Comments: Who do you want to win The X Factor - Grace or Rak-Su?

  • 3 December 2017
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Did you see the first stage of The X Factor final on Saturday night?

Kevin Davy White, from Paris, was voted out, meaning he comes third in the competition.

That means Grace Davies and Rak-Su will sing it out for the title on Sunday.

But who do you want to win?

Image copyright Syco/Thames
Image caption Will Grace win The X Factor...
Image copyright Syco/Thames
Image caption ... or will it be boy band Rak-su?

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Your comments

I hope Grace wins because when she sings, she sings like she will never sing again.

Alana, 9, Derby

I like then both, but honestly I think Rak-Su should win X Factor, as they're more this generation and more fun. Grace is good, but she is boring.

Rak-Su make people excited and would be very good at making concerts. They just have a fun vibe to them, which I love.

Toccara, 12, Birmingham

I think that Rak-Su should win. Grace is good but is boring, and Rak-Su just want to have fu. They're just so fun and energetic. I love them so much!


I love both of them but I really want Grace to win. I love her so much. My favourite song of hers is Roots.

Lizzy, 10, West Yorkshire

I want Rak-Su to win because they are so fun and they make people happy.

Summer, 11, Darlington

I would like Grace to win because she is an amazing singer.

Amber, 10, Darlington

I want both of them to win but Rak-Su are just crazy. I want Grace to win. Not a group who are so crazy.

Zohaib, 10, Scotland

Rak-Su to win!

Mason, 9, Manchester

I want Grace to win because she writes her own songs and her voice is beautiful.

Baylie, 8, Shropshire

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