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29 October 2014

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Terry Molloy as Davros in Resurrection

Terry Molloy as Davros

Doctor Who: My life as Davros

The excitement is building for the return of Doctor Who to our TV screens. Norfolk-based actor Terry Molloy - Davros for three seasons of the classic series - admits he's thrilled the Doctor is back. But will he return as the Dalek's creator?

Doctor Who returned to BBC ONE on Saturday 26 March, 2005 - marking one of the biggest moments in television this year. Christopher Eccleston stars as the Doctor in a new 13-part series, with Billie Piper as the Doctor's companion, Rose Tyler.

Martin Barber interviews Terry Molloy

It's more than 16 years since the last series starring Sylvester McCoy graced our television screens and the producers of the new show are delighted to bring the Doctor to a new generation of fans.

"The new series will be fun, exciting, contemporary and scary – a full-blooded drama which embraces the Doctor Who heritage as well as introducing the character to a modern audience," said co-producer Russell T Davies.

As fans of the classic series endure the slow passage of time until the airing of the first new episode, Norfolk-based actor Terry Molloy is happy to admit he's as excited about the new show as anybody else.

For seven years Terry starred in the show as Davros, creator of the Daleks and arch-enemy of the Doctor.

Speaking to, Terry told Martin Barber, that he can't wait for the show to come back.

I'm desperately excited, I think it's brilliant. There's been a whole generation who've grown up without having a Doctor. It's like having a friend that you can hide with in the dark corners and they'll look after you. Now a whole new generation of kids are going to have that experience of growing up with a Doctor.

It's great to know that that's going to carry on. I'm really thrilled, really looking forward to it. I'm probably more excited now than when I did it way back when.

Terry Molloy with Dalek

Terry Molloy with Dalek

How did you first get involved with the series?

It was all due to Matthew Robinson, who was the director of Resurrection Of The Daleks. Matthew rang and asked 'Do you know anything about Davros. I said vaguely, as my time had been with Patrick Troughton and William Hartnell.

He showed me this tape with Michael Wisher in and said 'Do you think you can re-create that?'

I have to say, looking at it, this was a great challenge. I'd worked in radio a lot with The Archers and radio drama and looking at it I thought this is television, but it's like radio because you're having to create the character with your voice.

The mask isn't doing a lot apart from initially scaring people. The character has got to come from with inside that mask and come out. I thought it would be great fun to do and it went on from there.

How did you start to create your version of Davros as he was already an established character. How did you begin to Terry-fy him?

[Davros Voice] Or terrify those who watched.

Obviously you bring something of yourself to every part. Michael had created a character that was like a bit like an intergalactic Hitler. It was the purity of the Kaleds race and all of that. A lot of megalomania.

When I took it on, I was trying to find a transition, to move it somewhere else.

Characters are not evil, evil characters are uninteresting unless there's some reason for them to be evil. No evil character believes they're evil, they think they're doing their best - that's the key to it.

Davros thought he was doing the best thing in genetically mutating these people in order to win the war on Skaro. Ninety-eight per cent of everything he does has good intention – it's the other two per cent that throws the balance and turns it into an abhorrence.

We see this in Revelations where he's in charge of this death planet where he's turning corpses into food to feed the galaxy because there's a famine. He can't see a problem with that.

So we started to build the character forward. He started to have a perception of what he was doing and a sense of humour about it. This gave him a frailty, because you're not just a ranting monster, you're a monster with credibility and purpose – which makes him more scary.

You spent seven years working on the series. Did you ever get tired of having to put on the mask, climb into the chariot, drink the dye for your tongue, etc…

Thankfully, there was a good year or so between each time I had to get into the chariot and mask.

Physically it was one of the most demanding jobs I've ever done. The chariot was solid wood with car batteries on a supermarket trolley frame – it was awful, quite awful. [He laughs]

That aside, the actually doing of it was great fun. It was interesting to see how people reacted to me when I got into the mask. It became a very lonely place to be as people didn't want to engage you in conversation, they'd talk over your head.

Re-touching Davros' make-up during filming

Terry waits as the mask is re-touched

Prosthetic make-up has moved on a lot since you worked on the series, how did they create the mask for you?

It was a full head mask, created from a mould of my face. It was important that the mask fitted so you could try and get as much movement as you could through the mask.

