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Some Tips for recording comedy for radio

If you are creating a piece of comedy for radio the most important thing is that it's clear what you're saying. With that in mind, here are some tips to keep in mind when you record for radio.



Whether you use a mini disc with an internal mic, or a plug-in microphone, make sure you position it at the right distance.

Too far, and you'll sound a long way away, too close and your voice will be distorted. Have a few practice goes before you start, and work out the best position for your voice.


Less is more...

If in doubt, record it slightly more quietly. If you accidentally record your clip too quietly, you can turn the volume up when you play it back.

If you record your voice so loudly that it distorts, nothing can be done to save it afterwards.


Effective recording...

Remember that radio is all about sound - we have to be able to understand what's going on without seeing you.

You can use music and sound effects to help if you like, but we want you to give us your best performance so, if you're not confident using sound effects, give us a section of the show that doesn't need them.


Stick to character...

If a joke really needs a sound effect, you could try to recreate it live, or download one from the selection available on line and edit it in afterwards.

In either case, try to stay in character all the way through. Don't just read out the grams and effects cues to us - it sounds really odd.


Have some fun...

Have fun with it. We've left it till last because it's the most important bit. Making radio is fun - so try to enjoy it.

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