Don't call me a hedgehog!
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It's not a hedgehog, its a lowland streaked tenrec

31 March 2017 Last updated at 13:00 BST

Say hello to a pretty unusual creature.

This may look like a cross between a mouse and a hedgehog, but it's actually a lowland streaked tenrec.

Four of the little creatures have arrived at Chester Zoo. Check them out:


  • Tenrecs are related to elephants and aardvarks but not to their spiky lookalikes hedgehogs.
  • They mostly eat insects and usually forage alone.
  • They are found in some place in Africa but mostly in southern and southwestern areas of the island of Madagascar.
  • Tenrecs communicate in a variety of ways, such as smell, touch and sound.
  • The lowland streaked tenrec communicates using something called stridulation, in which it rubs the quills on its back to make an super high-pitched noise.