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29 October 2014

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Chris Rankin with the Knight Bus from POA: link
Chris at the POA DVD launch party

Is Percy Weasley to hang up his robes?

As the Hogwarts Express makes its journey to the legendary school for wizards, they'll be one passenger missing in the fourth film instalment of Rowling's epic series. Is The Goblet Of Fire the end of the line for Percy Weasley?

The Prisoner of Azkaban is the latest film from the magical world of Harry Potter to have hit the high street in DVD format. As you'd expect, it was launched at a showbiz event in the heart of London, in front of the world's media.

Norfolk's Chris Rankin was there as part of the cast line-up, joining his fictional family the Weasleys, in front of the cameras - but it seems that Hogwarts will be without its head boy Percy Weasley, in The Goblet Of Fire (GOF) the next film in the series.

"Because Percy has always been a minor principal and his storyline doesn't generally affect the main three characters, they've taken the decision to leave Percy in the dressing room for this film," said Chris.

Chris spends time chatting to the world's press
Chris spends time chatting to the press

"They don't finish filming until next March, so anything could happen – but from what I'm gathering, and that I haven't seen a script or a shooting schedule, Percy won't be around for GOF," he added.

Percy fans shouldn't be too disappointed. Chris' contract to the Potter phenomenon does include another film at some point in the future.

"With the length of the books, it's impossible to include all of the elements and characters within the length of the film, so editorial choices have to be made," said Vanessa Andreis, head of Harry Potter production publicity.

"Elements that the film-makers feel aren't vital to moving the story forward are the ones that won't necessarily be included, but that doesn't mean to say that these much-loved characters, like Percy, won't be seen again in future films," she added.

Following the POA DVD launch party, Chris took some time out to talk to BBC Norfolk's Martin Barber.

Warner Bros haven't officially told you that you're not in GOF - but your own sources say that Percy's not in it.

The people I've spoken to have said the script doesn't mention Percy, the shooting schedule or cast list doesn't mention Percy – so I think you have to draw from that, that Percy's not going to be around - which is a shame as the bits he has in the GOF are very, very funny and important to the sub-plot.

The whole Barty Crouch thing, the judging of the tri-wizard tournament and things like that - but I don't know how much of that they're going to keep in the film. At the end it comes back to Harry and the whole fight against good and evil.

But you never know, they could change their minds over Christmas. Mike Newell might have a bit of Christmas cheer and think to put Percy back in.

Percy will go to the Yule Ball…

No, I can't dance – they can't put in me in the Yule Ball. I was talking to the twins [Jamie and Oliver Phelps] about it at the weekend. We were having a chat about how to do the quickstep, which apparently isn't going too well for some of them!

Let's hope some of the dancing lessons make it onto the GOF DVD extras then, purely for their comic value. Your contract is for the Prisoner of Azkaban plus one other, are you hoping Order Of The Phoenix is when Percy returns?

It would be nice to do OOTP, simply because Percy is such an arse in it.

He's disowned his family and knowing my penchant for playing villains, it would be nice to come back and play the bad guy.

There's the scene with Percy at the beginning of the book where Harry is trialed for doing magic and the scene where Dumbledore is arrested about three-quarters of the way through. We shall wait and see.

It’s been an important month for Potter fans, with the long-awaited released of the POA DVD - did you enjoy the launch party?

It was incredible - but very, very cold that night.

Chris Rankin with Buckbeak the Hippogriff
Chris gets to meet Buckbeak at POA party

They did this thing called the reveal, when the main trio came careering around the corner of this huge building in the Knight Bus. We then all joined them and stood for what was like a school photograph - in the cold and pouring rain!

The party was inside a building called the Middle Temple which is part of the Old Bailey in London. It's all very grand.

They'd decked it out like the Great Hall at Hogwarts with the floating candles and the Boggart's cupboard. They had a room like Professor Trelawney's classroom with squashy seats and a chance to play the POA computer game. Buckbeak was there too, which was an experience.

As you're not working with the gang this year, it must have been a good opportunity to catch up with some old faces.

Yes, it was nice to see everybody again, but as they're all working hard quite a few didn't stay too long.

I don't think Dan stayed for more than 10 minutes, but I know Emma was there until the end along with some of the older cast. It was nice to see people again and have a quick gossip and catch up.

The HP parties are famed for their goodie bags. What was in it this year?

We got the DVD, I managed to get five of those! We also got a time-turner presented in what looks like a carriage clock case, there was Harry Potter Lego, packets of Bertie Botts' beans and jellied slugs - all sorts of bits and bobs.

Honeydukes Sweet Shop was back too, they had it at the premiére in May and it went down an absolute treat. The decked out one end of the room like the shop including a huge chocolate fondant fountain.

