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24 September 2014

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Terry Molloy as Davros
Davros in Resurrection of the Daleks

The return of Davros?

The Doctor is back on our screens, marking one of the biggest television events in 2005. The adventures, starring Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper, are designed for a new audience - but it seems you would love to see Davros make a come back.

Doctor Who is back on our TV screens, the first series in more than 16 years.

Norfolk-based actor Terry Molloy - Davros for three seasons of the classic series - admits he's thrilled the Doctor is back, but will he return as the Dalek's creator?

Here's what you've been saying on the subject of Davros' return.

One of my earliest memories of Dr Who was Destiny of the Daleks, when David Goodison played Davros. He was brilliant with that writhing hand at the end of episode 2, but Terry Molloy will always be Davros to me. I'd love to see him return and John Scott Martin too - old hands on the deck.
Tue Mar 22 23:35:37 2005

Paul Smith
Yes he should be back, he was a strong character from the past. See if he could be in a new storyline involving the Cybermen (as well as the Daleks).
Tue Mar 22 23:34:51 2005

Yes of course, he must return. However, I think the old series had done about all you could do with the Daleks from Genesis to Revelation so perhaps a new creation or other story from his past.
Tue Mar 22 21:02:14 2005

Paul Brake
Of course he should! The Daleks are brilliant in themselves, but Davros is the epitome of the evil and fear that they generate. The best Dalek episodes are the ones with Davros. Get him back!
Tue Mar 22 20:35:43 2005

Ian Stonelake
If the daleks return then I can't see why there shouldn't be a place for Davros. He made a lasting impression on those that remember Dr Who from the 70's and 80's. I'd really welcome his return.
Tue Mar 22 20:03:57 2005

Sean Wilson
Am I the only contributor here who is advocating that Davros should NEVER (or not for a very long time anyway) return? I guess most people these days can only remember as far back as Tom Baker's Doctor. Well - and here's the news - Hartnell, Troughton and Pertwee (and for the pedants, Cushing) managed perfectly well without him!

Come on, the Daleks are living, thinking, sentient creatures, not merely puppets of their creator as they became to greater or lesser degrees after Genesis. In fact, one of the reasons the Daleks captured the imagination of the world in the first place is that they are totally and utterly devoid of any remants of humanity, both physically and emotionally, but are capable of illogical, intuitive thought due to organic roots. Make them play second fiddle to Davros all the time, and you diminish this facet.
Tue Mar 22 18:49:47 2005

Davros Shall Lead! The most evil physically challenged person in the galaxy. He used to scare me witless. Please bring him back for the new series. Now that I have a son, I won't have to hide under the pillows alone.
Tue Mar 22 18:30:59 2005

Jenny Figueres
Of course bring him back. There is so much scope for the new series to be fresh, original and new, but Davros would be a nice link to the older stories. I think there should be some sort of link, otherwise why not just start a new sci-fi drama and leave Dr Who to the archives? If the Doctor comes back, so should his prune-faced adversary. And Christopher Eccleston will look even more delectable in contrast (if that's possible!).
Tue Mar 22 18:10:36 2005

Dr Who with out Davros is like ripping out the engine of a car and throwing it in the bin Davros is needed in Doctor Who.
Tue Mar 22 17:52:49 2005

Nick Fletcher
I think he should come back in a one of special, as he was a classic character, but only in one episode and get killed off.
Tue Mar 22 17:52:39 2005

Davros was the ultimate facist. I was at school when I first came across Davros, I was doing the history of the second world war and realised the Doctor Who team had captured the personality of a warped dictatorial mind in the person of Davros. Hitler for another galaxy.
Tue Mar 22 17:34:37 2005

Martin Shaw, Dundee
As a boy growing up in the seventies, davros and the daleks was a massive influence on me. The clever scripts, superb acting, totally convinced me that Dr Who was one of the best things in my life, along with a whole swathe of classic British televisual culture of that era. Bring that evil mastermind back, please.
Tue Mar 22 16:54:23 2005

John Parson
It was that voice which always comes to mind. Probably he shouldn't return. The psychotic meglomaniac has become a sci-fi cliche.
Tue Mar 22 16:32:34 2005

Yes, of course, he should return - let's hope it's to a good complex story though, there is a tendency everywhere in the media these days to treat everyone as idiots with over explained childish themes and storylines. Watching the clips from the show in '70s and '80s, the storylines were often adult and complex, and considering the time slot scary. Let's hope the new series meets these old critera. If it does it will have a future - if not it'll sink in a sea of blandness.
Tue Mar 22 16:13:37 2005

David, Edinburgh
Let's see the Doctor travel back in time and find out what happened to Davros to put him in that wheelchair and make him such a bitter b*****d that he'd create the Daleks to exterminate all other life!!!
Tue Mar 22 15:49:26 2005

Stuart Pinel
Should Davros return - undoubtedly. But I agree he should not be in every Dalek story. The Daleks were around for ages before him (series-wise, not time wise) and the Daleks are great either with or without him to nursemaid them. What I would like to see is a story with Davros alone without his Daleks to help him. None at all. That would be fun.
Tue Mar 22 15:14:46 2005