Working from within that mask you had to work 15 times harder in the way you said things and the way you moved your face to try and get the smallest movement in the mask itself.

It slowly got better as we went on through the series, but they never really achieved the amount of flexibility they could achieve today.

But those ropey effects were part of the series' charm.

Oh yes. The Doctor was solving problems with sticky tape and a sonic screw-driver. That was part of the charm of working on it and the impact it had.

But that was the thing about the Doctor Who stories, they weren't generally technology driven, but character and story driven and that makes for much more interesting drama.

This is where it scored, and I'm sure will again, over the more glossy American offerings which are just full of CGI and technical effects and people who all look the same.

Doctor Who had a quirkiness because the characters were real, because they were written for real and played for real. That's what made it work.

The new series has a bigger budget compared with what you used to get to play with. Do you have any concerns this will lead the series down that American CGI route?

No, I don't have any worries about that. I think it's in very safe hands. It's being produced by Russell T Davies, people who were fans. They grew up with it.

No, it's not going to be exactly as it was before, they'll be a better degree of things – but we're 15 years down the line. The budget may have increased, but so have production costs - so the ratio is probably not too far away from what we had before.

I just feel they want to do the best for Doctor Who in introducing the Doctor to a new generation who've never known him. I think they're going to be very careful about re-explaining, in a sense, the whole Doctor syndrome to people who perhaps don't know.

This is not a new series for the fans, this is a new drama series called Doctor Who – let's start from there.

They'll be a whole new audience who've never seen Doctor Who. They'll be a lot of fans who'll be nit-picking about things, but I think overall, they'll say 'Yes, they've done him justice'.

It's been a long process to sort out the permissions between the BBC and Terry Nation's estate to have the Daleks back. We now know they'll be back, but where does this leave Davros?

Well he's going to be around somewhere - isn't he? I dunno, you'll have to ask the production team about that one.

I'd love to get the phone call. I would love to do it again, I guess I'm probably one of the few people from the original series who could go back to the new series because of the nature of the part.

Because we're a time-based programme, you can jump to wherever you want in Davros' rise or fall. The way he was going there wasn't much of him left but a head at the end of the last series.

Terry Molloy drinking black food dye

Drinking black dye completes the make-up

It really depends on what degree the new series is going to focus on the old style monsters, or newer ones. Although I have heard from one of the writers that the Daleks this time, are going to be truly scary.

There's a famous photo of you with a polystyrene cup whilst wearing the Davros mask, which is always captioned as 'Terry takes a break' – let's put that story to bed now.

Nobody has ever caught me drinking coffee as I drink tea. [He laughs] That picture was the end-game of the make-up process in that I was washing my mouth out with a ghastly black food dye in order to make my tongue black.

Everybody thinks it's Davros taking a coffee break, but no way, sorry. That was last part of the make-up process before I got into the chariot and trundled into the studio.

The make-up process wasn't too long as it was a whole head mask. The only thing they had to make up was my eyes, mouth and lips. Then they made up the mask which was a very odd sensation. I guess only about 40 minutes in make-up, then another 10 minutes in the chariot to get wired up on set.

Did the shooting of the episode always run smoothly?

Time on set was all very smooth, apart from when we did Revelations when I was in the revolving fish tank.

They built this fantastic contraption which I was inside on a swivel chair so I could spin round and it would look like a spinning head. What they failed to do was check my measurements, so when I tried to turn to the chair left or right I was taking my knee-caps off.

The only way around it was to tie my legs up under the chair and pull myself around by my hands with a special effect guy on the floor helping. Fortunately we shot through those scenes very quickly.

On a practical note – if you needed a wee, how difficult was it to get you in and out of the chariot?

It was a 20-minute operation as they had to unbolt the whole thing. All the electrics had to be unplugged, they had to take the panel off, it was quite a kerfuffle. I did say 'Look, I'll wear no knickers and just give me a large tin of sand and save all this fuss!'

Terry Molloy as Davros in Revelation of the Daleks

Davros in Revelation of the Daleks

Did you go through a number of different voices for Davros before you settled on what you felt was right for the series?

No. I took it basically from Michael Wisher. I listened to the way he spoke. There was an element of Hitler, especially in the rants. He was very precise in the way he said things. Part of that was because he was behind the mask so you had to annunciate everything very clearly.

