executed. Nov 21 2006
Wed Nov 22 02:35:07 2006

anyone who is a nonbeliver could very much be wrong I belive that anne is still trying to please King Henry the eighth still trying to give him the son he wanted.
Fri Nov 10 18:47:19 2006

I'm related 2 Anne Boleyn on my mom's side. Both my family and friends say I look like her. I just luv studying Tudor history! But I must admit, seeing a ghost of Anne Boleyn must be pretty weird.
Fri Nov 3 18:09:36 2006

Anne is a exilent person to do a project on. Trust me i made a 100!! :0 :) ;0 ;) She has so much to write about her, she is exquisate! if you choose her good luck to you!! ALso it is intresting about the love-hate relationship between Mary and Elizabeth that went on till Mary, on her death bed, handed over the Quenn's Jewel's and England into her cared. The book Anne Boleyn by Norah Lofts is the book that gave me soo much info. I did this project because it is beleived that my family is related to Anne Boleyn (O.M.G.) Also the rumor of the ghost is fake becdause I have been there and seen it for myself!!!!
Sun Oct 29 16:06:16 2006

Hannah Eddy
My Dad use to work there and because of him working there we use to live there. I for one have never seen any ghosts in the house. But who knows what is listening or talking to you in your sleep? I did wonder if someone was watching me when i went to sleep. So your idea could be right. But i like to keep many of my ideas to myself!!!
Fri Oct 13 09:30:54 2006

this is great information if you'r studying anne Boleyn!!! I'm doing a BIG project on anne boleyn, and this is a great, interesting,fact!
Fri Oct 13 02:32:36 2006

gareth magee
i think that Henry the 8th was an evil man that loved to use women to get an heir to the throne to succeed him after he dies!!!!!!
Tue Oct 10 09:33:10 2006

David (Leopold) William
Fasinating! I grew up in New Malden, Surry. I spent my whole childhood there and Hampton Court was very close by. Since Hampton Court was local, Anne Bolyn's ghost was a matter of local concern and intrest, there were myriad articles in the daily newspaper about how unexpecting tourists encountered the pitiful ghost of the innocent Queen Anne who died in vain. The tale of Anne's ghost is a truely timless tale that still inspire us today. I believe that her ghost does haunt a few places that was once occupied by herself. Me and my friend William walked to Hampton Court just this August of 2006, but all the plaques posted with the apparition of Queen Anne Bolyn were gone! I daresay they withdrew the display of fear of provoking Queen Anne. Blicking Hall is sure to be a residence to a ghost, its towering brick towers and many paned glass windows incased in granite and mortar gives an impression of a misunderstood person hiding away, with their back towards the world which turned there back to them so many years ago. I would be surprised if she did not haunt locations of any means to her, because she the charges that sent her to her death were falacies derived from gossips of court, and she had no reason to leave the world, so she in her own right lives on, even as an apparition, and continues to proceed with her life with no one else to fear or fear being harmed by, and ironically, today, it is the complete opposite of how it was in her mortal life, she had to fear everyone as her enimies who preyed on her neck. I hope she visits my school, did she ever go to Claremont estate in Esher?
Fri Sep 1 18:32:17 2006

Neil Sanyal
My family and I visited Blickling Hall two weeks ago for the first time, having recently become National Trust members. We loved it. It really is a beautiful house and the library is an amazing sight. We didn't really get the chance to go in the park but found the gardens very peaceful. The children enjoyed some craft activities the National trust had organised and all in all we were very impressed!
Wed Aug 30 13:40:34 2006

Well it might be true, i would say its wrong, but other people think different things.x.x.x.
Sun Aug 27 15:28:37 2006

.x.x.laura x.x.
I've been interested in Anne Boleyn for about four years now, since I was ten - I read a book about her and it really captured my mind and now I'm ever so slightly obsessed. I don't think she deserved to be beheaded, since it is extremely unlikely that she had those affairs as there was no evidence to suggest so. As for the incest charge, it was brought to attention by George Boleyn's wife Jane Parker and she admitted before she was executed that she had lied about it. Henry VIII probably created the witchcraft, incest and adultery charges in order to divorce Anne and have a son by Jane Seymour (a younger clichéd). My friends are pretty convinced that I was Anne in a past life - maybe I should visit Blickling Hall and find out! I'm actually writing a biography of her but it probably won't get published cause I'm only fourteen, but I'm trying anyway, so if anyone reading this knows a publisher, please put in a good word for me! (and if anne's ghost does appear on the anniversary of her death, you'd have to be there at 8 in the morning to see it cause thats when she was executed. Just a tip.)
Tue Aug 22 16:26:47 2006

She was a woman who was wrongly accussed of somthing she could not have done. but merrily what people(including the king) wished that she had. I think that I want to visit and possibly spend the night on that date of may 19. Anne Boleyn did nothing wrong to Henry.
Thu Aug 3 21:18:24 2006