Gavin Greig
Davros is a great character and can come back - but the Daleks need a chance be really menacing without him before he reappears, and he shouldn't turn up every time the Daleks do. In fact, maybe we should have a Davros story without the Daleks That would torpedo some of the audience assumptions!
Tue Mar 22 13:46:37 2005

Personally, I didn't like Davros. I preferred the stories prior to Genesis. However I thought the best Dalek story was Remembrance. Should he re-appear? I would say yes, but only occasionally. The Daleks seem more menacing without him!
Tue Mar 22 13:17:26 2005

Davros was great as the Daleks leader. Watching it as a child, I remember him getting into his mad rages and facing the Doctor at the time. I think he should return to order his troop of Daleks, and if i remember, him saying "to reign supreme."
Tue Mar 22 13:10:22 2005

David R
I think he should come back as you can see the evil monster that created the Daleks (if only in a story form.) But if you look at the Genesis of the Daleks when he first appears i think the storyline gave a moral message that perhaps we should learn from the horrors we as a species has inflicted on itself be it war, dictators such as Hitler or destruction of our environment.
Tue Mar 22 12:46:41 2005

Kevin H
I don't really think it matters about series timelines or continuity. Most of us remember Davros from being terrified children. It's a character that has always stayed with us and I think it would be good to introduce a new generation of kids to such a compelling and terrifying baddie! Terry makes a wonderful Davros and he deserves another chance to scare us all again!
Tue Mar 22 12:07:51 2005

Paul Cooke
Yes, I think Davros should be in the new series. I think there should be a real battle between Davros and the Daleks. The new doctor should decide if he will leave Davros to be destroyed by the Daleks, or will he help him in destroying the Daleks because Davros may end up making a new race of Daleks who are meaner.
Tue Mar 22 11:53:40 2005

Paul Bensilum
Lots of calls that Davros should come back, (understandable as he was such a great character) However, I am not so certain. He should only come back if the plotline merited him and there was character development, otherwise leave him out. The last few Dalek stories all became 'and when is Davros going to appear? Oh, here he is no surprise.' Time to move on.
Tue Mar 22 07:53:27 2005

Terry Ridley
My Mum said that her father-in-law looked like Davros! I always was scared of my grandfather!
Tue Mar 22 04:52:35 2005

Richard Newland
Davros has the most chilling scary voice in the universe. He is a foe as intelligent as the Doctor. Dr Who without Davros and the Daleks is like Top Gear without Jeremy Clarkson... unthinkable! You must bring back Davros. "THIS ORDER IS IRREVOCABLE."
Tue Mar 22 00:41:01 2005

Peter Thomas
I do really believe that Davros and the Doctor go together. After all, even though we have had no new series of Doctor Who since 1989, there have been 2 classic CDs with Davros and Davros will return to meet Paul McGaan in July. So RTD, please bring Davros.
Mon Mar 21 02:13:57 2005

Sean Hindle
As ugly, scary and cruel as he was - more so by his conviction that his plans were common sense, I'm not sure how he'd fit this time around. Maybe a story set in Davros' personal past before he created the Daleks. That'd be good.
Sun Mar 20 17:09:27 2005

Philip S
Davros was an incredible character - his look and voice were quite creepy, while his motivations were realistic. (Unlike the Master, who seems to be out to conqure the universe for the fun of it, and other alien races that conqure for no apparent reason, Davros truly believes in his cause.) However by having him in every story, the Daleks are limited as to what can be done with them. By using him sparingly, the Daleks can be more imposing, while Davros's appearances will be more special. So, yes, he should return, but not right away, and not too often.
Sun Mar 20 04:52:16 2005

Glen Rickersey
Davros should definitely be back at some point. The Daleks are scary on their own but combine Davros with the Daleks and it's a winning formula. they should pay attention to looking into Davros' routes however and not try to move on from where we last saw him at the end of remembrance.
Sat Mar 19 13:07:31 2005

Tristan Stopps
I think that Mr Molloy should return to the show in his guise as Davros. Both his on-screen and audio performances show there is a lot more that can be done with the character, and that he is a worthy adversary for the new Doctor!
Sat Mar 19 09:54:36 2005

Peter Holgate
It's great having Dr Who back, but I hope they don't go too off the mark by changing everything. If it scared us as kids it should scare them. U can't have the daleks without Davros coz rnt they meant to evolve - well who created the new daleks then? Also I hope he gets back to cliffhanger endings. Cu soon Davros.
Sat Mar 19 09:08:50 2005

Absolutely bring back davros. My son now needs to be terrified like his dad and grandad before him!
Sat Mar 19 09:05:28 2005

Charles Quinn
I still have an ancient scratchy LP of Genesis of the Daleks which I am about to Toast in celebration of the new series! Davros is the most terrifying and best-written character in Who history. Michael Wisher is obviously D for me, but Terry Molloy did a fine job and Revelation is one of the few post-Davison stories that made an impression on me.
Sat Mar 19 08:04:12 2005

