Who is Prince Philip?

  • 4 May 2017
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The Queen's husband Prince Philip will stop taking part in royal duties this autumn.

Prince Philip also has the title the Duke of Edinburgh, but who is he and why is he so important?

Who is The Duke of Edinburgh?

The Duke of Edinburgh is the Queen's husband - they've been married for nearly 70 years.

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Image caption Prince Phillip in the Navy before he met his wife

They met while Prince Philip was an officer in the Navy during World War Two.

He and the Queen have four children: Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and Princess Anne.

Prince Philip is also the grandfather of Princes William and Harry, and the great-grandfather of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

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Image caption Royal British couple, Queen Elizabeth II, and her husband Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, with two of their children, Charles, Prince of Wales and Princess Anne in 1951

Although he isn't the king, his job title is pretty special. He's the Queen's "consort" - and his role is to support Queen Elizabeth II.

He now holds the record for the longest-serving consort in British history!

The Prince's early life

Prince Philip was born in 1921 on the Greek island of Corfu.

His family left Greece when Philip was just a one-year-old baby.

He spent his childhood in France, Germany and then here in Britain.

He will be 96 in June 2017.

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Image caption Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, feed Donna the elephant as they visit a Zoo in Dunstable, UK.

Hobbies and interest?

Philip gave up his job in the Navy after Queen Elizabeth II's father died and she became Queen.

He has always thrown himself into his role of supporting her and has found a real passion in doing charity work.

One issue he cares about a lot is wildlife conservation - something he spoke to Newsround about back in 1986.

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Prince Philip spoke to Newsround about his passion for saving wildlife

You may also have heard of one of his most important and famous charities: the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme,

It offers challenges and adventure to thousands of young people in the UK.

Since the Duke of Edinburgh's Award was launched in 1956, millions of young people have taken part in the scheme.

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Image caption Prince Philip speaking to two teenagers doing their Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Philip also has a reputation for speaking his mind, and sometimes his comments caused some embarrassment.

However, he is also praised by many for his dedication and his unique way of doing things.

What are royal duties?

The Queen is not only the head of state of the UK but she's also Head of the Commonwealth - an association of 52 countries, many of which used to be part of the British Empire.

As well as visiting parts of the UK, part of the Queen's job involves visiting these other countries, meeting people and doing lots of charity work, which Prince Philip often helps her with.

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Image caption The Queen and Prince Philip on a royal visit

Every year the Royal Family carry out over 2,000 official visits throughout the UK and worldwide.

As the Queen and the Duke have become older more of these royal duties have been passed to the younger members of the family.

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