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24 September 2014

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Ice Rink 2004

Have your say

The ice rink at The Forum is back for another season, but what do you think about its return?

More than 30,000 people skated on the ice rink at The Forum last winter. Despite early complaints that the cost of skating was too high, you hit the ice in your thousands.

This year, the organisers are holding lessons for those who wish to expand their skills and short introductions to the basics of skating will be given at the start of each session.

last updated: 10/12/04
Have Your Say
Are you pleased to see the rink back in Norwich? Will you be giving it a go? What would you like to say to the organisers. Have your say now.
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hey it looks so bare where the rink used 2 b.cnt w8 till its bk l8r this year.x x
kerris and claire

I love Ice-skating + I think it was a brilliant idea to have a rink outside the Forum over Christmas. I had great fun - I wish it was there all year round!

im soooo gutted da ice rink had gone, it was so much fun me n ma m8s went on it loads. neways cnt wait till its bk next year, hope da same staff r there coz they was fit espesh mark n jude! xx

this will be my last message, the ice rink was great, it was fantastic i loved it, pitty i had to take it down over the weekend, it was annoyin and hard, but then me and baseline will build it again next year, and i hope to hav a great skate again.but dont miss out on the other events from baseline such as skate parks ice rinks etc. so there will always to look forward too ok.

It was great to see the ice rink back in Norwich. It was a pity the rink couldn't be a bit larger, it seemed dangerously packed on some days. A permanent indoor rink would be even better - no more skating in the rain!
Melissa Sampson

Yes I agree. I do think the price was rather high especially when we have a family of five to pay for, but we did have fun. Had it been cheaper, we would have been able to go more than just once. Shame there was so much water on the surface, children got soaked within five minutes which was not nice. I do hope it is back next year, and for a longer period too. Why is it only for a few weeks, couldn't we keep the rink for a longer period in the winter? I can't wait for it to be back.

Enjoyed skating with my two boys. We went to the first session of the day, disappointed by the amount of surface water on the ice, which meant that as soon as you fell over your clothes were soaking wet through. They were a few nasty falls during the time we were on the ice and I think that it was quite crowded, apart from that we had a great time. The staff were helpful and we will go again next year.
Nicky Rushton

I love ice skating! I think the rink is a really good idea. I could ice skate all day - it's really good exercise too!

I think that if you are safe and happy to take the risk of you falling over you should be allowed to play "It" with your friends?!
Rose De Lara

My friend and I spent our birthday on the ice rink.Both in our fifties.Only fell over twice-Big strong boys,helped us up-very helpful.

Heya i love mark 2 bits. Hes so cool and cheeky. lol hope 2 c him after the rink has closed 2 boo hoo
Marks m8 kerri Parkers lil sis

Hi i well love the rink and have been there loads of times. The staff are really nice expesh mark and im luckey enuth to b mates with him. HE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charlotte Parker

Expensive frozen over puddle

To expensive for a family of four, or group of friends

Marks great ive known him a while used to work with him! Hes a great guy... if anyone deserves some credit he does. Hugs Mark lv Corrina xxxx

WOW it was gr8 id defintly go der gain it was gd and i didnt fall ova! and dats gd 4 me! id neva been ice skating b4 bt id luv 2 go gain! happy new year everyone! xxx

It was wicked! but there were alot of people and little kids were getting knocked over!i didn't fall ova1 wich is gd 4 me luv u al x

i agree wit alot of ova peeps, jude is da hottie. get a profile on jude

it was very good , and i got wet and fell over lots of times . i went fast to and my dad paid so i dont no how much it cost master george age 6
george capiro

On the 21st and 23rd of dec 2004 we came ice skating. It was great fun and are hoping to come again soon!Keep the icerink going because it was the highlight of my holiday!
Polly Orton (from somerset)

Hi all! da ice rink is brill. Big Shout out 2 jude. He should def b ice rink hottie! xxx


01 fan 4 mark

mark is sooooo fit

hiya the ice rink is gr8 and bin 1nce this yr and goin again on the 30th wen do they get the camera out do u no or not!keep the ice rink 4eva in gd old norwich! happy xmas and new yr happy holidays 1 day til xmas wow!luv me xxx
guess who???