Sue Bunce (41 yrs)
I was terrified of Davros and the Daleks. I cannot whait to see them again so I can share them with my teenage son. It was the voice that scred me, I can still heart it now.
Sat Mar 19 06:57:55 2005

Jason Smith
Davros should come back but he should be given a darker dimension. Dr Who's Davros should be likened to Sherlock Holmes' Moriarty, a richer deeper twist to their past meetings could even result in Davros actually getting one over on the Doctor for a change. After all, the Daleks conquered several star systems and yet they must have a little more guile to outsmarting the Doctor, surely ?
Sat Mar 19 01:06:38 2005

Paul Byrd
Davros is an extremely terrifying character. I remember one dialogue the Dr had with Davros, and the Dr postulated that releasing a virus throughout the Universe that would kill everything in its path is similar in concept to developing a pure race. Davros relished the idea, even if it meant death to himself and the Daleks. That is scary!
Sat Mar 19 00:39:35 2005

Jez Cartner
Terry Molloy was great in the part of Davros, but I personally hope that Davros does not appear in the new series as the Daleks are more menanacing without their creator. The best story Davros appeared in the original series was by far Remembrance, in that story he seemed calm and calculating.
Fri Mar 18 22:59:03 2005

Damian Ward
Davros was the coolest bad guy ever! Terry Molloy gave the character a wonderful mix of black humour and detatched sadism. Revelation and Remembrance Of The Daleks are my two favourite Dctor Who stories and I'd love to see what happened to Davros after his Dalek faction was wiped out. Oh and after listening to The Juggernauts, I think RTD should bring back the Mechanoids!
Fri Mar 18 18:44:11 2005

Paul Clark
In the 1970s TV was certainly much tamer than it is now. I was one of those who hid behind the chair whenever the Daleks appeared, however when Davros appeared, I was halfway up the stairs. Even today there is a compelling and lasting wish for Davros to return. He's one of the very few characters from the original series that would complement the new series without the need to add any more special effects. He's a character that could be developed. Imagine if he too had harnessed time travel! Bring back Davros, I say.
Fri Mar 18 13:05:46 2005

Tim Ward
Revelation Of The Daleks, which was Terry Molloy's second appearance as Davros, is one of my all-time favourite Doctor Who serials. Dalek creator Terry Nation devised the character in order to raise the standard of dialogue between hero and villain! Revelation had an excellent director in Graeme Harper which really made for a tense viewing experience. I also remember Terry playing an entirely different character in Doctor Who, out of mask, in Attack Of The Cybermen! It would be great to see the return of Davros once the Daleks have been reestablished in the new series.
Fri Mar 18 10:54:19 2005

Glenn Cleave
Davros is a fantastic character that is yet to be totally developed. He was last seen as the new emperor dalek in Remembrance and escaped in a pod before the dalek ship blew up. I'm scared that the new daleks will have ruined the originals. It might be a good plot line to have Davros leading the old "shawcraft" daleks against the new advanced ones, an ongoing Galactic Civil War, which was the basic undertone of the later dalek stories. As a child I'll admit that I watched the series from behind the couch with a pillow to cover my eyes. I was terrified of the Sontarans & Davros' withered right hand! I hope the new series is a success & doesn't bomb like the Paul McGann movie & the later McCoy stories that were quite poor to say the least! The problem with Sci-Fi now is that TV series such as Star Trek, Babylon 5, Farscape etc, are of such a high standard visually, Doctor Who will have to be up there with them, or it will never convince the public, most of whom have forgotten what Doctor Who is. To be fair, the McGann movie, cut the mustard with the effects, sets, etc it was just the lousy story that sunk it into TV obscurity. Good luck & I hope the production crew have got it right!
Fri Mar 18 01:28:21 2005

Clive Mattinson
Davros was an amazing character, but after 'Genesis of The Daleks' he was never quite the same again. Michael Wisher's Davros was undoubtedly a difficult act to follow. However, it would be nice to see him appear again in the future!
Thu Mar 17 14:33:09 2005

Martin Johnson
Davros should return as we know that a single enemy such as the Master is better than a group. Classic series stories were better for this reason. I think a new Davros should be cast for the new series though. Genesis is the best Davros story.
Thu Mar 17 10:58:31 2005

Tim C
Davros embodied all that was evil and abhorrent about the Daleks. Genesis of the Daleks was a masterpiece. It is perhaps the story I would show those who have never watched Dr Who. Even so, I feel Davros should've stayed in that story and been never heard of again. It's a great shame that they had to milk the character dry. All Davros ended up being to me was a latex joke! As for the new series, please god, no, spare us. Don't give us resurrected characters, give us good storylines!
Thu Mar 17 10:33:16 2005

Andrew Hughes
The new series will not be the same without Davros. Bring back and show a new generation of viewers how TV should be.
Thu Mar 17 00:16:46 2005

If you've missed the full interview with Terry Molloy or want to add your comments - use the My Life As Davros link on the top right of this page.

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