The drinks were served like smoking potions in test tubes and there was a rather nasty looking pineapple drink in what, can only be described, as a specimen jar – people didn't drink many of them!

They also had these trays of canapés with broom sticks through the middle and serving platters created from giant spell books – it was a good night.

One of the things we talked about last summer was a scene shot in the Gryffindor common room where you were all in your pyjamas. It never made the final cut, but it's included with the DVD extras.

Chris with Harry Potter co-star Devon Murray
Chris and Devon (Percy and Seamus)

Yes, it's back! I'm very excited about that.

It's a good scene and is one of the only scenes where you meet Sir Cadogan, who's played by Paul Whitehouse. He was also taken out of the final cut of the film.

I can see why they cut it as they took out the whole thing about Sirius Black coming in to kill Scabbers – but I'm glad it's back on the DVD. I've got a close-up in it which is why I'm quite happy! [Laughs]

It's good to see the scene finished with the moving portraits and the sound added. You can see me giggling in the background where one of the girls had accidentally stood on my feet.

You obviously love doing Potter. You're not in this film but you've a contract to say there's one more to come, so is it just nice to be having a break a world of witchcraft and wizardry?

It's nice to just get of Watford where we film and have a chance to do something that's not running around corridors in the freezing cold with wands. It's good to do other roles.

I've been doing a drama with the BBC over the summer called The Writers' Club which will be out in the new year sometime. That was a complete change, set in the '70s - sex, drugs and rock 'n role – that's what it's about.

I've been working with my theatre company Painted Horse. We've just finished casting Salome which is performed in April/May next year and I'm back into panto over Christmas. This time in Derby where I'm playing Percy – again!

If you love Harry Potter, don't miss our photos from the POA DVD party. Use the link at the top of this page.

Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone can be seen on BBC1 at 6.05pm on Christmas Day, 2004.

last updated: 22/12/04
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Percy is actually a power-hungry moron but as long as he admit it in the last book i thin he should be playing in all the movies...
Sun Aug 26 16:41:28 2007

Confident,because Percy Weasley already reach his 7thyear in Hogwarts in Prisoner of Azkaban.
Tue Jun 26 22:39:06 2007

i think its ok because im sure he will return in the 5th installment!
Fri Jun 22 18:36:37 2007

chris should have been in the scene of the quiddich world cup aparrating with bill and charlie but hey hes gonna be either in order of phoenex or half blood prince or deathly hallows (ive read the book because it leaked out on internet)
Mon Jun 4 20:18:58 2007

Sun Aug 13 17:43:27 2006

Percy is the best Weasley kid. He should be in an additional scene in goblet of fire with his grlfriend Penelope "snogging."
Mon May 1 18:48:57 2006

I don't think that Percy(Chris) should have been cut from the film he could have been in at least a few scenes.
Thu Apr 27 20:03:09 2006

I really like the movie and I love animatronics I want to be and animatronic specialist so I was kinda wondering how buckbeak was made? and did you like making it?
Wed Apr 12 17:04:28 2006

obviously without percy hogwarts did not have a very disciplined year
Mon Apr 10 15:38:17 2006

ITS NOT THE SAME WITH OUT PERCY(chris). HE Was going to be the juge in the TWT in harry potter(dan)4th year at school.He's needed to cover for Crouch, and be pestered by the gang as to where his boss is. chris plays a good part in the GOF. he is disowned by his family in the OoTP, cause then he will be working for mr. fuge mister of magic. its not the same without chris(percy). came back and act again chris we the fans miss you. you might will put chris right back in GOF and i mean it. OoTP is when he moves out to lounda from his home that he lived in for 18 years during his 7 years at school and during his 1 st year of working at the mistey.
Sun Apr 9 07:51:08 2006

I was disoppointed to find that Percy was going to be excluded from the goblet of fire. All the films are so long that you need a bit of humour in it and the weasley twins get all the funny lines. Percy has such a big and funny part in all the other films so exclude him from this one?
Eve McNeil da sk8ar
Fri Apr 7 13:35:31 2006

Chris's (Percy) deleted scene on the DVD??? What scene? Sorry guys I think The deleted scene was deleted, it's not on my DVD!
Sat Apr 1 15:01:59 2006

honestly, guys, i dont understand what all the fuss is about. just face it, percy isn't a major character. he's not important to the plot, and i honetly wasn't disrupted by the fact that mike cut him. but guys, take it easy on him. newell is abspulutely spectacular, and the movie was fantastic. and yes, he HAS read the books, so just lay off him. no need to call people stupid if we say that percy isn't important, because that's the truth. sorry to burst your bubble, but that stubborn bubble just had to be burst!
beauxbatons belle
Sat Mar 18 21:20:42 2006