Hi, jus wanna say that the ice rink is gr8 fun and all the staff r so kool, JUDE 2 b ice rink hottie!!!

hello. i am an alien and i came down from mars to go ice skating it was good!! thankyou


thanks for a fab time and we think you're all really amazing sk8ers!!!
lottie and jet

separate sessions for our semi-literate, over excited teens would be a good idea. They could hurt each other to their hearts' content. Gr8!
grumpy old man

I have only just come back from the rink and it's brilliant!!!!!!!!! i have been there since 12:45pm and i only fell over once i am definetly goin back tomorrow!!!
matthew allison

The ice rink was an educational visit for me and all my close companions and to see my lover boy luke was just amazing he is so hot he makes the ice melt! I would just like to say a big thankyou to all the people involved for making this such a great experience for me as i am not from planet earth!!! love ya all and a special shout out 2 kate and hanny!!! xxxxxx

luke did a great job. the prices were reasonable i will go there again. i fancie luke he iz so fit
vincent harrison

just got to say that all the staff are gr8 - but jude should definitely be the ice rink hottie ok!
kerris and claire

everyone likes luke, ok he is really quite cute but jude has gotta b da fittest and ice rink hottie.

It waz realy good - spesh all da fit boys like luke.
laura & danielle

The ice rink was amazing! It was the first time i had been ice skating and i enjoyed it loads! Cant wait to do it again!
Sophie Hall

the rink is a gr8 idea!jude is so fit! lovin ya smile.c ya soon.

hey just wanna say hey to (jude,luke,mark etc) its us the ones who come on most and probly fall ova most! the rink is gr8 and so is the fit staff u no who u are!luv ya !
kerris and katy

I thought it was great fun and the price was very reasonable.
Adam Ladd

Luke does a great job at the rink. he is a stud muffin. I luv you
steven drake

luke does a great job at the rink. The only reason i go there is to see him.
lorimar hipperson

i have known luke for a few years and he is a great school chum at school.He is a great Lad
Christopher tempest

Hey I think dat vibe was really gd and well worth the money 4 £3 and the normal price should be that. Also I think rinkster jude should be ice rink hottie.

Hi, the ice rink is gr8. I've been over 25 times. I go about 4/5 times a week. A new worker called Jude - he should be the sk8r hottie.
Michelle (munchy)

The rink is great, but the staff aren't very helpful. But I'm glad it's back this year - it's very popular.

We think that the rink is gr8! Been on loadz and wen vibe were there even betta! Fell over loadz but it gr8 fun! Will miss it and the fit staff (jude,luke,mark,tony,etc.)
Kerris and Claire

I think the ice-rink is a wonderful idea, i have already been on twice and will be going next week with the children and friends. It should be there all year - this comment has been expressed by many of my friends and colleagues.
Mrs Sue Mann

I went on 7th dec, and it was GREAT and the staff was well cool to us all! But i think that £7 for an adult and £4.50 for kids is WAY over the top. Lower the price a bit please.
Jenn Coverdale

The ice rink is fab we dnt want it to go, so much fun even tho we fell ova! Really friendly staff - some fit ones 2!
emily and leanne

Very pleased. Hope it comes for good! We have lived in Norway and the kids love skating. How can we expect children to be more active if we don't provide the opportunity for it?

Just been skating for first time at the Forum. Had an excellent time - can't understand why Norwich doesn't have a permanent rink. I'm sure it would get enough visitors! Too many people when we went, should limit the numbers more.

myself and five friends had a fantastic 45 mins on the ice rink- not just for the little kids!
lauren (age 21)

Very expensive for what it is and I think a large proper one should be built which as they are much more fun and something else for people to do all year round. Its not bad to give a flavour, but we want more!!!

A shame the majority of people in Norfolk haven't been to Nottingham Ice Rink - has 2 rinks - one massive public rink and the Olympic rink with seating for 11,000 which is also used throughout the year for concerts such as Ronan Keating and The Darkness. What you call a "real" rinks instead of a make-shift mickey mouse effort to please the locals and keep them quiet! Sad.
Mark Ganderton

Rink is smaller than last year, yoofs skating like mad nutters. There should be family only sessions. It'soooo Norfolk!! Take notice of London xmas rinks, Somerset Hse, Greenwich Old Naval College etc..they are much bigger. What did the organisers do this year to meet demand? MAKE THE RINK SMALLER!! Other than this...great fun!
V Meldrew

Just think everybody, you could save your pennies and buy roller blades and practice all year round!!
Jason Mitchell

Great hour out definately. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and enjoyed the company I was with as well. I had a good laugh with people I'd never even met before. Thanks for the experience!
Leanne M

My self and 6 friend went on the 28/11/04 and had a fantastic time!!! MAKE IT BIGGER NEXT YEAR....please...
Mark Shepherd

As there is such an interest in ice skating in Norwich. Why is there no permanent ice rink in Norfolk. We used to have to get up at 5AM to take our daughter to Peterborough ice rink to train. If Norwich had a competition standard ice rink I'm sure it would be widely used, being the only one in Norfolk!

I went on the rink on the 25 Nov and i thought it was ab fab.

