East coast of England escapes major flooding

  • 14 January 2017
Jaywick Image copyright Getty Images

There was relief overnight for people living along the east coast of England, as a change in wind direction stopped most of the flooding that was expected to hit homes.

Authorities had warned that there could be a 'storm surge', which would have caused serious flooding.

Storm surges aren't common, but they can happen when strong winds and high tides combine to bring more water on land and cause flooding.

The Environment Agency was worried it would happen on 13 January during the night, but the said that that a change in wind direction meant that the surge had happened before high tide, so the waves weren't as bad.

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Image caption A water response unit from Essex County Fire and Rescue prepared for the high tide at Jaywick

Thousands of people had been evacuated from their homes in Norfolk, Essex and Suffolk, and Yorkshire.

Not everywhere escaped flooding, and homes and businesses were affected in Hornsea in Yorkshire, but flooding wasn't as bad as expected.

Authorities said that it was good they had prepared for the worst, and they thanked everyone who had volunteered to help.

Image caption People in Scarborough protected buildings with sandbags
Image copyright EPA
Image caption People from Jaywick in Essex stayed in temporary accommodation after having to evacuate their homes.

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