Goblet of Fire without percy is going to be wierd because he his one of the weasley brothers and I think they should include him .
Mon Feb 20 15:00:50 2006

I think that Goblet of Fire will be fine without Percy because he has a stupid, small little roll. The movie can not be super long and it long already. Other people have more important lines and percy would just be taking up precise time . It doesn't make a difference in any of the other movies that Percy wants to drag Ron out of the water. What Percy would say in Goblet of Fire would just take up time and would not matter at all. People should be glad Percy is out of the movie because now they can watch more of a really good scene than hear Percy talk about his stupid feelings.
Sun Jan 29 19:57:21 2006

I'm not a big Percy fan either but having no percy would be trouble for the fifth book would be horrible.
Mon Jan 16 18:59:42 2006

Aww bless him! Keep him in hes the only buff guy in there !!!! He`s so sxi in it n it would be misserable with out a lovely dude in there! i also like Marcus.Flint and Oliver.Wood! he he ! But not percy!(TRYING NOT TO CRY!)* im a masive fan too! love ya percy ! (muah) xoxo
Mon Jan 16 17:07:51 2006

I hate this. I am not a percy fan.but it is so terrible! Percy plays a big part in Gof. If you cant have the 5 Weaslys(Including Bill and Charlie).
Harry number 1
Fri Nov 18 19:18:54 2005

I think that is just terrible. I am not a Percy fan but still I think its horrible!
Fri Nov 18 18:43:50 2005

WHAT?!?! Taking out Percy would be just like taking out Giiny or Ron or Hermione. He is one of the needed charaters. If they do not change their minds I will never ever ever audition for the film which I was thinking of doing!
Thu Oct 6 17:12:27 2005

I was a bit shocked and disappointed to learn that Percy was to be excluded from The Goblet Of Fire film. His role in the book is a fairly major one. Bearing in mind his involvement with Barty Crouch Snr, and the fact that he has to cover for his whereabouts. I can understand they have to make some cuts for the film. Sometimes though these cuts from the plot, can cause confusion when watching the next film. As for instance, in Prisoner Of Azakaban film, there was no mention that the Marauder's Map was in fact written by Lupin, Black, Pettigrew and Potter (AKA Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prong). When I read the Goblet Of Fire a few months ago for the first time, they referred to Sirius Black as Padfoot. Straight away my mind was working overtime, and I remembered that the map was co-written by Padfoot. It didn't take me long to realise that the other writers were in fact Lupin & Co. I have not read the Prisoner Of Azkaban book yet, (though I intend to), I presume that this info is given in this book! It would have been nice if this had been mentioned in POA film. I wonder if the cutting of Percy's role may be due to the fact they don't want to tarnish the Weasley family's image. They come across(especially on film) as a close-knit family. Perhaps they feel the truth will spoil it somewhat for the younger viewers I like Percy's character being in the books. I am reading Order Of The Phoenix, and already I have seen the relationship between Percy and his family crumble. I see this as a big part in the Harry Potter saga.
Wed Oct 5 17:28:04 2005

You have to keep him in. He's my fav character and he's in a lot of funny bits (in the books).
Sun Sep 11 18:34:18 2005

I know you dont see much of Percy in the films but KEEP HIM IN! I love him telling other ppl wat 2 do and being bigheaded! COME ON PERCY!
Rupert Grints babe
Wed Sep 7 05:40:08 2005

What no Percy - this can't be true. What will i do without my four Weasleys to drool over! Well 5 if you count Mr Weasley, but no, not Percy, anybody but Percy. *sniff* *sob* why are you so cruel.
The Weasleys' Stalker
Tue Sep 6 23:11:57 2005

That is not fair - he is a good actor and a cute guy too. Please let him stay.
Sat Aug 20 02:52:22 2005

WHAT THE HECK IS MIKE NEWELL THINKING! He cannot take out Percy Weasley! Percy wasn't exactly my fav but who else is gunna bounce off Barty Crouch sr.? Who is gunna cover for him when he's under the imperious curse? I mean has Mike even read the books? He needs to add Percy Weasley!Who cares if Percy (chris)is cute - it doesn't matter if he is cute or not - he's just a good actor. They alwayz cut out the best parts. The books are way better bcuz when reading the book you actually think they are going to add these great parts that you are picturing in your head. People don't understand that Percy Weasley has a "big" part in these books. The new director may have not read the books so maybe he needs to sit down and read the book bcuz who else is gunna give Harry those points for the Tri-Wizard tournament? DON"T CUT OUT PERCY WEASLEY!I think Percy will do great in the OOTP too.
Tom's #1 Babe
Fri Aug 12 01:27:02 2005

