Labrador dogs help interview new vets

  • 14 March 2017
Labradors ready to interview candidates Image copyright Edinburgh Napier University

A family of Labradors have been helping out at Edinburgh Napier University, where they were called in to put hopeful new student vets through their paces.

The students were competing for places on a vet nursing programme, but probably weren't expecting to see dogs on their interview panel!

The dogs had an important job to do, because vets need to be good at communicating with the animals they treat, so that they don't get scared or stressed.

Image copyright Edinburgh Napier University

Mum Tia, Dad Simba, and puppy Fern helped the human staff to put the students through their paces, to see who had the skills they need to be a great vet.

A spokesman for Edinburgh Napier University said: "The teaching staff watch to see who is most comfortable handling, talking to and playing with the dogs, because this will be an important skill for students to have if they go on to work as a vet nurse."

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