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19 September 2014
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About BBC New Talent

BBC New Talent is about finding and inspiring new talent. Every year we create and run a number of schemes offering opportunities in all areas of broadcasting including comedy, drama, film, music, writing, presenting and entertainment. We also run several schemes aimed specifically for young people aged under 16.

Some of our initiatives offer job opportunities within the BBC, others provide a platform to showcase your talent and others give you the chance to network with key industry professionals.

If we don't have an opportunity that's of interest to you when you visit the site, you'll get lots of great advice and encouragement from our experts. You can also meet some of our previous winners and find out why they were chosen and how they've got on since. We also have hundreds of useful links to help you pursue your passion and, where we can, we'll let you know about opportunities outside of the BBC.

So, if you've got a spark of talent, don't let it go out...



1. I'd like to submit some written work for analysis.

BBC New Talent does not review unsolicited scripts. If you have a script that you would like to submit then please see the BBC Writersroom website. Here you can submit your script for analysis and also find lots of useful tips for budding writers.


2. I have a new idea for a TV show.

All new ideas for shows should go through the BBC's Commissioning website. All the information you need to submit your idea and details of what happens next can be found at the BBC Commissioning website.


3. How do I become a TV presenter?

We cannot offer career advice to individuals wishing to pursue a career in a particular area of broadcasting but some very specific and useful advice can be found on the BBC Jobs website. There is more information available on careers in the media through this Learn Direct website.

Presenting has no direct route into it; some people get into it from being an expert in a certain field, others work within the TV industry and some are models or actors. It's a very competitive area and it's sometimes a case of being in the right place at the right time, meeting that person who can give you a lucky break. Being passionate about it, extremely persistent and prepared for a lot of knock-backs is the attitude you will need to succeed.

There are presenter courses available, but be warned that they can be very pricey and don't guarantee a job at the end of it. However, it is a good idea to make a show reel if you wish to apply for presenting jobs as they will want to see what you look like and how you come across on TV. This can be done using a home video camera and doesn't need to be done professionally, but do bear in mind the competition.


4. How do I find out about future schemes?

To be kept up-to-date with all future schemes please subscribe to the BBC New Talent Newsletter. Every month you'll receive an e-mail packed with details of all the schemes we are currently running, the latest news about our finalists and winners, and loads of advice and inside knowledge from the top industry experts.


5. How do I get work experience at the BBC?

Please visit the BBC Work Experience website.


6. Are you running any schemes for musicians, dancers, cooks etc?

We are aware of the amazing number of talented people who have not yet been discovered and we are making every effort to organise specific schemes that will bring these people to the fore. However, there will always be a limit to what we can do at any one time.

The schemes we run each year are chosen following careful consideration and long discussions with programme departments. We choose the areas of production or presentation that we believe would benefit from a campaign that engages with a wide spectrum of viewers and listeners.


7. How do I find out about job opportunities at the BBC?

If you are interested in working for the BBC please see the BBC Jobs website.


8. Do you have any advice on starting out as an actor?

Once again, as with presenting, there is no direct route into this area and it can be down to that 'lucky break'. But to start off, taking acting lessons locally or at a college would be a great help in giving you a better opportunity of being called for auditions.

Once you start gaining some experience there may be agencies that will take you under their belt and find acting work for you.

Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not have an acting scheme running with New Talent, but the best advice we can offer with regard to acting opportunities with the BBC is to contact extras agencies such as The Casting Collective, Phoenix and Mad Dog from where the BBC draws most of its extras. Also visit the websites listed on the right of this page.


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