Well, Percy was one of the characters i liked and not having him in the movie will be a big bummer.
Thu Aug 11 07:31:59 2005

We NEED Chris as Percy, at least a Percy. The movie has to have the obnoxious, perfect prefect now bighead boy percy! You must! must! must!
Wed Aug 10 21:20:25 2005

I can't believe that they would keep Percy out. I mean it is the point in Percy's life when he is starting to separate from the family. Percy's commitment to the ministry adds to the tension between dumbledore and the ministry. Since percy is a part of the weasley family, you can't believe he starts to switch sides. I feel that percy's plot (although not the main one) is still important to the story. And plus chris is so good as percy. Why just make it seem like he doesn't exist?
Tue Aug 9 21:15:48 2005

I think it would not be very good with out him.
Sun Aug 7 17:06:00 2005

OMG! In the books, Percy is so obnoxious. If GOF went on without Percy, it's like your taking a family member out of the Weasley family and everything else.
Mon Aug 1 14:36:34 2005

I think that GOF without chris would be horrible. Percy is one of my favourite characters and when I imagined the book in my head, when the movie came out, Chris matched my imagination perfectly. I think that the deleted scene is really cool because it was one of my favourite parts in the book and i was sad to see that it wasn't in the movie and when i saw it on dvd, i was so happy to see it. It's good that it was on the dvd because my favourite part in COS was the death-day party and I was really sad to see that it wasn't in the movie or a deleted scene. oh well, I guess you can't get what you want all the time!!
Tue Jul 26 00:11:01 2005

Percy is a main character, it may even be him that Dies in the HBP, removing him from GOF would be atrocious. He is needed to show that Crouch is being possesed.
Wed Jul 13 01:31:13 2005

Percy is so hot!! Why is it that the hottest ones don't get any attention? It won't be the same without him. I love you Chris!
Tue Jul 5 16:50:40 2005

I think that it is really stupid and that Percy was a main part in the film and that he needs to be in it! GOF will not be the same with out him!So hearing he's not in it is very upseting and I hope they've changed their minds!
Kristina & Katherine
Tue Jun 28 01:53:13 2005

Of course Percy should be in GOF, but not if it means he can't be in OOTP if he only has 1 more film on his contract. And who knew Chris had such cool hair?!
Wed Jun 15 15:30:02 2005

I think it's really bad that they haven't included Percy because he plays a major part in the Goblet. Without Percy they're going to have to change a lot of the storyline. I hope Percy is in the OOTP because Percy is a great character in this film. Hopefully they won't play about to much with the storyline I just feel sorry for Chris.
Wed Jun 1 21:16:44 2005

Leaving Percy out of the next film is so not cool! What makes a movie interesting is when all the characters are included especially when a book is already written. The audience would really be creastfallen if the story changes! The storyline for the third movie was already changed, why change GOF too? Besides, taking Percy out would mean changing other events in the Goblet of Fire movie. The Audience is the King, film it the way the audience wants it. And that means to NOT CHANGE THE STORYLINE PLEASE! We would like to see J.K. Rowlings's work turned into a movie the way she wrote it!
Sat May 21 08:34:27 2005

It was bad enough that in Azkaban the storyline was changed there, why change the storyline for the film GOB? By not including certain characters it messes up the general plot and then messes it up for Phoenix? The screenplay writer and the director need to stop cutting out the important parts. Editing Percy from GOF will make the Weasley family seem incomplete especially since in GOF we get to meet the two older Weasley brothers, Bill and Charlie. Percy needs to be in GOF!
Tue May 10 23:47:05 2005

It will be imposseible for GOF to be continue the script without the character Percy. How will it explain for the future books/films? Percy has an important role in the HP series books and films. The actor needs to be seen for the film as he has been scripted in the book.
Tue May 10 23:37:08 2005

I don't know because I have never liked the character Percy, but Griyfindor without its legendary head boy world be terrible.
Jamie Squires
Fri May 6 20:33:39 2005

The film wouldn't be the same without his curly locks. Not to mention the great intelligence that I will miss very much. Has he ever played quiddich?
Wed Apr 20 14:05:41 2005

I agree with Scarlet. Why should they have Percy in the movie if he is not an important character in it? And yes, I do believe he will be an important character in the upcoming books but let's face it, what does he do in the fourth book that's going to change the plot? Sure Chris is cute but all of you people are forgetting they cant make a 5-hour movie, but I sure wish they could!
Sun Feb 27 06:56:04 2005

i dont think that he should go because he is one of the best characters and he is great i want him to stay and so does a many of other people please dont let him go
Thu Feb 17 22:07:30 2005