It is then a simple thing to lower the voice and [in a Davros voice] become more pedantic about what you are saying and get more grit into your voice and finally exterminate the Doctor.

You do a lot of work with charity and for the fans, these two passions come together later in the year for a special show.

There's a group up near Manchester called Hyde Fundraisers who are celebrating 20 years of fund-raising for children's charities.

About 15 years ago a play was written called The Trial Of Davros, written by Michael Wisher and Kevin Taylor who's chairman of Hyde. I had an input and we're going to re-create it at the Tameside Hippodrome in mid-July for one night only.

They've remade my head, the chariot and we're going to it for one day where Davros is put on trial for crimes against the universe, we'll just have to see how it turns out. Will the audience vote for him or against him. Press your red button now. [He laughs]

I'm looking forward to it. Davros is a mouldery old character, but he's been part of my life for a long time and I've a great fondness for him.

  • The Trial Of Davros was performed at the Tameside Hippodrome, Ashton-Under-Lyne on Saturday 16 July, 2005.

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Have Your Say

As Doctor Who returned to our screens in 2005, we asked what your memories were of the character Davros. Thanks for your comments.

alan walsh ,Liverpool
You can,t beat a good misunderstood baddie!Tennant and Davros: not a firm of solicitors but a great match,lets see it.
Sun Apr 15 13:06:23 2007

i reckon that they should bring daveros back and k9 so that the doctor can re act old times
Fri Apr 6 17:13:10 2007

karen gillespie
my son is 5 and he loves dr who and has just found out about davros and loves him please bring him back!!!!
Fri Mar 9 19:14:06 2007

Terrence Burke
I would love to have Davros return to the new series with Terry playing th part.
Mon Feb 12 05:21:56 2007

rosarie sammut
i love doctor who davros is a great character bring him back the dalex need a leader
Tue Jan 30 18:44:16 2007

bring him back! i have seen comments from 2 million people who would watch the new series if he were in it!
Mon Jan 29 13:25:45 2007

Davros is compelling...he's the anti-Stephen Hawking.
Wed Jan 3 17:54:38 2007

daniel sammut redhill
dvros is soooooooo cool i am oly12 but have watched davros in genis and reserection of the daleks pleese bring him back to the seris please i beg u please
Tue Dec 19 20:20:54 2006

why7 do i see endless comments about how davros lost his body? in rememberance, the doctor said he haddiscarded the last VESTIGE of his form, which is the LOOK. he hid himself, he didnt cut and maim himself!xxx
Thu Dec 14 15:58:24 2006

davros was a brilliant character and, in regards to those people not wanting his return, the daleks should not play second fiddle tohim, agreed, but i think a new series "revelations" type storyline is called for here. let the daleks reign free from davros and not to be so controlled, but the mere presence of davros will scare anyone to bits! don't deprive a younger generation of terry nation's and terry molloy's final, brilliant creation. "genesis" was voted as the number one serial, so bring him back, +(davros voice) please, so i can exterminate the doctor!!!
Thu Dec 14 15:48:03 2006

Having just read many of the comments written by others who speak as if they are all DR. Who experts, they sould know that the doctor's arch nemesis's name is spelt DALEKS NOT DARLIKS or DARLEKS as I have seen both variations. THANK-YOU.
Sat Dec 2 14:53:18 2006

I'm so looking forward to series 3 + the thing that would make it 4 me is the return of DAVROS! When we last saw him he was just a head in a jar, so I have written some ideas as to how he could returnand it involves is head in dalek armour. That would be ace! Please bring him back I'm just craving an evil mouldy faced old head in a jar!
Sat Dec 2 09:31:16 2006

sean corr
davros is an iconic dr who villan and would be a big viewer puller if he were to reappear in season 3 or 4 (heares hoping).
Tue Nov 28 17:11:25 2006

Will the master come back and will Davros come back too. I think it would be great if they came back to dr who - bring the master in series 3 or 4 as well as davros.
Mon Nov 6 18:00:48 2006

Molly Griffin
I think they should bring back Davros back because my mum and dad were scared of him when they were small.
Wed Oct 25 19:47:23 2006

