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19 September 2014
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Model animation advice

Bridget Appleby

Bridget Appleby

Bridget has been very successful in the animation world not least for her design and art direction in nearly thirty years of Cosgrove Hall Productions and their six BAFTAs and three Emmys. She received her own BAFTA for 'The Reluctant Dragon'.

Bridget produced the popular pre-school animation 'Engie Benjy', her own creation, and recently redesigned both 'Bill and Ben' and 'Andy Pandy' and helped create the overall look of 'Little Robots'

Q1. How important is it to get the right voices for the characters?

Getting the right voices for an animation is very important but I think too it is very subjective...


Q2. If you are producing an animation from scratch when do you add a voice?

The voice actually comes a long way down the line....I either start from a concept or sometimes a character materialises on my page.


Q3. How important is choosing the right music?

Used properly it actually enhances the story, it tells the story sets a mood.


Q4. Are traditional drawing skills becoming redundant?

I think the ability to convey what's in your head onto a bit of paper in drawing terms to somebody else - you can't do without it.


Q5. What do you think is the best way to learn to be an animator?

If you'd love to make cartoons one day...start drawing as soon as you can...if you can get a bit of modelling clay start modelling in 3D...


Q6. Once at college what else will help an animation student?

Get as much experience - work experience, work for free for companies in the short term...most companies will have some work placements.


Q7. What other jobs might there be in an animation production?

The making of an animated show is a hugely complicated process involving a myriad of different skills and jobs.



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