I thought it was realy scary and so much darker than the other films. I took my little sister Alice to watch it with me and my friend. We are 13 nearly 14 and we were hanging off the edge of or seats and there's my sister - 5 years old -laughing the whole way through the film. But i think the films are way better than the books I have read. The fourth one was a stuggle the fifth one hasn't even come into my mind yet.
Wed Jan 12 18:54:41 2005

I think it's terrible! Can you imagine GoF without Percy who plays an important role. Although I'm not a fan of Percy, I'm expecting to see G0F with Percy. Haven't you ever read GoF book? Of course, there must be Percy in GoF film too!
Linda Inkiriwang
Thu Jan 6 10:41:13 2005

I like you, Anon, and others that agree with him. But I must say you other people are stupid. What are you saying Scarlet? Percy doesn't have importance to the plot? Of course he does! He's not just there! First he loves his family then he practically disowns them and sends Molly and Arthur into a traumatized state of mind. Every time Percy is mentioned in the fifth book, Molly bursts into tears! I can't believe what you all are saying. It's so obvious Percy is important to the plot that you'd have to have not read the books to miss it!
Wed Jan 5 22:41:26 2005

I haven't seen the DVD, but am looking forward to seeing some of the cuts. I always find that the cuts are mostly true to the books, and that's most important to me: the films are too long in the wrong places and miss out the most important things... like Percy. I can't understand this! Taking out Percy is like killing the plot. He's needed to cover for Crouch, and be pestered by the gang as to where his boss is. What is that director thinking?
Wed Jan 5 21:04:23 2005

I hope that after few days he dosen't say that Daniel Radcliffe should be cut, the script is getting too long. It is not the question about Mike doesn't care what the fans say, but of course it is the question that will we at least get to see the trio. I hope we do or may be the movie is getting too long bcoz of them.
Wed Jan 5 17:40:49 2005

I feel Percy is important in the Gof because he is related to Barty Crouch. Percy is to attend the tasks on behalf of Barty Crouch. That is important bcoz then we start thinking that why is Crouch acting so mad. I reckon they haven't read the book. I don't think the movie will make sense without Percy. I dont think JK Rowling has made any changes in her novel, has she? I really love HP movies but I hope that when I watch Gof I don't see people leaving the theater bcoz of not understanding what's happening.
Wed Jan 5 16:46:02 2005

What the heck do you think you're doing? Have you people even read the Harry Potter books? You can't take out Percy Weasley! That would totally throw everyone off! If you go from being in the third movie with Percy loving his family to the fifth movie wheres he's totally anti-Weasley there are going to be some very confused people! Not everyone has the time to read the books so they wouldn't know what the heck is going on! You've got to think of everyone. The first two books I thought were dumb but yet, so far, were the best movies because Chris Columbus directed them. Then you get this new director and he totally screws it up. The third book was one of my favorites, and yet the movie is totally different from the book! The movie was totally choppy and didn't have a flow like the first two! I give a standing ovation to Chris Columbus for actually doing what he was paid to do! Bring Chris Columbus back - he actually knows what he's doing!
Wed Jan 5 00:46:15 2005

It shouldn't make that much of a difference because while he did have some funny parts he wasn't a major asset to the story. It's just a shame about how much they will have to cut out of the theatrical version of the 4th movie since it's so long and all. I think that an extended version of GOP should be released including important info. that couldn't be in the theatrical version. Just a suggestion!
Tue Jan 4 07:31:18 2005

OMG! how blind can you people get?! Percy has a major part in book 5 and if you cut him out of the fourth movie you have just messed up the rest of them as well. JK does these things for a reason if you cut Percy none of the future movies will make sence!!!!
Words of common sence
Sun Jan 2 22:33:14 2005

I have been reading what all of you have been saying. I must say that this is getting a bit ridiculous. I hope someone agrees with me. Yes, Percy is a great character, but he is not a vital character to the plot. You need to understand that cuts must be made. They can't add in a character for the sake of it when he has no real importance to the plot at this time. Now, I know that EVERY character is there for a reason, but this is a movie and things must be changed to make the movie less than seven hours here! And JUST because a character is 'cute' doesn't mean we should bring him/her back into the movie. You all need to face reality because I guarantee that Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and especially Tom Felton are NOT going to be around forever. They are hopeful that they will be for the 5th...but they are growing up and might feel a need to move on from Harry Potter. They can't base their lives around it forever. So if you think 'cutting Percy' is tragic..I can't imagine your shock when the trio backs down.
Sun Jan 2 21:20:45 2005

Well, since Percy is my favourite character.. I am rather miffed about this whole ordeal. I know there's nothing I can do about it... but I reserve the right to fume and yell and blame people. >
Sun Jan 2 19:39:06 2005