When I was 11 years old I read a book about Anne Boleyn. The information in the book sounds so firmiliar like a memory.Like as if I was there in the 1500.I now read many books about her and everything sounds so firmiliar.
Tue Jun 27 20:56:44 2006

Tracy Scofield
Though, as a Catholic, I am not supposed to believe in ghosts. However, I have had a ghostly (gentle / rather than aggressive ghostly experience) and are very interested in any sightings / stories pertailing the ghost of Anne Boleyn. I would be very interested in any information regarding this lovely lady.
Fri Jun 23 14:07:52 2006

gwendolyn tasartir
a haunt is a sort of memory or image of a person stuck in time. the ghost of anne may not be alive or aware. when we encounter haunts, its like watching something from the past, the same movements, time, and place. but its interesting, all the same. poor anne, executed just because her husband wanted an excuse to marry another.
Wed May 31 05:53:49 2006

Hi, I'm Pear and I'm writing a mystery book on Anne Boleyn. It is about a young girl who discovers that Anne Boleyn wasn't executed and goes through many adventures. Although I'm only ten, Maybe i'll have the book published!
Sun May 28 15:44:40 2006

Karen Jennifer Armand
About 3 years ago I saw the gohst of Anne Boleyn in a carriage when I got in the carriage I saw Anne Boleyn's half body and what I saw no head at all.
Sun May 28 01:52:16 2006

I am very interested in reading about Anne Boleyn and i am researching on her ghost. i am hoping to go to Englnd one day and see for myself if i can see her ghost with my best friend Laura who loves reading about her daughter Elizabeth.
Sat May 27 00:06:39 2006

really, anne did nothing wrong. the king in a sense was mad, but not for the wrong reason. he was mad for a son and for the good of his country. however, to have false charges put against anne was wrong. Jane herself didnt do anything wrong, it was her family that pushed her to take annes place, in the same method that Anne boleyn did, wife or nothing! but its a good ghost story gotta say. i am hoping to go to Englnd one day and see for myself! May 19, 1536! 470 years today,, maybe her ghost is wandering around right nowww....
Sat May 20 05:12:13 2006

It's only a rumour, but I've heard it said that AB was related to Leonardo da Vinci and was a member of Opus Dei ... Is this true?
Thu May 18 16:36:28 2006

jodie and jess
we do believe in ghosts it would be thrilling but also scary for to meet a ghost we are very interested in this story we would like to go there some day
Fri Apr 21 17:38:16 2006

Answer to Jake Song's question: Anne Boleyn was exicuted after she miscarried King Henry's son. Since Henry wanted nothing more than to have a son as his heir, he charged Anna with adultery and incest, therefore, sentenced to be beheaded. As she walked to the chopping block, she joked with the exicuter about him "being able to land that huge axe on her tiny neck."
Fri Apr 21 04:07:09 2006

sarah nickerson
I too would like to see this myself and i do believe that ghosts exist for a reason.
Thu Apr 6 04:03:52 2006

I dont believe a word of it! i find it very difficult to beilieve that ghosts exist. But who knows...
Wed Mar 22 08:58:24 2006

i am really interested in ghosts i have read a lot of stuff of anne boyeln i really admire her cause what she accomplished
Fri Mar 17 03:37:19 2006

I am only an eleven year old girl and im really interested in ghosts. I belive in Anne Boleyn and think its a really good story. I read somewhere that Anne Boleyn haunts Hampton Court on 12th October, is this the same story?
Wed Mar 8 20:38:14 2006

jake song
This is a fantastic piece. Why did anne boelyn get excuted.
Mon Mar 6 19:46:51 2006

I think it would be fair to say that Anne lost Henry`s interest,and that he thought the grass would be greener with someone else(younger of course)a son instead of a daughter,all these factors add up to get rid of wife number two and away you go, must be easier if you are a king!! I would love to see the ghost, but would want it to talk!!!
Thu Mar 2 10:41:46 2006

I think this is really cool but is it true?
Mon Feb 6 21:24:52 2006

I dont believe Queen Anne had affairs with any of her co-accused - Henry wanted her out of his way. She was executed for adultery wasnt she, how could this be when her marriage was made invalid. I think it was a case with Henry of he got what he wanted, and it wasnt what he thought it was going to be
Sun Feb 5 08:34:23 2006

This can't be true, because ghosts aren't real. It is a fairly interesting tale, but that is all it as, a tale. Just as Einstein said, Superstition is the religion of feeble minds.
Fri Feb 3 01:19:28 2006

Sarah sandefur
I think Anne death was wrong and the king was over controling.I f he would have kept trying Anne would've eventually would had him a son.
Fri Jan 27 19:09:28 2006

Because she had a daughter was not the only reason she got her head chopped off. She had a various number of affairs with some other men so it was actually fair that she got her head chopped of for treason against the king but she was still probably a lovely lady
Wed Jan 18 08:04:42 2006