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese bring Davros back he is just amazing i dont like him much in genesis of the daleks but in remembrance of the daleks ressurection of the daleks and revelationof the daleks he is just the best bring him back in series 3 for the finale i think he would look cool with a 21st century look and terry molloy playing the part again i can just imagine it the doctor martha and davros. BRING DAVROS BACK "!!!!!!
Sun Oct 22 16:32:54 2006

Charlotte (torchwood and doctor who fan)
you have to have davros back he rocks and can you have some kids stuff about doctor who please!!!!
Wed Oct 18 17:03:38 2006

For the new series to continue the fact of his regeneration limit of 12 will need to be addressed
Sat Oct 14 13:28:09 2006

Dalek Supreme
As a moderator on Terry's forum, I know him to be such a nice person. Davros escaped the "Hand of Omega", so I say the BBC must return him to the Daleks......PLEASE; as we (his fans) miss him! I have even written a story as to how this could be done.
Sat Oct 14 08:23:34 2006

Howard Fryer
I was fortunate enough to see the first ever episode of Dr Who here in Australia. Bring Davros back. He was the creepiest villain yet seen on television.Perhaps the only character that the Dr truly has a feared respect for.
Sun Oct 1 12:53:32 2006

Cyber Threat
I want to see am episode where the cybermen make an allout effort to advance themselves beyond the technical ability of ALL....then kick the Doctors' butt to death..... All hope of salvation is gone.....then, back in Eaths history an attempt at time travel somehow finds the doctor..telling him of his future fate.... just a medication induced thought.....what do you think....The new doctors Eccleston and Tennant ROCK!
Sat Sep 23 01:28:28 2006

Davros come back the new kids have'nt seen you don't run!!
Sat Jul 29 20:54:50 2006

i think if they do bring davros back i will be in human form because he was a humanoid
Fri Jul 14 10:37:43 2006

davros is the best evil genius on telivision i cant see the point about the daleks without davros its like tea without a teabag a car without its wheels
Fri Jul 14 10:33:33 2006

samuel the dalek
i love davros and mostly the daleks , if the daleks where real ( hopefully ) then i'd love to become one!!!
Thu Jul 13 18:52:48 2006

i think doctor who is brilliant! It is the BEST show on Earth!!!!! especially the daleks!
Wed Jul 12 20:04:06 2006

i love doctor who espesiall the darliks there sooooo cool p.s plz replay
Sun Jul 9 10:22:51 2006

i think davros should come back because he is the maker of the darleks
Sat Jul 8 22:23:35 2006

The Lonely God
Davros is inside the Genesis Ark. (I hope so anyway).
Thu Jul 6 23:37:49 2006

Des Cheers (Massive Fan of the tv series of Dr Who
As the centre of Dr Who is time travel why not create a story which is based in between the doctors earlier meetings with Davros. There is quite a lot of Davros' life unaccounted for. I agree that the character should come back, but not just for the sake of bringing him back. The story needs to be a strong one. In Planet of the Daleks at the end of the story where 10.000 Daleks buried in ice surely - that would be a good start for him. I'm sure i'm not the only one who thinks there should be more distant advantures created. It almost seems as if we are back at the very early stages of Jon Pertwee's time as Doctor when the budget was non-existent. I'm certain with the money available the BBC could put an awesome Skaro set together. The Doctor for me was better and more convincing when played by an older actor. They cared about their assistants but never fell in love with them, there was always a distance between the Doctor and assistant. When the Doctor re-generates again how about going back the classic series and bring in an older actor to play the role, Eric Idle perhaps. I'd almost given up on the new series of Dr Who until I saw the latest episode which pits the daleks against the cybermen with the Doctor sandwiched in the middle. !I feel Doctor Who's fan base may split like Star Trek when the next generation was released. I'm a fan of the classic series, which peaked with Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker and seemed to go downhill from there. I hope that now they have a bigger budget and better production facilities that they give Dr Who fans what they deserve: four, five and maybe six-part storylines with state of the art effects without going over the top and changing the folklore of the original series. I agree with the other people who have submitted comments it would be nice to have Terry Molloy back behind the mask as he made it his own although I prefer the original Micheal Wisher Davros. Wisher had lent his voice to the Daleks for a long time and had a clear view of what the Davros character would be like. It was disappointing when David Gooderson took over from Wisher, as Davros in Destiny of the daleks, as he didn't have the same kind of voice and impact. At least for continuity Terry Molloy featured in the remaining Davros episodes. Let's see the swift return of Davros!
Wed Jul 5 23:57:17 2006

davros,davros,bring back davros the kids of today should be told where daleks came from and their beginnings!!
Sun Jul 2 19:37:15 2006

