10 of the most famous tantrums in sport

  • 14 November 2016
Novak Djokovic Image copyright PA

Tennis star Novak Djokovic got into bother on Sunday for losing his temper on the court.

While he did still beat Austria's Dominic Thiem in his opening match at the ATP World Tour Finals in London, people weren't just talking about the scoreline.

When Djokovic lost the first set after a tie-break, he hit a ball in frustration towards his player box, which only just missed coaches Boris Becker and Marian Vajda.

It comes after losing his position as the men's tennis world number 1 player to Andy Murray recently.

Image copyright ALLSPORT/Getty Images
Image caption Andy Murray recently took over Novak Djokovic to officially become the best men's tennis player in the world

His bad behaviour earned him an official warning from the umpire Carlos Bernardes.

But he's by no means the first sporting star to lose their temper while playing!

Cristiano Ronaldo, 2016

The Real Madrid football star is well-known for his diva-like behaviour and regular strops - and he didn't disappoint at this year's Euros.

When Hungary took a 3-2 lead against his Portuguese side, Ronaldo threw one almighty tantrum.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Cristiano Ronaldo was clearly getting very fed up during the game

He seemed to be having quite a sulky week, as in the run-up to the Hungary match - having not scored so far all tournament - he snatched a reporter's microphone and threw it into a nearby river.

Hungary and Portugal went on to draw the game 3-3 and Portugal ended up winning the tournament.

Footballer Paolo Di Canio, 1998

Back when he was playing for Sheffield Wednesday against Arsenal in 1998, Italian footballer Paulo Di Canio took his temper out on the referee Paul Alcock, by shoving him to the ground.

After the incident, the referee said: "I couldn't believe what had taken place. It is totally unacceptable."

Image copyright Getty Allsport
Image caption Paolo Di Canio shoved the referee Paul Alcock to the ground

Di Canio was swiftly sent off, suspended by the club and jumped on a plane to Italy to have a long, hard think about what he'd done. He ended up banned for 11 matches and ordered to pay a £10,000 fine.

That was far from the end of him getting in bother.

He went on to become a football manager and in 2013, when managing Sunderland, he was sent to the stands after arguing with the referee Martin Atkinson about alleged Arsenal time-wasting.

Tennis player David Nalbandian, 2012

Rather than taking his temper out on a referee, tennis star David Nalbandian decided he was going to vent his anger by kicking an advertising board.

His behaviour got him disqualified from the Aegon Championships final after the panel hit a line judge in the shin.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption David Nalbandian talking to the line judge who he injured when he kicked the advertising board into his shin

He was actually winning the match at the time! But after doing this, the game was awarded straight to Nalbandian's opponent Marin Cilic

"I am very sorry. Sometimes you get frustrated on court," Nalbandian said.

Cricketer Rodney Hogg, 1979

Players losing their tantrums isn't a recent trend.

Back in 1979, when India and Australia were playing each other in a cricket Test match, the Australia bowler Rodney Hogg was given his 11th no-ball in just six overs.

In response, the bowler kicked down the stumps and stormed off the field! It is remembered as one of the most famous incidents of someone losing their temper in cricket, although there have been plenty more since then.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Rodney Hogg got fed up when the umpire said he'd bowled lots of no-balls

After getting bowled out on the very first ball of a match in 2014, young cricketer Ben Stokes angrily punched a locker in the dressing room, which fractured his hand. Not a good idea if you need your hands to play your sport!

Tennis player Serena Williams, 2009

Serena Williams launched a furious rant at an official during the US Open in 2009, after the official called her out for a foot fault.

She lost both the point and the semi-final match against Kim Clijsters, and was fined $10,500 (£6,300) for her bad behaviour.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Serena Williams was seen yelling at an official

Tennis player John McEnroe, 1981

This is one of the most memorable times a player has lost their cool in the history of sport.

In his Wimbledon first-round match against Tom Gullikson, McEnroe's serve was called out.

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John McEnroe challenging the umpire

McEnroe clearly didn't think this was the right decision. He was furious at the umpire and was seen shouting: "You cannot be serious!"

He went on to win the tournament though, so it wasn't all bad.

F1 driver Sebastian Vettel, 2016

At the Mexican Grand Prix this year, Sebastian Vettel was heard being extremely rude and using swear words to race director Charlie Whiting over his team radio.

He was angry about the way another driver Max Verstappen was racing.

Image copyright PA
Image caption Sebastian Vettel escaped being punished after being extremely rude to the race director over the radio earlier this year

Fortunately for him, he was not punished for his angry rant - although was told that if he behaved like that again then he would be!

Footballer Hope Solo, 2016

Nobody likes losing, but US football goalkeeper Hope Solo took it a step too far when her Olympic side lost to Sweden this year on penalties.

It was the first time that the defending champions hadn't reached the semi-finals of a big tournament and Solo didn't take it too well.

"I think we played a bunch of cowards," she said. "I don't think they're going to make it far in the tournament. I think it was very cowardly."

Image copyright AP
Image caption Hope Solo was banned from representing her country at football for six months, after what she said about the Swedish football team

Perhaps recognising that it wasn't a very nice reaction, she later tweeted that she wasn't a very good loser.

She was banned from playing football for the US for six months because of her behaviour.

Golfer Rory McIlroy, 2015

If you were lucky enough to have a world-class golf club, the last thing you would want to do would be to chuck it into a river!

But that is exactly what Rory McIlroy did during the second round of the WGC-Cadillac Championship in Miami last year.

When one of his shots went into the water, he launched his club after it!

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption It's never a good idea to hurl golf clubs into the water...

Afterwards, he said: "It felt good at the time, but now I regret it. Frustration got the better of me."

Footballer Zinedine Zidane, 2006

One of the most shocking moments in football history came during the World Cup final of 2006.

French captain Zinedine Zidane was sent off for head-butting one of the other team's players Marco Materazzi.

It was reported he did this because he was reacting to something nasty that Materazzi had said.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption This incident has gone down as one of the most famous in footballing history

France went on to lose the match and it has become one of the main incidents that the footballing legend Zidane is remembered for, as it was his final World Cup.

The incident has even been turned into a statue!

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