I find it rather disappointing. I personally believed Percy plays a vital role in GoF. It's the beginning of his 'power-hungry' feed. When given the opportunity to fill in for a powerful man such as Barty Crouch sr., it starts the steady line of promotion for Percy. GoF won't be as enjoyable with Percy. I'm assured.
Sun Jan 2 17:18:57 2005

well i don't think it's a good idea taking out percy as his role is importent.....if this importent part was cut out i don't want to think what else is cut out...every single detail is importent...look what happened in POA some poeple who watched the movie but havent read the book did not understand a thing... ok the effects and the way it was created is great but the senario and the script sucks....lots and lots where cut out and the book is not as long as GOF at least split the movie into two...and like in COS the deleted scenes were importent too.. well i just hope that they realize that the book is too long to be shrunk into a three or even 4 hour movie.....well i just hope that they don't cut anything from the part that harry touches the portkey till he returns back to hogwarts with cedric diggory....and when b.crouch jr says everything..... well just hope that all of the letters from people who wish that parts are not cut including mine are read by the director and that the split the book into two movies ...
Sun Jan 2 12:35:32 2005

Has the director even read the book? From pics I've seen on the net, the Quidditch World Cup is in the movie. In the book Percy was there, along with Bill and Charlie, so why should he be missing from the film? Percy plays an interesting part in the Tri-Wizard Tournament/Barty Crouch mystery. Plus, there are hints about his allegiance, etc. I agree that too much has been left out of the previous movies, and I think that leaving Percy out would be a shame. I too would rather watch longer movies than leave important parts out. I also hope that all of the cast will carry on with the remaining movies. It just wouldn't be the same if any of them left!
Sun Jan 2 01:45:16 2005

Percy is actually quite important in GOF so the choice to write him out seems odd. Who is Barty Crouch senior going to bounce off of anyway, and who is going to replace him when he goes "all ill"!? Percy (Chris) is a great character in the movies (we in our family love to dispise him)so he is missed for GOF!
Cerridwen Star
Sat Jan 1 18:17:07 2005

I really think that its a shame to cut Percy out of GOF, but none the less, it is impossible to include every character. Since Percy doesnt have a huge role in GOF, i can see why they cut him out, and i look forward to seeing more of Percy in OoP. I also loved the deleted scene, and i think the movie would have made more sense and added more dimention and detail if it would have had Chris' deleted scene. :)
Becky N.
Sat Jan 1 04:47:26 2005

PERCY NEEDS TO BE IN THE MOVIE! THIS IS SO MESSED UP! Even though Percy isn't my favorite character he is an important one and if you put him in it shows fans that Percy is becoming more distant. I wonder what else Mike Newell is going to take out? I heard that Charlie wasn't going to be in the movie either but it maybe just a rumor. TWO WEASLEYS NOT IN GOF! WHAT IS THIS! He really is going to mess up GOF! I was also disappointed with POA because it was my favorite book and it was definantly not the book! At least that Chris Columbus acutally tired to copy the book! I mean Alfonso looked like he didn't even try! I wish that these directors would be as dedicated as Peter Jackson in the Lord of the Rings making every movie at least 3 hrs. long! I mean really! O ya and the the deleted scene was funny cause Percy sounded really tired! lol!
Some random person
Sat Jan 1 00:45:56 2005

Well i can see why they might have done axed percy from the film as to people who havent read the books he isnt that important a character however to the people who have read the books and know the future storylines Percy is important. And how do they expect an audience to really react to percy betraying his family in ootp when they havent seen him in the last film... this reminds me of a certain quidditch captain that was axed from the last film. These people really should think about their audience before they go around axing characters!
Fri Dec 31 18:31:03 2004

OK The Harry Potter books are great. I love them. So don't change them. Bring Percy (Chris) back. Even if he is a minor character (which he is not in my mind) Every character is important!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love the books- love the cast- hate the movies
Fri Dec 31 17:52:30 2004

How can he not be in GoF??????? He is as Chris said, very important to the plot! Ron sends the letter to him about Crouch. He's a Triwizard judge. And when crouch goes mad and comes out of the forest all he rambling on about is "Weatherby" which is in fact what he calls Percy. he is very important to the story. And what about the world cup campground when he asks crouch if he would like a cup of tea? How can he not be used in this film?!!!!!!!!!!I am outraged!
Lia Grist
Fri Dec 31 17:13:16 2004

Percy is without a doubt my favourite character so I'm absolutely gutted thats he wont be appearing, I think that chris is right percy plays an important role in the sub-plot so that will really reflect badly on the hmmm how do I phrase this ...correct portayal of JKR's books. On a more positive not Percy absolutely MUST feature in the OOTP as his role in that is pure class. Well Done to Chris who is wonderful at playing percy and I'm looking forward to seeing more of him in the future!
Fri Dec 31 15:43:10 2004

percy has to be in GOF ! he isnt playing an important role but his role in OOTP is very very important !! Dont give up chris u'll be back !!! PS: say hi to dan 4 me !
Fri Dec 31 14:55:59 2004