Jack Harkness
I feel that the charcterof Davros would be excellent in this upcoming episode- doomsday. With the cyber controller dead, would the Daleks join forces, accept Davros as their leader to create the 'cybalks-- a cross of the worst traits form the daleks and the cybermen. And please don't let Rose Tyler go! She was a cornocopia of different acting styles, could hold up emotive feeling for far longer than any other could. And why do some people not like Ace? She's quite okay, in my opinion!
Sun Jul 2 11:46:19 2006

Johnny Burrows, Sydney, Australia (31)
Davros will remain one of my top 2 recurring villains throughout Doctor Who - the other being The Master; who I hope they find a way to have return also after the horrible Who telemovie. Whilst on the subject, I hope they bring the Sontarans back too for that matter! I DO hope Davros returns. I was disappointed when he didn't in the 2005 series. Terry Molloy did so excellent a job as Davros following on from Michael Wisher that it was several years before I realized it was a different actor behind the mask! Bring Davros back!! Perhaps he could have constructed himself a new body and outfitted his new chariot with Dalek style weapons and something to protect him from their blasts also should they turn on him again...
Sat Jul 1 16:52:23 2006

jO-jO Morley
I met Terry Molloy yesterday at the Norfolk Show....What a great guy! He was charming and was signing no end of autographs for his fans! Top Villian, bring Davros back!
Fri Jun 30 14:16:27 2006

i saw him 2day he is very cool!
Thu Jun 29 17:08:47 2006

Stephen Gash
I would like to bring back ace and joe and sea davils, daleks and the cybermen back. I would it bring the master to tackle to help the doctor. To see more on sea davils and the daleks i like the most and also davros himself.
Thu Jun 29 12:47:49 2006

Katie Belej
I think Billie Piper is great and I don't want hear to leave
Sun Jun 25 07:37:09 2006

Jamie v
I too think Davros should return as i am 15 and i have every episode with davros in and he helps the daleks seem more alive and scary and it would make history and great tv if he was to return. Davros is a great character and it doesnt matter what future villains will be like their is no replacing Davros.Please Russell T Davies, find time for the best villain other then the cybermen or the daleks.
Sun Jun 25 02:20:30 2006

i think that davros should return as my dad told me that he was one of the best villians in the classic doctor who's. My dad has seen both genesis of the daleks and destiny of the daleks and said they were both dalek chilling episodes. Please just get terry molloy back to play the classic villain.
Tue May 30 12:22:05 2006

Lord Vulcher
I think he should come back. Possibly in Army of Ghosts and Doomsday? I mean, there is speculation about it involving a war between the Cybermen and the Daleks. Who knows?
Mon May 22 21:31:02 2006

derek m brown
Yes he should return. I think his charecter could be expanded a lot more, he could divulge his past and what made him what he is. He could also have a softer side as yet unseen
Sun May 21 20:11:27 2006

David from the US
The very first Episodes i saw was Destiny of the Daleks.. so the Daleks and Davros and I we go way back. We know he got away in 'Remembrance,' so what's he been up to all this time? Inquiring minds want to know!
Sun May 21 02:50:28 2006

Daniel Start
yes. I think he should come back to lead the daleks once more. Lets not forget by the end of the old series there were two sets of daleks. to me this is the way to bring him back. with have already had one set of daleks come back. and at the end of the new series this were all killed of by rose. but this were the daleks who were lead by the big Emperor dalek. therefore Davros's daleks have still yet to come back. and you can't have them with out Davros. Come on BBC and Russell T Davies Bring back actor Terry Malloy as Davros, Fast!!!!!!!
Sat May 20 14:08:29 2006

dr jamie who
off course he must return... BUT...he has know created a new race of robot beings more terrifying than the daleks!they have a great war with the daleks,beacuse the daleks turned on there great master!
Wed May 17 21:47:59 2006