Sunday Morning 1000hrs. The rink was fairly busy, most likely due to being a weekend. Is a great set up, and team of staff members there, both for safety on the rink and off. There were a couple of odd children that were crashing into the other small children on purpose but other than that it was a great hour.
Peter H

I think its lovely, like having a bit of snow for christmas. But i do think it's a bit expensive when you've got more then one child and you only get half anhour on there. It's uppsetting for the children every time you have to go past there and keep saying no i can't afford it, i haven't the money to waste. It would be nice if their were special offers on for maybe low income families. The Origin's too much to pay for as well. I'd rather pay less or the same for a fun day at a kiddies fun park.
Mrs Rudling

It's worth the money but the time just goes to quik! I fink prices shud b lowered just a tag n itll b perfect! i love u ice rink! u shud stay there permently!

On Saturday 27th I went on with my 11-year-old daughter and felt there was far too many people on the ice to really get the hang of skating. There was also two groups of teenagers with five or more that had little or no regard for anyone else. We were pushed into by them on several occassions. We came off early because of this. Even though we have a few gripes, it was sort of enjoyable. If there is a next time we will choose a quieter slot.
Kerry Morris

its really great i will be going again. i think £7 is to much for adults and £4.50 to much for children

hi ya we think da rink is ok needs improving but we like the staf member luke as hes v kind n gorgeous
alice + cindy

I think the ice rink is great.

skating is great we have been 2 days out of 3. its soo much fun and the staff are loads of fun

Hi i think its great and now go every thursday, might as well enjoy it while its there. Thanks to simon the manger and lukes dad. Any one should go good or bad its a good laught in the end -x-.

hi the ice rink is gr8 especially the staff simon,del,rob,nick,tim,dave and leah are all gr8 and the others too.

A discount ticket would be good eg 10 for £40 or go 4 times get 5th free.

it is brilliant and should be there all year round

We think the rink is good. Good fun, good boys and good laughs.
Jazzy and Kate

£4.50 for children is a bit much for one hour - should at least lower it by 50p. I think the ice rink is excellent.
Fit Lad Harry

Go skating - it's the bomb.
Charlotte South

Hey i think they should have more offers for the ice rink. Like this sunday they're making the entry for children and adults cheap for Vibe.

I think the ice rink is fun but they put old granny music on u shld pt Vibe on! Luke is fit!

Lovely to see the rink back. Must be made more clear that you hav to buy tickets in the Forum. How daft is that.
Sarah, Norwich

actually, it is quite busy, easy for people to knock each other over, even if 5-10 people were remove dit may be safer

Too many ppl not as fun as when there are less. Sometimes it is a bit bumby and hurts. need more ice

i like the ringster luke and it was great here a really different experience it was great!!xxx
michelle r.b

Well we went to the ice rink and it was quite good actually it was brill cos we met sum boys and friends and the ringster called luke who is liked by kate and hannah byexxxxxx
Hannah and michelle frm blyth

we had a lovely time at the sk8n rink and i've been for a full 8 hours over the week. i think that it is better on the week days because the week ends and packed.. Big shout out for rinkster Luke!!!! -x-
blyth jex girls han mich n mich

I think the quantity of tickets being sold for each session is too high, I went at 3pm with my son yesterday and there were 45 people and it was far too crowded. 30 people would be more than enough.

The ice rink is a great idea,it is really fun and has a great atmosphere. I like that it is central, easy to get to and enjoyable both to watch and to participate in. It is a very picturesque setting with the church, the forum and the lights. Ps Jennifer, the rail station would be inconvinient, lighten up, the rink is a temporary feature - what were you missing the 'valuable' space for anyway?

I thinkthat isthe rink was permanent, Riverside would be a perfectplace for it because of its easy access. However, it's Christmas time andthe rink is here as part as the Christmas display,I think the forum is a very good place for it because of its location.

An ice rink is a good idea, but the space in front of the Forum was valuable, and I miss it. Ice rink somewhere else - possibly near the rail station.
Jennifer Menin

I think that the ice rink is very big and will be very busy. The rinksters were very friendly and there are lots of embarrassing pics of me!
Michelle A (Munchy)

congratulations for your building ice ring and good holidays on the ice kiss nic and delph for us
the parents of nico and delph

I think for an hour of fun £7 is fine if you had lots of children it might be a bit much. We had fun last year and I hope my daughter will be able to go on again this year.

It is a very beautiful rink. It makes me want to cr every time i look at it. It brings back memories of me and my little dog skipper. He loved to lick the ice and bit epeoples ankles.

£7 a session - the price is extortionate, I guess I won't be a skater again this year.

looks great - was it bigger last year?

last year i thought it was verry good.i enjoyed having an ice skating rink in norwich, as i had never been ice skating before.
oscar broadbridge

Why can't we have an all year round purpose built rink if it is so popular??

I'm very pleased the skating rink is back this year. I will be visiting again!!

I’m very excited about this ice rink. I hope it will be fun again this year. See you all there!

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