It doesn't make sense to not have Percy in the film! He kinda plays a big role in the fifth book so yeah he still deserves to be in the 4th movie! There were alot of scenes cut in the 3rd movie so DON'T make the 4th one worse!
Fri Dec 31 06:49:35 2004

Percy is a great character and Chris is so cute! He plays th epart well. But GOF is a long book, and.... well, I guess they have to leave something out! Chris' deleted scene is great! I love that scene, glad it made it at least into the extras. And Sir Cadogan is a riot!
Fri Dec 31 06:16:05 2004

I can't beleive that Percy not going to be in the story. I personally wish that Chirster Cloumbus came back. Also Chirst (Percy) is in the movie. Fan such as myself and other all of over the world deserve to sit and enjoy the Harry Potter with the right story line. I hated the POA movie. I was so mad because POA is my favorite out of all the books. How could they do this to us, delete scenc, delete actors, make it so actors don't wore robe in the movies. How could they do this too us. I feel bad for J.K. Rowling she work so hard and these books and the flim makes mess up her hard work. HOW DARE THEM!!! Please consider bring Percy back.
Angry Fan
Fri Dec 31 03:33:38 2004

even though percy doesnt have a huge role, the book isnt centered around just the trio, and people like percy liven the book up more. he should be included.
Fri Dec 31 02:36:39 2004

GOF will not even be worth seeing if Percy is not in it. With out reading the books, I'm sure the movie will be fine, but think about how many people will be disapointed with GOF... so lets just disapoint, the older crowd who read the books, and let the younger group with no idea whats going on enjoy the movie
Fri Dec 31 01:48:47 2004

Firstly,I always liked Percy's character, but after I read GOF, I was so mad at Percy I couldn't see straight. He isn't really a big character, but I think for the people who don't read the books, they should see how horrible Percy became. Secondly, that was a really good scene that they cut out, it gives a lot of good information. However, I am glad that it got on the deleted scenes section on the DVD, since it couldn't be in the movie.
Seriously Obsessed Harry Potter Fan
Thu Dec 30 22:44:26 2004

STOP HACKING THE FILMS!!!!! what are you people thinking? apparently your not. if the character is in the book then he/she needs to be in the movie. chris columbus did a great job on SS & COS. what happened to POA? it completely sucked!!! if GOF is cut as badly as POA was, i don't think i can stand to even think of it, i wanted a 3 1/2 hour long POA, and i want GOF to be even longer, and OOTP to be even longer. especially with news that HBP will be shorter than last book. i heard the dursley's have also being cut, who next? if jk writes it, it should be in the movie. every character is important. warner bros offered to release GOF as a 2 part movie and if that is what has to be done in order to keep everything in the movie then so be it. i would rather have to wait a couple of months(or several months), than to see a chopped up version. if you can't do it right, don't do it at all!
disappointed with POA
Tue Dec 21 06:48:24 2004

I think Harry Potter films without Percy will be like Bruce Almighty without Jim Carrey!! He is a very big part of the 4th book and without him, the film would be missing a bit of the magic!! PLEASE BRING PERCY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mon Dec 20 18:16:48 2004

idiots who would want to take percy out? anyway i bet u that they have cut important bits outs too. nearly all the people who have wrote in want percy back. so anyone who knows mike newell tell him what i have wrote! maybe he will than add percy back! who knows?
Sun Dec 19 12:54:04 2004

I think percy should be in the movie!he is such a big part of least he can be in the next movie.can he? but i still will whach it.i love your movies J.K. i think yuo should make more than 7 books and movies.but keep up the good work!
Fri Dec 17 21:14:23 2004

I'm going to be upset that Percy will not be in GOF. He was one of my favorite characters, even though he was in five scenes all together. I would like to see his story when he's in the Ministry of Magic. Hopefully Percy will return. He's cute too!
Fri Dec 10 22:21:17 2004