Alexander Watt
Davros must returnthe kids have never heard of him so it would be great to see him back
Wed May 17 21:21:28 2006

terence bradley
It would be very good to have the third series focusing entirely on the Daleks, just to get fan's appetites up again...and introduce the Daleks to the kids of today. Davros does need to return. He's linked the daleks together he was the Dalek menace. bring him back, and the time lords too, plus you should let fans submit ideas, i feel that writers get blocked in, and can't focus on new ideas.
Mon May 15 12:58:29 2006

One who watches Doctor Who episodes
Yes, Davros utterly and certainly should return for the relatively new Doctor Who series. It would be preferable if his body is intact in the new series. Perhaps a little bit more about Davros himself could be explained if this would prove useful. The original addition of the character Davros to the first Doctor Who series was quite brilliant.
Sun May 14 23:09:00 2006

david maclean
yes davros must return it brings a more human element to the daleks the creator .the way he moved the voice everything is great and with todays technology skys the limit
Fri May 5 14:15:58 2006

H Crafer
I think it would be great! he could be worse than ever & look more evil & grotesque than ever. i like the ideal of a civil war between the daleks, like in Rememberence of the Daleks
Sun Apr 30 21:09:30 2006

Sam Munson
i think davros should come back because i love the daleks and think they are a great story it would be great to show the younger dr who fans what he was like and to show them the doctors arch enemy
Fri Apr 28 14:08:37 2006

Jon Brunton
Davros without the Daleks! Unthinkable, the Daleks will always need Davros and that is why Terry Molloy should return to play the evil creator.There have been some great storys with Davros and the Daleks,Terry's portrail is fantastic.Please make it so Mr Russel T Davies.
Mon Apr 17 18:31:03 2006

Charlotte Kane, age 11, moscow, russia
I think Davros should return in the new series. Because Terry Molly would probably like to come back and it is my birthday soon and it would be a lovely present to see him come back. I love doctor who and I am english. My grandma record sit for me then sends it to russia.
Mon Apr 17 05:50:12 2006

rebecca cox
yes because i am only 10 and never seen him in action what do you say to new viewers then?
Sun Apr 16 12:19:34 2006

Sam Cook
I really believe Davros should return as the Dalek-Emperor. He makes an excellent Dalek-leader, and is responsible for their creation. I can imagine his new Dalek-casing (he had one in 'Rememberence of the Daleks') looking like the one of the Dalek-Emperor in 'Evil of the Daleks', only more able to move and with weapons (powerful claws on his right arm, and a powerful rocket-launcher on his left arm). I can also imagine him and his Daleks together, including some Special Weapons-Daleks and some Dalek-officers. I can also imagine the Tenth Doctor's reaction to meeting him, and Rose scolding him for turning his own people into Daleks, instead of curing their mutation.
Fri Apr 14 07:00:25 2006

Kevin L. Wisneski
I agree Davros should return in the new series. However, I see a new direction for his character in the New Series. The Daleks have obviously evolved beyond his early models and new Imperial models. So Davros would most likely be an unlikely ally of the Doctor when he goes up against the Daleks again. As you can tell the Emperor Dalek, like the Supreme, Dalek would be a definate enemy of Davros.
Mon Apr 10 06:28:08 2006

Patrick Devonshire (age 9)
I think Davros should be back because it would surprice to me and my dad.
Fri Jan 27 16:29:45 2006

If Davros returns we can see the return of the Dalek civil war, with the skaro and imperial dalek factions. It was always great fun seeing daleks exterminating Daleks and the return of Davros could prove to be the perfect device.
Sat Jan 21 20:58:16 2006

It would be nice to see the return of Davros to find out what mad scheme he has been working on lately
Mon Jan 16 14:28:41 2006

I dont realy now what itis but i think he shoud because it will be good! and i think dotor who is great! by readin the others comments he souuds evil so put him in!! should be good
Wed Jan 11 12:42:38 2006

Andi Barnes
The new series would only exist because of characters made famous in the classic series. Doctor Who has lasted for 42 years because of comebacks from villains the public love to hate and the writers ability to introduce new ones and new twists to the story and legend. I have faith in Russell T Davies to honour this by the fantastic writing team that exists on the new series. I believe he will deliver new goods as well as re-wrapping in his own special way the fan cherished villains of the past. Davros lives and Davros will rise again give it time.
Tue Jan 10 14:29:33 2006

Chris Harris
Davros is my all-time favourite Doctor Who villain. I really want to see him back in the new series so much. He is so evil and yet so fun. Please bring him back!
Thu Dec 22 23:43:12 2005

