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19 September 2014
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Drama Backstage Team

Those behind the scenes are the ones responsible for creating the right atmosphere on a set and capturing the action.

A costume design from The Virgin Queen

Many dramas take months to film and scenes are often recorded out of sequence. Therefore the wardrobe department not only has to design and create the costumes that are suitable for the piece, they also have to ensure the continuity of costumes is maintained.
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Sound Recordist
It’s the responsibility of the sound recordist to capture the audio atmosphere on a drama. This includes the actors’ speech, background music and sound effects. He or she will be monitoring the audio as it is recording during filming to make sure nothing has been missed or distorted.


The gaffer is in charge of the lighting and electrical supply to a set. He or she needs to be very experienced as an electrician and have the technical ability to set up lighting.



Production Designer
The production designer is in charge of creating the style and feel of a set. They are often assisted by an art director and it is up to them to make the set look realistic and accurate, depending on the requirements of the script.
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Boom Operator
The boom operator is the one holding the microphone in the right spot during filming. It is usually up to the boom operator to organise all on set microphones and make sure they are positioned in the correct places to pick up the required sound.


The rigger is the person who will set up the power on set, cables, tracks and any scaffolds required. Being aware of health and safety issues is imperative.


Camera Operator

Camera Operator
The camera operator frames the picture, sets the focus, checks the light and records the action. You’ll need plenty of patience, an eye for lighting and picture composition and an ability to handle the pressure from the production team.
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Focus Puller
Working alongside the camera operator, the focus puller is responsible for setting up the camera equipment and changing the focus settings on the lens as the action is taking place to ensure it is always in focus. This is all predetermined before the filming starts so that the focus puller knows when to change the lens settings during a piece of action.


Clapper Loader
The clapper loader loads the film in and out of the camera, takes care of the stock and records each take. The clapper loader's role is sometimes merged with the second assistant director so he or she is also involved in making sure the camera department is running smoothly during the shoot.


Creating the mood in 'Messiah'

Director of Photography (DOP)
In charge of the camera and lighting, the DOP determines the look of the finished product. The DOP will discuss the look and atmosphere the director wants to convey then. It’s up to him or her to deliver that by using different shots, framing and lighting.
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