Come on! who would want to get rid of Chris? Well i dont! What was mike newell (director) taking about? Anyone know? i dont know too! Is it about the pay rate? Is it that he wants to upset the fans like me? He said he does not care about what the fans say! Get a grip mike! Percy is important too! That's if u dont know!hello? Anyone agree with me?
Wed Dec 8 17:49:26 2004

i too agree with bob if we spent so much time reading this magical book i garantee you we will be a lot more than happy to watch a movie, even if it is longer because we want quality just like the book , which wouldnt be so much quality if jk rowling(bless her!) did put the effort and detail so i think the movie should be like that as well Plus movie critics but most importantly viewers and harry potter lovers such as myself would rate the movie on quality not on length!!!!!!
Sun Dec 5 21:08:35 2004

i reckon he should. in case the directors forgot - it is harry potter they are direction! and percy is part of the weasley family! i just hope percy (not chris - i luv his hair!- i realy mean percy) gets his act together. what is he on, acting that way about harry and all!!!
boobly kuku
Sat Dec 4 12:39:34 2004

Me and my friends thought the deleted scene was just wonderful. We bought it and had a small group of my and my sister's friends it was so fun I just loved it! Also I think he should be in GOF! I mean how are they gonna get through the whole Quidditch thing without him tagging along or the judging - I hope they change their minds!
Haley C.
Fri Dec 3 01:01:22 2004

They'll probably not keep Percy in the fifth movie, mostly because his most prominent presence is through the letter he sends to brother Ron. We can tell through that letter how much an arse he's become, so essentially there's no urging need for Chris in the next movie. From rumors (started by Chris himself!) I've heard, however, Percy will get the chance to redeem himself in the sixth or seventh books, and that is where I believe Chris will appear again. (Hopefully more than that, however!)
Wed Dec 1 11:01:31 2004

Come on, we had to sit through 3 hours while the titanic sunk! How on earth do they expect to make a decent Potter film by cutting people out? People that have spent hours reading the book, expect and deserve a decent film!
Mon Nov 29 17:26:40 2004

I think it is really cool,but why would you want to delete it?Is it to make it shorter?This is a comment for J.K.Rowling:I love your books and movies I have all of them.
Mon Nov 29 14:47:13 2004

Personally I think Percy should be in the fourth film because he's important to the sub-plot. JK Rowling placed him in the books for a reason and in case the director hadn't noticed, Chris was working Percy in the first movie and then again in the second because he's important to the plot. The fourth book is when Percy realizes that he's finally out of school and has to do something with his life and leaving him out of the movie would just make the leap from third to fifth highly annoying. One minute you have a Percy who loves his family (third book), next you have him realizing a few things about himself and what he's going to do in the future (the turn of events) and then you have him absolutely hating his family and wanting to have nothing to do with them (book five). Without mentioning Percy in the fourth books, it wouldn't have made sense to the reader why he went off on his own. JK Rowling has big plans for him, and if the director's think that cutting him out is going to help stay true to the book, I think they are mistaken. As for the deleted scene on the DVD, I have to admit he did a good job studdering. It was almost as if Percy just remembered who he was. Quite cute indeed.
Sat Nov 27 22:14:35 2004

i honestly would hate to see any character missing from the movie. it's like saying 'if you had to, which of your five fingers would you get rid of?' Well it's impossible to choose of course! i would hate to have a gap in the movie like a missing finger. I think that even though the movies try to follow the book, it's more proccupied with 'oh my god, all movies must be two hrs!' in india most movies are longer but you get the quality. I think that if jk had intended to leave Percy out of the book she would have. However based on te fact that Percy is in it, he should be in the movie. i am begging my parents to buy me the third dvd at this very momment, so unfortunatly i have not been able to see the missing scene. now seems like a good opportunity to put my opinions out there! I heard that many of the characteres are not going to be in all the movies, even the main characters! I heard that everyone is growing up soooo fast. This is true. I saw on the internet that Rupert is 16 and already 6 ft something! I became a harry potter fan about a month ago. i love harry potter. i cant choose my favorite character. i hate it when they have drawing of harry potter or things like harry potter games. It feels like they are ruining the whole harry potter experience. i am from california but i have a preety good english accent. i would like to play a small role in the movie. i heard that in the harry potter cast applications youy have to be english to apply!?! My dad is not really fond of me reading harry potter and says i should be studing or sometihing i disagree. I wonder how the veela are going to be mad in the fourth movie, would they use real humuns for the bueatiful side of the veelas?
Sat Nov 27 03:21:07 2004

Well, I personally think that the Goblet of Fire wouldn't be right without Percy, as he does have quite an important role in Order of the Phoenix, and like Chris said, is important in the sub-plot if GoF. I don't know what to do- my favourite characters are all leaving the films! I think Alfonso Cuaron cursed the Harry Potter movies somehow... while an amazing director, there was something about him doing Potter films that I didn't like. Oh well. I hope that Chris comes back for OoTP at least, because if Percy's not in that, I'm giving up on the films altogether! I did like the deleted scene very much! There just wasn't enough of him in the movie, though! Grr! Oh well. Hoping that Percy will be in GoF!
Fri Nov 26 04:45:50 2004

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