I'd suggest people listen to the audio drama called Davros. As well as having Terry Molloy as Davros it also has Colin Baker as the Doctor and is well worth hearing.
Thu Dec 22 15:27:01 2005

Seeing as he is the creator and the daleks are the created they should reunite. But Davros should have a reason to be exterminated by his puppets from the cunning wit of the doctor using counter logic.
Tue Dec 20 08:06:24 2005

Robert Burke
No he should not return, he has escaped roughly 5 times in his escape pod, without a scratch, he's a sore loser. The supreme dalek should once again be the true master of the daleks, he's been in the most popular series and he can not die. He has loyalty over the daleks and he is feard by everthing including the doctor himself.
Sat Dec 17 13:36:07 2005

Neil a pitts
I have a great fondness of Davros! after all hge did creat the daleks in "Genesis of the Daleks"! with the Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor. In the new series we were somewhat lead to believe that Davros had mutated himself into the new "Dalek Emporor"! maybe this is where Davros's name can be re-itterated in the subsequent series! Certainly I do think DAVROS should come back! maybe in a store called "The revenge of Davros"
Thu Dec 15 11:47:34 2005

Andrew Dobson
He should return! Maybe he will rebuild the Daleks, as well as creating a new, sinister Dalek variant, worser than that Sepcial Weapons Dalek! None of the Daleks will be complete without Davros around!
Wed Dec 14 14:59:10 2005

I think that Davros should be in the new series of Doctor Who and lead the Daleks one last time.
Fri Dec 9 11:22:55 2005

robert from America
No, I don't think he, Davros, should return. Davros was one of my favorites, but he was greatly over used on the original series.
Fri Nov 18 21:43:18 2005

Andy Daniels
OH Yeah he should, as creator of the Dalek race he managed to pass on his madness and obsessions on to his children! He was a scary figure who obviously had a humanoid form at one time as he became more machine his obsessions grew and his compassion diminished. As they say where there’s a will there’s a way, he will be back!
Mon Nov 14 22:37:50 2005

Robert Hasenohr
Luv that voice! When things go bad on my 'puter, like empty the trash, Davros pipes up to add his comments... ...Exterminate, exterminate!
Fri Nov 11 19:12:46 2005

Supreme Being
Absoulutley! The mans a legend and sinc the character was never actually killed of....oh the possibilities...!
Thu Nov 3 22:18:57 2005

Dean Latimer-Russell
I think Terry Molloy should come back because he was a naturual leader to the Daleks. I couldn't picture anyone else as Davros - he just gave a spice to the series. I am only 11 but I've watched every series, even the black and white Doctor Whos.
Thu Oct 27 15:39:54 2005

Dennis Perusse
Yes. As long as the character isn't static in the sense of how he is used in the plot, then by all means. The character of Davros has always changed with every story he was in. It would be wonderful if the new series would bring him back in a more terrifying way.
Thu Oct 13 23:31:26 2005

In the big finish audio "Terror Firma" it is explained that Davros turns into the emperor dalek completely, so HE must of been the emperor in the last episode, bt i would be sick with joy if he came back in the new series bt i would settle for the dalek version of him.
Sun Oct 9 20:57:47 2005

Christopher Thomson
Davros is brilliant. I reckon he is much better than the Master. Davros is sick, twisted, and listening to him just makes you want to go and punch him or kill him. He torments the mind of his opponents... which I think is magnificient. Many times his tormenting does work, even on the Doctor at times. Davros is great, no one can really replace Terry Molloy, so I would love to see Terry back as the role.
Sat Oct 8 19:43:59 2005

Keith Coy
Last time I saw Davros, he and the Doctor had met for the last time. It would be great if that litte master of evil returned soon.
Fri Oct 7 15:39:59 2005

Recently met Terry at the Collectomania at Milton Keynes. Chatting to him was a pleasure albeit breifly. When asked would he like to have appeared in the new series "Would be nice, wouldn't it" was the impression that I got. And so he should.
Fri Oct 7 14:31:59 2005

The Doctor
How could Davros NOT return, now that his "children" are back home?
Fri Oct 7 07:55:01 2005