This is Bull. Henry had serious pyschology issues. Anne was a lovely woman and given the circumstances, could, of course, be seen in this way, but NOT the same time every year and in the same way. It is possible for the spirit of a person who dies, to wander. She was very attached to her daughter Elizabeth, and can be still searching.
Sat Jan 14 17:02:47 2006

Maybe she was not born there. Maybe she loved her home that was once there and still loves it in death as well as in life.
Wed Jan 11 22:11:20 2006

It is fair that anne still haunts the tower of london. She had made him happy and he beheaded her just because she didn't have a boy.
Thu Dec 29 15:14:23 2005

Once properly buried in Westminster, her soul will be at rest. This should have happened long ago. Hopefully we will see this soon. Kudos to Wing Cmdr. Melville-Jackson for his efforts to see justice done.May others follow in his footsteps." Dieu et mon droit ". Cheers.
Tue Dec 20 05:36:39 2005

I am very intrested in monarchy and history. Anne Boleyn is by far the most intresting queen. I hope that this story is untrue as i hope Anne has found peace. It would be good though to see her ghost.
Wed Dec 14 17:02:35 2005

Hey i think this is really cool. At school, we're doing a speaking and listening test on a ghost story, and I'm doing this 1! I totally believe in ghosts but i would really like to see some evidence of 1!
Mon Dec 12 18:59:05 2005

Anne Boleyn is a fascinating woman, it's sad that she had to die.
Sun Nov 13 21:56:32 2005

Oh my gosh, I think this is scary! She didnt deserve to die P.s Im researching her for a school project!
Mon Nov 7 07:04:40 2005

I don't blame Anne still haunting places because she was treated unfairly - no wonder she doesn't rest in peace.
Fri Oct 28 19:38:44 2005

I think Anne Beloyn was wrongly accused. She had no right to die. Who did Henry think he was taking her life? only the king, wow! her ghost is obviously still going to wander around if she was killed in such a manner!
Sun Oct 23 23:04:57 2005

I think she was wrongly accused. I honestly don't think she bewitched henry the 8th. I think it was wrong - she didn't deserve to be beheaded. As for her being a witch I think that was wrong accusation as well. She loved Henry the 8th and I don't think she was treated fairly. No wonder her spirit remains.
Wed Oct 19 17:05:59 2005

I think it's unfair to Anne Boleyn. She was a clever woman who did he best to satisfy Henry the eighth. Henry was a sexist, dictacting man who only wanted a son and treated his wives and people around him terribly. It wouldn't surpise me if Anne's ghost couldn't rest.
Fri Oct 7 16:39:19 2005

Perhaps this is all a bit of rubbish aimed at getting people to the place!
Fri Sep 30 14:57:34 2005

Jennifer Clarke
Anne Boleyn must be haunting a lot of places including Hampton Court.
Fri Sep 16 22:17:45 2005

The Gabster
I feel that Anne Boleyn got what she deserved and that Jane Seymour had nothing to do with her death. Anne was replaced by Jane Seymour after her death just like Anne herself had replaced Catherine of Aragon. Jane may have replaced Anne and stepped into her role as Queen but that doesn't mean that she had anything to do with her death.Although, i do feel bad for her daughter Elizabeth.
Thu Sep 8 20:47:59 2005

Asian Myth in Ghost Believers
Anne, who was the second wife of King Henry VIII, was beheaded on 19 May 1536 just days before her husband married Jane Seymour. Do you think that the death of Jane Seymour while giving birth to her child has anything to do with King Henry VIII second wife Annie Boleyn? As a person is on the way to the death road they usually see the dead. As Jane Seymour was giving birth to her child, did she see or act weird towards doctors around her? Did theghost of Annie Boleyn visted her? Or it was other reasons that Jane Seymour died?
Tue Aug 9 01:24:44 2005

Anne haunts 50 places in the UK also!
Sat Jun 25 18:18:26 2005

Just a question, but IF Ms. Boleyn HADN'T been executed, do you think Queen Elizabeth would have still become the queen that she was?
Sat Jun 18 04:52:18 2005

I think the charges against this amazing woman have no evidence to back them up and maybe her spirit will rest once the charges are fixed. Anyway, it was wrong to execute a perfectly innocent woman and deprive a child of a mother and all for Jane Seymour.
Sat Jun 11 12:38:53 2005

Me and my mate Crispin went to Blickling Hall in about 1986 when we were 9 to see the ghost on the night it was supposed to arrive. We sat, semi-petrified in his mum's capri eating cake waiting for the horror to unfold. The mist rolled in, and the clock failed to chime, but no ghost I'm afraid.
Thu May 19 15:34:06 2005

I think it was wrong that King Henry Tudor the VIII executed Anne Boleyn. Her daughter waas, in my and many other people's opinion, the greatest English monarch of all time. Perhaps her spirit is roaming because she knows that she will never beat rest until the charges are released from her.
Mon May 2 00:38:15 2005

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