Five facts on Huddersfield Town's promotion to Premier League

  • 30 May 2017
Huddersfield's Mark Hudson celebrates with the trophy Image copyright PA

Hooray for Huddersfield - they've been promoted to the Premier League after a tense play-off match against Reading.

No side managed to score a goal so it went to penalties - Huddersfield were victorious, winning 4-3.

But how much do you know about the team? Here are our five Terrier-rific facts.

1. They've never been in the Premier League

The next season will be the first time ever that Huddersfield Town will play in the Premier League.

They have played in the top flight of English football before - the last time was 1972 - but that was before the Premier League started in 1992.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Terry the Terrier is one of Huddersfield's mascots

2. They're nicknamed the Terriers

The team are known as the Terriers and have the dog on the club emblem.

Huddersfield also have two of them - Tilly and Terry - as their mascots.

The club are also known just as Town for short.

Image copyright PA
Image caption The terrier sits on a blanket of white and blue - the team's colours

3. They were the first team to win the league three times in a row

In 1926, Huddersfield became the first English club to win three successive league titles (back when it was Division One).

It's an achievement only three other clubs have matched - Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool.

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Image caption Huddersfield Town's stadium during their FA Cup fifth round match against Manchester City in February

4. Huddersfield is actually better known for rugby than football

The town is the home of rugby league. It invented the sport in 1895!

Today, Huddersfield Town share their stadium (Kirklees) with the town's rugby league team, Huddersfield Giants.

5. They won the FA Cup in 1922

The first and only time the club have won the FA Cup was back in 1922.

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Image caption This is how the Huddersfield team looked in 1922

They beat Preston North End 1-0.

Huddersfield have also been runners-up four times.

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