Russell Buer
Yes Davros should return
Fri Oct 7 02:18:18 2005

i have remembered davros since i was 4 i remember when he was speaking i hid behind the sofa
Thu Oct 6 21:35:37 2005

Davros rocks! He is (or was) a great character for Doctor Who, and I hope he returns for a future series!
Mon Sep 26 19:51:47 2005

Peter Thomas
Davros should come back at some point during this new series of Doctor Who. If he doesn't Russell T Davis should get his P45.
Mon Sep 26 13:19:49 2005

Davros is brilliant, he gives the history and reason for the Dalek's existence. Yes! bring him back!
Thu Sep 15 16:03:10 2005

Yes definitely! It would be awesome if he returned to lead the daleks and he's like, "Hello Doctor. We meet again!"
Mon Sep 12 09:14:45 2005

Jim Berg
I think Davros should return it would be nice to see him again and make the Daleks return as well.
Sat Aug 27 23:25:49 2005

Marc - The Ultimate Dalek Fan
Thu Aug 25 15:04:12 2005

Joe from the who knows where?
I've been watching Doctor Who all my life and I think it's fantastic! Davros is a classic character which no other can match and Chris is a fool for quitting - he was so good. Davros should have escaped to earth deep in the future and Davros gives them high technology for humans and laboratories. A sort of recreated revelation of the daleks. Also I always enjoyed watching the Timelord episodes and almost cried when I found out they'd burnt to a cinder. I hate Paul McGann and that crappy movie Nothing Like Doctor Who.
Sun Aug 21 15:30:51 2005

jack (greatest fan in the world)
I remember Davros as the evil and the backbone of the daleks. Without him they would just be killers - Davros makes them frightening because it's hard to believe that someone would want to make something that ruthless. PS. Can't wait for new series!
Sat Aug 20 20:06:01 2005

Zane Gracie. NZ
The universe is our oyster, lately, with remakes of popular series making a comeback in movie land, now is the time to bring back davros & his creations and reintroduce them, tell the story in a different way. long live the daleks
Sat Aug 20 15:25:39 2005

Gary Merchant
If Davros is to return, it has to be in a way where he doesn't overshadow the Daleks, especially now that the Daleks are back to their best. Maybe a leaf should be taken from the Big Finish audios, where Davros stands as a central character without the need for his creations.
Thu Aug 18 17:59:53 2005

Christopher P. Dunne
In a word - "Yes" Davros was, and still is the epitomy of brilliance as leader of the Daleks.. Michael Wisher will forever be remembered as a fine artist in his portrayals as Davros.Bring him back as a due mark of respect for a truly wonderous, devious character...
Tue Aug 16 14:17:57 2005

Davros should be brought back and a few things need explaining in the new series with correct relavence to the 'time factor.' First, what happened when he was taken back to Skaro to be on trial after revelation of the daleks. Second, what has he been up to since escaping the ship at the end of Remembrance of the daleks which was around 2300? Bring him back to rebuild the daleks after the parting of the ways and let him make them even more deadly! What do you all think?
Tue Aug 16 13:28:20 2005

John Ward
I think that they should bring the Cybermen back to the new series, and the Sontarans, but would mostly love to see the Cybermen. There must be the new Cybermen costumes from the 80's floating around somewhere surely?
Tue Aug 16 11:42:40 2005

Davros should soooo appear in da 10th doctor series to punish him 4 destroying da daleks
Sat Aug 6 11:45:45 2005

Davors is brillent he or IT should come back he is the best!
Mon Jul 25 02:54:03 2005

izaak baxter
i think dr who is the best show in the solar system
Mon Jul 18 19:17:49 2005

Andie Wyatt
Yes Davros should return. He is as much a part of the Daleks as the Daleks are!!
Mon Jul 18 18:59:47 2005

Philip Swailes
Davros and The Master. My 8-yr-old son has been brought up on Dr Who and has been waiting for the new series as much as me. I was expecting dissapointment - however what joy the series has been and the Dalek episodes, well written and financed, connected the series to the Doctor Who of old. If the series is to continue, then it is its destiny to bring back Davros and the Master at some point to add continuity and excitement to further series.
Thu Jul 14 20:54:25 2005

Yes definitely. He is now the only realistic way the daleks can return since the parting of the ways. Especially if it is to be about the future. GO DAVROS!
Thu Jul 14 13:59:10 2005

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